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The Power of Creative in Content Marketing


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Amazing, breakthrough creative is the fuel for your content marketing and campaigns; without creative, nothing runs. Learn more about the power of creative and how you can ensure your creative process evolves to maintain the quality and the volume needed for today's content marketing programs.

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The Power of Creative in Content Marketing

  1. 1. #createbetter The Power of Creative in Content Marketing Sponsored by Hightail #createbetter
  2. 2. #createbetter Deborah Holstein VP Marketing, Hightail
  3. 3. #createbetter Creative with strategy is content marketing. Creative without strategy is art. Source: Positioning: The Battle for Your Minds
  4. 4. #createbetter Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text source:Role of visuals in persuasion
  5. 5. #createbetter You remember 65% more when info is paired with an image Source: Brain Rules
  6. 6. #createbetter 40x 2.3x 86% Source: HubSpot more likely to be shared engagement on Facebook increase in landing page conversion with video
  7. 7. Your creative must break through
  8. 8. #createbetter A highly creative campaign delivers a 2x sales impact Elaboration Artistic value Originality Flexibility Synthesis HBR Creativity in Advertising 6/2013 Harvard Business Review says,“creative that is ‘meh’ hurts sales”
  9. 9. #createbetter An abundance of tools to deliver and analyze Analytics Landscape Programmatic Landscape DAM Landscape Marketing Technology Landscape Content Marketing Landscape
  10. 10. Without compelling visual creative... ...your content marketing program stalls
  11. 11. #createbetter ...has creative been left behind?
  12. 12. #createbetter Creative collaboration is the next evolutionary step
  13. 13. The first step is admitting you have a problem...
  14. 14. Your review and approval cycles are more goat rodeo than gantt chart
  15. 15. #createbetter The creative process is not linear
  16. 16. CONFIDENTIA L #createbetter Miscommunication
  17. 17. Delayed Feedback
  18. 18. Missed Feedback
  19. 19. Ambiguous Approvals
  20. 20. CONFIDENTIA L CONFIDENTIAL 4 ways to evolve your creative collaboration (and smash the bottleneck for good!)
  21. 21. 22 Contextual Communication
  22. 22. #createbetter All visual file types Precise Conversational
  23. 23. 24 Rapid Feedback
  24. 24. #createbetter Consolidated Attributed Accountable
  25. 25. Convenient Approvals
  26. 26. #createbetter Id Approvers Easy review Documented
  27. 27. 28 Works for the whole team
  28. 28. #createbetter Internal, clients, agencies and freelancers Intuitive Conversational Accessible
  29. 29. Hightail is purpose-built for creative collaboration Intuitive to use Visual creative Convenient approvals Rapid feedback Contextual communications Works for the whole team
  30. 30. #createbetter Hightail IS creative collaboration