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How to make money from paid social


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James Mortimer discusses how brands can make money from paid social campaigns

Published in: Marketing
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How to make money from paid social

  1. 1. How to make money from paid social James Mortimer 15.07.2014
  2. 2. #ixdisplay Who I am and what I do Introduction • Paid Social Analyst @ iCrossing • Here to help grow paid social offering • Based in Brighton • Work with media & content teams
  3. 3. #ixdisplay • Fundamentals to client / agency relationship • Some good social campaigns • How to keep your accountants happy • They buying cycle and paid social What I’m going to cover Today
  4. 4. #ixdisplay
  5. 5. #ixdisplay (Compared to search) Advertising on social media is fairly new Facebook ads started in 2007 (same as iPhone) Twitter ads started 2011
  6. 6. #ixdisplay
  7. 7. #ixdisplay Or both? Branding or ROI?
  8. 8. #ixdisplay
  9. 9. #ixdisplay 276 RTs 160,000 visits to blog post explaining the stunt Lots of press coverage
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  11. 11. #ixdisplay Most RT’d tweet of all time $1 billion (according to agency)
  12. 12. #ixdisplay But what will your accountant think? These are all great PR
  13. 13. #ixdisplay 1. Think beyond the like – look at bottom line 2. Channels and goals aligned 3. Targeting specific to content and goals 4. Good understanding of the buying cycle
  14. 14. #ixdisplay The buying cycle
  15. 15. #ixdisplay • Paid social is really good at this • Important to look at whole picture • Last click is a bad idea Awareness The buying cycle through social
  16. 16. #ixdisplay • Go on Amazon and look at the ads on your Facebook • Targeting existing customers for up sell is good • Compare conversion from existing customers to new ones – social adds value here Remarketing through paid social works really well Retention
  17. 17. #ixdisplay • Search is good because you spend X you get Y • Harder with display • Social is probably the hardest • Can work though • Paid Facebook ads for work nearly as well as search ads • Important to understand attribution process Facebook is good at this Direct response
  18. 18. #ixdisplay • Paid social will make you money • It’s more than a PR and branding channel • Branding and engagement is good and paid makes this happen (but needs to be aligned with goals) • Tailor everything (goals, content and targeting) • Experiment! Paid social can make you money – need to be clever Summary