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Social Proof Marketing Guide

Fear. Fear is what's holding back your website visitors from becoming customers.
And you know how to "cure" fear? With Social Proof!

In this guide you'll learn how to use social proof to boost your Ads and Landing Pages conversion rate and grow your business faster.

Read the full guide here:

Social Proof Marketing Guide

  1. 1. How to Use Social Proof to Get More People to Buy from You How to Use Social Proof to Get More People to Buy from You @AdEspresso
  2. 2. Do you sometimes wonder why customers pick your competitors over you?
  3. 3. After all, you do everything by the book. You attract the right traffic, engage visitors with killer content and constantly test different approaches to improving the user experience
  4. 4. And yet…they still prefer to buy from someone else
  5. 5. But maybe they have a good reason for doing so?
  6. 6. Perhaps they perceive your competitors as more trustworthy…
  7. 7. Valuable
  8. 8. And consider their products as more popular at that?
  9. 9. They see others using your competitor’s products. They hear stories from friends about how well they have helped them, and read reviews and praise for your competitors’ efforts…
  10. 10. So while you think your products are better, customers still prefer to buy something else… just because of social proof that convinces them to do so
  12. 12. Enter social proof
  13. 13. I’m sure you’ve noticed: Whenever you’re unable to make a decision, you look at what others do, assuming that their actions are correct for the given situation
  14. 14. You pick a restaurant based on the 
 number of people already dining there. Sign up for a service based on the 
 number of people already using it. And pick a product with more positive reviews.
  15. 15. And you’re not alone. You see: We humans are pack animals. We exhibit what Friedrich Nietzsche called the Herd Morality “lacking any individual will and living by group instincts”
  16. 16. Harsh? Perhaps. But so true... Just take a look at these couple of examples.
  17. 17. Experiments like the Stanley Milgram’s Street Corner Experiment or Dr. Solomon’s Asche’s Lift and Line Experiments have proved that we tend to assume that if many people are doing something, have done something or believe in something, there must be a good reason why.
  18. 18. And you can use this behaviour to entice more people to buy from you.
  19. 19. How? By displaying proof that confirms your credibility, trustworthiness and popularity
  20. 20. Here are 4 ways to use social proof to entice more customers to buy from you 2. Highlight Your Product’s Popularity 
 (AKA Wisdom of the Crowd) 3. Entice Customers to Recommend
 Your Products (AKA Peer Recommendations) 4. Use Expert Endorsements (AKA Expert Social Proof) 1. Show Proof from Other Users
 (AKA User Social Proof)
  21. 21. User Social Proof
  22. 22. Do you pay attention to what other people have to say about a product before purchasing it? So do 77% of other customers. Reviews, testimonials, and case studies work as an approval for a product or service. In fact, 88% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations
  23. 23. Display testimonials and reviews on your site and landing pages
  24. 24. Include reviews in your ads to increase their impact
  25. 25. Use to display ratings and reviews in your search listings
  26. 26. Promote user generated video GoPro is one example of a company that successfully incorporated user-generated content in their marketing. And to some great results. In 2013 the company’s net income grew by $28 million with only $41k more in marketing costs. All thanks to embracing user generated video as a social proof
  27. 27. Offer case studies for prospective clients to download Case studies provide an insight into a customer’s story, from the problem they experienced and the reason they sought out your solution to how you’ve helped them solve it and in doing so, they help prospects validate their buying decision
  28. 28. HelpScout, for example, offers video case studies right on their homepage:
  29. 29. Intercom combines the power of testimonials with case studies to offer a strong social proof on their website
  30. 30. Show client logos If you work in B2B, displaying logos of companies you’ve worked with might offer enough social proof to convince visitors to reach out and inquire about your services
  31. 31. Wisdom of the Crowd
  32. 32. Seeing that the others might be benefitting from something makes many of us want the same And you can use this phenomena (called the Fear of Missing Out) to entice more people to buy from you
  33. 33. Show subscriber numbers on newsletter signup forms
  34. 34. Display the number of reviews a product has received
  35. 35. Display user or sale counts
  36. 36. Display online brand mentions on the site
  37. 37. Recommendations from Friends Social Proof
  38. 38. We almost unconditionally trust recommendations from the people we know And so, enticing people to recommend your products is another way to highlight their value and popularity
  39. 39. Entice customers to share their purchases on social media
  40. 40. Offer rewards to customers for forwarding your emails or product pages to a friend
  41. 41. Reward customers for every new customer they bring into your business
  42. 42. Expert Social Proof
  43. 43. Use a credible source 
 (a celebrity, an influencer or another recognizable person your audience identifies with) to endorse or approve a product or service in some way
  44. 44. Feature a celebrity in your ads
  45. 45. Feature testimonials from your industry’s influencers Copyblogger’s home page features testimonials from people their audience would consider influencers and look up to:
  46. 46. Get celebrities to tweet or promote your product in other ways to their followers
  47. 47. BUT WAIT,
  48. 48. All of the above sounds great, doesn’t it? But does it REALLY work? We decided to test it for ourselves. We ran a test as part of the AdEspresso University to find out if adding social proof makes any difference
  49. 49. We ran two ad campaigns In both campaigns we used 3 types of ad creatives: • One included a rounded number as a social proof (i.e. 35000+), • The other, an exact number, • Finally, the third ad featured no social proof whatsoever One enticing people to join our newsletter The other, an eBook download
  50. 50. Here are the visuals
  51. 51. Here are the visuals
  52. 52. We spent, on average, $100 per each ad
  53. 53. And the results?
  54. 54. Ads with social proof generated lower cost per lead than the one without any social proof The “Newsletter” Campaign: Cost per Lead • Ad with exact social proof: $1.973 • Ad with 35000+: $2.202 • Ad with no social proof: $2.478 The “eBook Download” Campaign: Cost per Lead • Ad with 15,000+ : $1.572 • Ad with exact social proof: $1.741 • Ad with no social proof: $2.056
  55. 55. And so it’s true, to entice more people to buy from you: Show proof that confirms your credibility, trustworthiness and communicates your product’s popularity
  56. 56. More information: social-proof-marketing-guide/ social-proof-examples/
  57. 57. thank you! @AdEspresso