How marketing can dominate natural search


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Being more visible than your competitors is a basic requirement for success online although many marketers see it as a technical backwater. But today, marketing and PR are the key levers to beat competitors in natural search, while at the same time most marketing and PR agencies don’t understand natural search. So how can a hard working marketeer expect to achieve natural search dominance from this start-point?

This session draws on Tolkien, Google and Text Book Marketing to illustrate how you can dominate natural search by working your existing marketing.

1. Why are marketing and natural search on a collision course?
2. How do I marshal ATL and BTL marketing to dominate natural search?
3. What is Google seeing when it looks at my website?
4. How do I influence my agency's behaviours to achieve natural search dominance?
5. What are the quick wins my marketing can do to move up search rankings?

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How marketing can dominate natural search

  1. 1. How Marketing Can Dominate Natural Search September 2013 Mark Iremonger Adam Skalak Chief Strategy Officer Head of SEO @iremonger @adamskalak
  2. 2. Marketing Paid Awareness & Reach ATL Media BTL Social Earned Owned Behaviour & Action Perception & Relationship .com PR 2
  3. 3. End justifies means
  4. 4. Unethical shortcuts
  5. 5. Relentless & resourceful Independent
  6. 6. Wise peacemaker Marshals resources 7
  7. 7. Old School ATL Media BTL SEO Social .com PR Visibility 8
  8. 8. Partner Media ATL SEO BTL Social .com PR 9
  9. 9. The One Ring Media ATL SEO SEO BTL Social .com PR 10
  10. 10. WHY? 11
  11. 11. The Answer Is In The Story Search Now-ish BY H AND Then Time
  12. 12. Traditional SEO Pillars Website Visibility Increased Relevance Keyword Dominance Keyword Optimisation Technical Optimisation Link Building
  13. 13. The Dominant Silverback 4% 3% 90% Of all UK Search Google Bing Yahoo! 90% Ask Jeeves Other Source: Hitwise (12 weeks ending Sep 12)
  14. 14. Do Great Content. Stop Gaming Me Poor Content In Search Results Stop Link Tactics Influencing Search Results TIME Amplify Social Signal Significance In Search Results Amplify User Signal Significance In Search Results
  15. 15. Do Great Content. Stop Gaming Me Then Now-ish Next D USER ALS & SIGN IAL SOC ATA CERTAIN LINK EQUIT Y BY H AND PUB BING MICROSOFT Time
  16. 16. Impact 1: Unnatural Link Building Is Not Sustainable Keyword Optimisation Technical Optimisation Unnatural Link Building Less Influence More Risk
  17. 17. Impact 2: Two New SEO Pillars New SEO Pillars Keyword Optimisation Unnatural Technical Link Optimisation Building + New Outcomes: Influencer Engagement Consumer Engagement 1.  Natural Links 2.  Social Signals 3.  User Data Signals More Influence
  18. 18. Restricted Content Slides 19-26 19
  19. 19. The New Pillars of SEO Maximise Effectiveness, Minimise Risk Technical Keyword Optimisation Optimisation Influencer Engagement Unnatural Link Building Consumer Engagement
  20. 20. Connected SEO Media ATL Influencer Engagement Consumer Engagement SEO SEO BTL Social .com PR 21
  21. 21. Connected SEO Will SEO remain in a silo in 2014? Are your agencies or organisation capable of supporting Connected SEO? Media Do you have an influencer strategy that supports SEO? ATL SEO SEO BTL How can you tap your other marketing activity to generate SEO value? Do PR and SEO talk? Social .com PR Does SEO contribute to campaign strategy and planning? Do digital data insights feed into your marketing? Is your SEO agency capable of being a ‘trusted partner’?