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Templafy - Presenting the Perfect Audience With the Perfect Product: A Growth Hacker’s Approach

How do you translate trends, data and gut feelings to concrete initiatives that create results? Casper is on a mission to unite the tech toolstacks with lead gen in a journey where there’s no technical limitation. This session will showcase specific personas and how you can target them (beyond the normal ways). This will include Facebook, LinkedIn, AdWords, Quora, Reddit, YouTube and more so you can create a unified approach and make sure you hit the right person every time.

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Templafy - Presenting the Perfect Audience With the Perfect Product: A Growth Hacker’s Approach

  1. 1. Presenting the Perfect Audience With the Perfect Product
  2. 2. About Me • Traffic Manager // Growth Hacker @ Templafy • Self-declared expert on paid advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads etc. • Huge nerd (in-bound marketing, superheroes, e- sports, chess) • Father to a happy kid, and married to a happy lady • Emoji-enthusiast 😎 😍🚀 11/11/20192 Casper Rouchmann Traffic Manager // Growth Hacker
  3. 3. Templafy – Context Every day employees produce thousands of documents, presentations and emails. But they don’t always use the latest company standards. This is what we call - Document Anarchy Ideal target audience: • Enterprises with 500+ employees • Senior marketing employees (esp. Brand Managers) • Senior IT employees (keywords: Digital transformation) 11/11/20193
  4. 4. The problem with traditional marketing spend 01
  5. 5. 11/11/20195 The Playing Field
  6. 6. • Lack of diversity = high risk marketing profile • Untapped potential ◦ Your users are also on these platforms: 11/11/20196 So what?
  7. 7. 11/11/20197 Slido: How many of these platforms have you run ads on in the last 12 months?
  8. 8. The only model you’ll ever need 11/11/20198 Awareness Interest Decision Action Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Organic (SEO) Google Ads Retargeting Landingpage
  9. 9. Quora – the power of questions 02
  10. 10. • 300 million unique users every month ◦ Twitter (335 million monthly active users) ◦ Reddit (330 million monthly active users) ◦ Pinterest (250 million monthly active users.) 11/11/201910 Why is Quora interesting to us? Quora ranks for ~65 million keywords and gets an estimated ~90 million search visits a month.
  11. 11. 11/11/201911 Real ‘thought leadership’ Personal profiles vs. Business profiles
  12. 12. Quora is THE place to demonstrate expertise
  13. 13. Becoming a true expert • I don’t know Ben • But I know he is THE go-to-guy when it comes to Hulk Comics • He’s so ‘famous’ now that people tag him, when they want answers to specific Hulk related questions 11/11/201913
  14. 14. How do we find the interesting questions?
  15. 15. Find the questions that get organic search traffic • Go to ahrefs ◦ (or any other SEO tool you use) • Type in • Go to top pages 11/11/201915
  16. 16. Find the questions that get organic search traffic (continued) • Use the include tab, to filter based on keywords – such as ‘social media’ • Export the best ones 11/11/201916
  17. 17. Target specific questions with ads • Find the questions that fit your product/brand best • Utilize ‘big’ questions 11/11/201917
  18. 18. Reddit – the power of conversations 03
  19. 19. First step: Target the correct sub- reddits • Find the sub-reddits that match your persona • I.e. /r/socialmedia for Falcon.IO • Pro Tips: ◦ Try testing some organic posts first, and use the best performing as the ‘ad’ ◦ Info graphics are great here 11/11/201919
  20. 20. 11/11/201920 Last step: Leave comments ‘unlocked’
  21. 21. LinkedIn – the power of technology based targeting 04
  22. 22. • Wouldn’t it be cool if we could target people who use a specific technology? What do you need? ◦ A good B2B marketing/sales intelligence program. 11/11/201922 Technology based targeting
  23. 23. Do an advanced search based on technology being used by companies in the database • (In this example, I am using Salesforce as a reference point) 11/11/201923
  24. 24. You get a list like the one below: 11/11/201924
  25. 25. 11/11/201925 Huge audience – let’s filter it
  26. 26. Now use the natural power of LinkedIn + highly relevant content • I usually recommend an audience of around 100.000- 150.000 people • And my favorite filters (for Templafy) are: ◦ Job function ◦ Seniority ◦ Company size • Now you can make ads that specifically focus on the fact that they’re using a specific product. • (This campaign gave us one of our lowest cost pr. leads ever) 11/11/201926
  27. 27. Driving your competitors nuts With Google Ads 05
  28. 28. Google Product Launches this year • Slido: How many of these ‘tactics’/features have you tried? 11/11/201928
  29. 29. Google Ads: Piggy-backing on your competitors hard work • SEO is hard work • Really. • So let’s take the best work from our competitors, and use it to target our perfect audience 11/11/201929
  30. 30. 11/11/201930
  31. 31. 11/11/201931
  32. 32. 11/11/201932
  33. 33. With the backlinks – we can setup display ads to show specifically on those pages Pro Tip: Pick the BEST backlinks from them, and abuse those placements 11/11/201933
  34. 34. 11/11/201934 Editing Placements (#Winning)
  35. 35. And how do we target competitors traffic? (to their own site)
  36. 36. Finding similar companies … And advertising to their visitors • Grab companies similar to your own ◦ It’s based on a ‘relevance’ score, which is derived from key terms on your site • Export the list, and use it for your targeting 11/11/201936
  37. 37. Custom Intent • Relatively new feature • … Which means few people know how to abuse it. • For instance let’s target OUR COMPETITORS TRAFFIC 11/11/201937
  38. 38. • Upload your URLS from before • Or for inspiration: ◦ Use landingpages where people convert ◦ Demo request pages, event sign-up pages 11/11/201938 Custom Intent
  39. 39. Stalking your competitors With LinkedIn / Facebook 06
  40. 40. Looking at your competitors ads On LinkedIn 11/11/201940
  41. 41. Looking at your competitors ads On LinkedIn • Remember: Not always the newest first 11/11/201941
  42. 42. And… We can see their URL’s / Lead forms • Source: LinkedIn • Medium: LinkedIn • Campaign: RT (Retargeting) – alle ydelser • Content: Ikke som andre 11/11/201942
  43. 43. Step-by-Step guide to extracting every post every from your competitors Facebook pages 1) Create Access Token from Facebook Graph API ◦ Requires Facebook Developer Account ◦ This access token expires every two hours, so you will have to renew it to continue using this method. 2) Copy Facebook Page URL and find Facebook Page ID using 3) Replace PAGEID with Facebook ID# and ACCESSTOKEN with your new access token and visit the following URL: It will look like:,link,permalink_url,created_time,type,name,id,comments.limit(0).summary(true),s hares,likes.limit(0).summary(true),reactions.limit(0).summary(true)&limit=100&access_token=EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 4) Convert JSON to CSV 5) Convert CSV into Google Sheets/ Excel. • To get the next set of 100 posts, download the CSV and view the furthest right column for the JSON link to the next 100 posts. 11/11/201943
  44. 44. Result = BOOM 11/11/201944
  45. 45. Copyright © Templafy. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission of Templafy. Casper Rouchmann For guides, slides etc. Reach out to me on LinkedIn: growth-hacker/ (You can use a bot, that’s cool) Thank You
  46. 46. Copyright © Templafy. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission of Templafy. Q & A