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Most Important PPC Updates From The Last 12 Months


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With the breakneck speed digital advertising platforms introduce new ad types, extensions, features and targeting options it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Swydo’s Managing Director Jeroen Maljers has your back. His turbo masterclass will cover the most important updates affecting PPC campaigns – everything from the increasing impact of machine learning and automation, to the rise of Amazon as an advertising alternative. Get the insights you need to boost your marketing strategies.

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Most Important PPC Updates From The Last 12 Months

  1. 1. Most important PPC updates from the last 12 months
 Jeroen Maljers // Swydo SLIDESHARE.NET/swydo @jeroenmaljers
  2. 2. Intro
  3. 3. 6 Key trends That drive PPC changes
  4. 4. 1. AI/Machine learning
  5. 5. 2. Complex discovery
  6. 6. 3. Everywhere
  7. 7. 4. Privacy Bicycle race Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like Privacy race Privacy, Privacy, Privacy I want to have some privacy, privacy, privacy I want to have some privacy I want to have some pride I want to have some privacy I want to have it where I like
  8. 8. 5. Rich content
  9. 9. 6. Cut out the middle man
  10. 10. • Machine learning • Smart bidding based on conversion value. Maximize conversion value. • Campaign level conversions/conversion action sets. • Conversion value rules. • Seasonality adjustments. • Intent. • Custom Audiences - Audience expansion AI/Machine learning
  11. 11. • Multiple touch points • Complex non-lineair journey • Conversion values differentiated. • Conversion value rules. • Discovery ads • But !!!! No discount on multiple touchpoint: you have to create the discount. Complex discovery
  12. 12. • Seamless experience everywhere • Deep linking Ads - Apps. • Shopping campaigns with Partners • Local campaigns. • Promoted pins. Everywhere
  13. 13. •Data collection •Choice •Control •Transparency •Chrome changes •Direct relationships, first party. •Less data - machine learning, do more with less. Bicycle Privacy
  14. 14. •Rich content and Rich delivery •Discovery Ads •Gallery Ads •6 sec bumper Ads/ Bumper Machine Rich Content
  15. 15. • Smart campaigns. • Local campaigns. Cut out the middle man
  16. 16. 6 PPC trends Privacy Complex discovery AI/ machine learning Cut out the middle man Every- where Rich content
  17. 17. 6 Queen songs Bicycle Privacy Radio GaGa A kind of magic I want it all We wil rock you Don’t stop me now
  18. 18. Specific Google • Smart shopping campaigns • Shopping with Google (Google shopping actions) • Middle man: • Hotels • Jobs • Flights • Travel • Local campaigns • Responsive search ads • Accelerated delivery is going away • Av position removed • More text, more visuals
  19. 19. Google knows what your intent is for shopping, Holidays, moving, changing jobs, eating, sleeping, hobbying, divorcing, relaxing, working, gardening, exercising ………….. And they will use this to bring supply and demand together in the most efficient, seamless way (and make a lot of money).
  20. 20. Specific Microsoft/ LinkedIn • Privacy & Privacy • From Bing to Microsoft Advertising. • Verizon/Yahoo traffic. • More AI • More data (LinkedIn) • Ad customizers, action extensions • LinkedIn: • Objective based advertising • Look Alike audiences.
  21. 21. Specific Facebook •Privacy & Privacy •New ads manager interface. •Facebook search ads Beta. •Branded contents Ads on Instagram. •Alignment with simpler look and feel.
  22. 22. Specific Twitter • Go to the major league. • No third party data anymore. • Better API and partner strategy.
  23. 23. Specific Amazon • Dynamic bidding control. • Placement bidding for top of search • Take your hands off the steering wheel • Amazon wants to have the direct route, not the secondary.
  24. 24. Trends to be expected More B2b Voice search More middle man are cut out: Buy or book directly at Google (lowering the margins of the retailer). More actions directly at Google and Microsoft. More AI OR you put it on autopilot OR you have to be a pilot
  25. 25. Trends to hope for Information sharing platform between networks Discount for multiple touchpoint ‘Already bought it’ sharing Central assets sharing Stop brand bidding, give first place back to organic for brand search.
  26. 26. Summary
  27. 27. Take aways Develop your own data store - rely on your own data. Be everywhere where your target is. Be prepared for more text and more and better visuals. Measure and optimize everything. Be a pilot or put it on autopilot
  28. 28. Thank you @swydo @jeroenmaljers