Building a Global Brand in the Digital Age


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Building a connected brand at a global level means a lot more than planting your corporate flag all over the globe. On May 15, iCrossing’s Vice President of Search Strategy, Doug Platts, and Lionbridge’s Global Marketing Strategist, Emma Durant, presented on the key components of building a global brand. For instance, your local SEO strategy is based on understanding the nuances of how people search and customizing your content to their behaviors. When expanding this concept globally, you must account for language barriers and cultural differences. Find out more at

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Building a Global Brand in the Digital Age

  1. 1. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 1Building a Global Brandin the Digital AgeA iCrossing and Lionbridge WebinarWednesday, May 15, 2013
  2. 2. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 2#ICINSIGHTWelcomeDoug PlattsVP, Search Strategy,iCrossing@dougplattsEmma DurantGlobal MarketingSpecialist, Lionbridge@ejdurantDavid DealSVP, Marketing,iCrossing@davidjdeal#ICINSIGHT
  3. 3. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 3#ICINSIGHTBuilding a global brand in the digital age means more thanplanting flags around the world
  4. 4. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 4#ICINSIGHTBuilding a global brand means building a close relationshipswith your audience wherever they are and whoever they are
  5. 5. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 5#ICINSIGHTBuilding a global brand means building a connected brandVisible Useful Usable Desirable Engaging
  6. 6. Defining a Global Strategy…
  8. 8. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 8#ICINSIGHTDevelop global digital governanceA “living & breathing” document based on evolving search landscape,market dynamics and brand changes.SEM• How-to guide to avoidcannibalization andduplication of localSEM listings• Recommended use ofkeywords, matchtypes, targeting tacticsSEO• Process for sitestructure updates andtemplatedevelopments• Details of searchlandscapeopportunities tomaximize SERPownershipCross Channel Collaboration
  9. 9. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 9#ICINSIGHTPropagate digital best practices• Bid and optimizationapproach• Ad copy and landingpage testing• Expansion of tactics,including segmentation,day parting, etc.• Inclusion of industrychanges and emergingchannel opportunitiesSEO SEM Search Synergy• SEO fundamentals• Keyword targeting andexpansion• Structured data and sitetemplate development• Algorithm updates andsearch landscapeupdates• Approach towards holisticmeasurement• How to conductcross-channel (SEO andSEM) testing• Multi-channel campaignplanning and integration• Campaign and contentpromotion
  10. 10. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 10#ICINSIGHTProvide scalable solutions across multiple markets
  11. 11. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 11#ICINSIGHTAvoid inefficiencies through ongoing monitoring & auditingAuditChecklistToo much broad matchLow Quality ScoreAd copy not relevant enoughAd copy is poorly writtenLanding page not relevant enoughCampaign structure not granular enoughNothing is being testedMatching to irrelevant queriesHitting the daily budget capsBids are improperly setAuditChecklistBuild up of technical errorsContent not optimizedPoor internal linkingIncorrect or missing HTML tagsNo relevant landing pagesKeyword strategy not focusedMissing clear calls to actionPoor external link authority & relevancyLack of Social Media integrationIncomplete brand ownership
  12. 12. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 12#ICINSIGHTPlan a local approach to inform a global strategyBusiness GoalsAudience GoalsDiscovery Objectives Strategic Planning Program implementationEvaluationLandscapeBrandAgree on KPIs Cross-ChannelKeyword UniverseEvaluation modelDesktop/MobileGovernance & ProcessesSite DevelopmentLink AmplificationBid StrategyContent StrategyAttributionAnalytics & TaggingReportingROI
  13. 13. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 13#ICINSIGHTFollowed by budget allocationAllocate “test & learn”channel expansion budgetPrioritize core non-brand& assess competitive spendFulfill branddemand 100%
  14. 14. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 14#ICINSIGHTSecuring a global brand presenceGo beyond the engine’s daily budget feature:
  15. 15. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 15#ICINSIGHTAn efficient approach to non-brandKeywordTargetingOptimized Content StrategyLink EquitySeasonalityTraffic & ConversionsVisibilitySocial SignalsLanguageSite ArchitectureCompetitive PresenceHour of DayPrior Visit to SiteDevice ModelLocationMatch TypeReferring DomainLanguageNatural Search RankingCompetitive Presence
  16. 16. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 16#ICINSIGHTUtilizing technology to test & learniCrossing’s Proprietary ToolkitMulti UseStrategyContent OptimizationLink BuildingReportingTechnicalApollo
  17. 17. Strive ForA Center Of Excellence…
