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We use new media 2013


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Social Media through the medium of doughnuts.
Talk by Paul Webster & Graham Richards at #wunm conference. 16th November 2013, Starbeck.

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We use new media 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Explained #WUNM By Dr Tweet & Dr Doodle aka: Graham Richards & Paul Webster
  2. 2. You’re Famous!
  3. 3. It’s about conversations….. Social media…is about pursuing relationships and fostering communities. Paul Adams, Google It's not about forgetting everything you know. Groups can still campaign, still support, still raise awareness, just now you ALSO have the power of an on-line space to do all this.
  4. 4. Social Networking – the numbers
  5. 5. How popular? Aged 12-15 What is your main Social Media Profile? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Google+ Tumblr My Space Bebo (87%) (5%) (4% for Male, 1% for Female) (2%) (1%) (1%) (1%) (1%) 85% of households own at least one internet device – the average is three Of 12 – 15 yr olds, 87% on at least one social network rising to 96% of those 18-34 64% of active internet users visit Facebook It's not a passing phase! ...although recent reports from Facebook indicate a movement by teens towards message sites such as Twitter and WhatsApp...
  6. 6. Which Websites? Top 10 Websites visited by children aged 6-14 (Comscore – May 2013) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Google YouTube BBC Facebook Yahoo Disney Wikipedia Windows Live Amazon MSN Other notable sites visited by this age range include … … ebay (11), iTunes (19), Twitter (27), Instagram (40) and Skype (49) 92% of 15-34 yr olds plan to join more networks (38% happy with what they have) (InSites Consulting)
  7. 7. Is your social media stuck in 1992? Or...
  8. 8. Twitter • "I'm eating a #doughnut"
  9. 9. 1 Billion ?? Twitter Think of it as being 'at a big party' 37% of 12-15 yr olds are on Twitter 9.66 million Olympic opening ceremony mentions, more than all all at Beijing Fastest way to communicate news and create 'viral' campaigns See content of tweet, not the tweeter 40% of tweets from a mobile Most Followers – Katy Perry (47,259,098) Follow Orgs @youthnetuk, @youthactionuk, @ncvys, @thesite, @ukyouth and people @katie_bacon, @timdavies, @gopaldass, @antoniadixey, @judehabib
  10. 10. Facebook • "I LIKE doughnuts" • "Please like doughnuts too and share them with your friends
  11. 11. 272 ?? Facebook 97% of 12-15yr olds who use social media have a Facebook profile In UK 33 million active accounts (26 million access from mobile) Top 3 Brands… Amazon UK (3.8 million Fans), Skittles and Coca-Cola Over 1.2 billion accounts worldwide, over half of the active internet population 30% check status as soon as they wake up But 25% of users have no privacy or security setting enabled
  12. 12. Foursquare • "This is where I'm eating my doughnut"
  13. 13. 25 million ?? Foursquare 8 Shelter Shops in Edinburgh using it Incentive to visit a location and become Mayor and maybe get bonuses New badges released in UK frequently to collect as a game See also GetGlue
  14. 14. Instagram • "Here's a vintage style photo of my doughnuts"
  15. 15. Instagram 35 million ?? 55,000,000 images uploaded every day 150,000,000 users Video content now to rival Vine 55% of pictures use one of the 20 filters to add 'style' to pictures. See #nofilter hashtag being used!
  16. 16. You Tube • "Here I am eating my doughnut...LoL!"
  17. 17. You Tube 1,820,318,522 ?? 23% of traffic originates from Facebook 3.7 billion videos viewed during January 2012 2nd most popular search engine Of 12 – 15 yr olds 31% of Boys have a account but only 21% of Girls We are all Content Creators & Community Reporters
  18. 18. Doodle • "When can we meet to eat doughnuts?"
  19. 19. Doodle 0 ?? Easy meeting scheduling No more 'round robins' Ties in with Google Calendar
  20. 20. Eventbrite • "Book to come to my doughnut eating event!”