  18. 18. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 18#ICINSIGHT• For their area of focus, Center of Excellence’s should offer supportto the business lines. This may be through services needed, orproviding subject matter experts.Support• Standards, methodologies, tools and knowledge repositories aretypical approaches to filling this need.Guidance• Training and certifications, skill assessments, team building andformalized roles are all ways to encourage shared learning.Shared Learning• A Center of Excellence should be able to demonstrate they aredelivering the valued results that justified their creation through theuse of output metrics.Measurement• Allocating limited resources (money, people, etc.) across all theirpossible use is an important function of a Center of Excellence.GovernanceDrive Collaboration Through A Center of Excellence
  19. 19. 5 Things Everyone Is TalkingAbout…
  20. 20. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 20#ICINSIGHT1. LocalLanguage• Don’t use translators,translating services, peoplewho can speak the locallanguage• Use native speakers who liveor have recently lived in thatmarket• Accept local nuances(plural/singular)
  21. 21. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 21#ICINSIGHT2. RegionalTLD &Hosting• Easier said than done• If your single domain isperforming well don’t changeit unnecessarily• Look to ensure contentoptimization is in place andasses this impact first• Analyze competitor landscape
  22. 22. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 22#ICINSIGHT3. Href LangTags• Again, easier said than done• Two ways to implement, eithervia page templates or XMLfeeds• Enterprise level sites havechallenges with managingHref Lang at scale• Prioritize key landing pages inorder to scale efficiently
  23. 23. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 23#ICINSIGHT4. Local LinkOpportunities• Supports local relevancy andauthority• Utilize local partnershipopportunities• Integrate cross-channelcampaign planning toleverage digital assets• Use offline activity to driveonline conversations
  24. 24. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 24#ICINSIGHT5. In MarketSearchEngines• Don’t assume Google is thebiggest• Don’t assume the currentsearch landscape is correct• Not all search engines are thesame & not all “Googles” arethe same• Conflicting approaches willneed to be addressed toavoid search engine penalties
  25. 25. 5 Approaches You May NotHave Considered…
  26. 26. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 26#ICINSIGHT• Your hardline to Google• Geo-target specific folders• If your site structureallows, set up a GWTaccount at a local marketlevel• Allows you to keep a closeeye on local markets1. GoogleWebmasterTools
  27. 27. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 27#ICINSIGHT• When creating contentfor different marketslocalizing the language isonly the first step• Consider whatrequirements/featuresthat local market will belooking for to make yoursite resonate at the rightlevel2. UnderstandYourCustomer
  28. 28. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 28#ICINSIGHT• Explore further incrementalgrowth opportunities bylooking multi languages percountry• This can be tested throughpaid search strategies forbeing visible for multilanguages• If the opportunity is significantenough build out relevantcontent hubs in locallanguage3. MultiLanguageCountries
  29. 29. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 29#ICINSIGHT• As you evaluate localmarket opportunitiesconsider markets wherecompetition is lessexperienced, even if thereturn is lower• This will drive quickerreturns whilst visibility isgrown in higherreturn/more competitivemarkets4. In MarketCompetition
  30. 30. COPYRIGHT ICROSSING / PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 30#ICINSIGHT5. In MarketExperience• As well as evaluating inmarket competition, alsoasses your teamsexperience• Teams that areexperienced can beprioritized to startexecuting on work• Whilst teams with lessexperience can beprioritized for education &training
  31. 31. 31Copyright 2013. Confidential – Distribution prohibited without permission1st Time into SEO Localization• Currently rankinghigh in the US, poorlyglobally• No actual baselinemeasurement• No SEO agency canhelp them across allmarkets, notconsistent SEO talentin each market• No keywords listvetted for traffic andcompetition acrossall markets• Chose Lionbridgeand theWalk option• Expect 30% uplift ontraffic for 30%premium tostandard weblocalization• Hosting nextCustomer Council inMiami onMarch 7/8DECISIONCOMPLICATIONSITUATION• Launching a newwebsite• Ranking highly on topkeywords is majorpriority for 2012 acrossnumerous globalmarkets
  32. 32. 32Microsoft Office SEO Pilot for China• No simplified Chinesekeyword list orSEO Metrics• China SEPRReport required• Competitoranalysis required• Need to buildkeywordlist in country• No actual baselinemeasurement• No SEO agency canhelp them across allmarkets requiredstarting with Chinaand scale this toother markets in auniform reportingstructure for internalsteak holders• Lack on knowledgeof Baidu• Global SearchPerformance Report(GSPR)• Create a keyword list,originating in Chinese(Mandarin)• Support Keywordmapping to content– Gap Analysis– Recommendations to fillcontent gaps, if identified• Chose Lionbridge aspartner for this Pilot• Success of Chinapilotin May has lead toUK, German andRussia marketscurrentlybeing doneDECISIONLIONBRIDGE PROPOSALCOMPLICATIONSITUATION
  34. 34. Q&AStay Connected with iCrossingFind out more at www.icrossing.comCall us toll-free at 866-620-3780Email us at findout@icrossing.comConnect with us on us on Twitter@icrossing and @thecontentlabBecome a fan