  21. 21. Eventbrite 60,000 ?? 146,530,403 tickets sold Handles all the tedious tasks of planning & administering event bookings Free if event is free Ticket wallet & Check-in Android & iphone apps Integration with Mailchimp & SurveyMonkey
  22. 22. Mailchimp • "Sending out a email newsletter of all that's happening in the doughnut world”.
  23. 23. Mailchimp 12,000 ?? Template driven e-mail based news bulletin Handles bounces Check stats and click rate Build subscriber lists from external sources
  24. 24. Pinterest • "I'm sharing a doughnut recipe"
  25. 25. 14.2 ?? Pinterest 70,000,000 accounts worldwide 'Home Decor' is most popular category Most popular with female web users (80%) Pin boards and share collections of pictures (<20% are Faces) Most popular age is 25-34 7.9 million visits in Sept 2012 (786% growth over 12 months) 105,161 Repins, 14271 Likes ...
  26. 26. Wordpress • "Sharing my thoughts about the sublime joys of eating a doughnut"
  27. 27. Wordpress 62% ?? Over 55 million active Wordpress blogs Simplest way to get an .org website Don't worry it's not finished – some of the best blogs build as conversations
  28. 28. Google+ • "I'm a Google employee who eats doughnuts..."
  29. 29. Google+ 5 billion ?? 300 million active users 66% of users are male 20 million visitors per month 625,000 new users per day 15-34 year old most users of the site (28%)
  30. 30. Smartphone My Vine Status... "I'm being Live-video streamed as I Tweet that I've just Checked Into a sweet shop and bought some doughnuts using my NFC phone, I'll take a 70's style picture of them which you can Like. When I get home I'll Blog about how good it was and share my updated doughnut Board with the Group.” “Please +1 me!”
  31. 31. Smartphone 1,300,000 ?? 17% of households use as primary web connection 30% of all internet traffic from a mobile device 82% of UK mobile phone sales are smart phones At least 12.2 million people own a Tablet PC 81% never turn their phone off Where are they used? (15-34 yr olds vs over 35) In Bed (44% vs 20%) The Toilet (17% vs 6%) 'If you took away my mobile, you would take away a part of me'
  32. 32. Messenger Apps • “Let's talk about doughnuts..."
  33. 33. Messenger Apps Facebook ?? Snapchat – you sure that picture has gone? – Can be used anonymously to ask questions WhatsApp – Free messaging (after purchase) $23billion – lost by SMS carriers to free messaging apps in 2012 WhatsApp on 50% of UK iPhones Also see WeChat, KakaoTalk (popular for Games) & LINE (popular for Stickers)
  34. 34. Vine • “Here's a doughnut being eaten quickly..."
  35. 35. 6 seconds ?? 40 million users Vine 5 Tweets a second contain a Vine link Silly Creative marketing And of course … A Doughnut
  36. 36. Social Networking sites for Younger Audience Legal age for most sites is 13 yrs old – but 22% aged 8-12 have an account (down from 30% in 2012) 87% of parents know there is a minimum age for Facebook, but only 37% know it is 13. Don't over react! → Set a good example → Promote responsible use (89% of parents check) Once an image or comment is out there ... it's out there for ever Guidelines Also – - connects Grandparents with kids Club Penguin Superclubs ( Fantage
  37. 37. Personal Social Media Check Up Who is the audience? When I'm going for my next job interview would I want my potential employer to see this? What impression do I give of myself and my group? Would anyone find my message offensive or discriminatory? Is what I am saying defamatory? Diocese of Ripon and Leeds Guidelines Does it bring my group into disrepute? Also see -
  38. 38. Know your Message and Audience Start slow, pick one network, experiment Build a network of friends that works for YOU Be active! Most sites cost nothing .. except time! Attend (or run!) a surgery Your Action is Live as soon as you Follow, Link, Comment, Pin prepared! Not about numbers, small good quality networks can be better Don't have to follow back & 'unfriending' OK Monitor & keep content Fresh Share & Say Thank You
  39. 39. Social media is online media that starts conversations, encourages people to pass it on to others, and finds ways to travel on its own. Idealware -
  40. 40. Anyone Hungry? Thank you Dr Tweet & Dr Doodle aka: Graham Richards & Paul Webster @grahamrichards & @watfordgap