Media Ecology Introduction


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Presentation delivered in Second Life at Kenny Hubble's Media Ecology seminar, September 24, 2007 by Ken Hudson

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Media Ecology Introduction

  1. 2. Medium is the Message Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media
  2. 3. Medium is the Message The total effect of the introduction of a new technology is greater than any specific content, and is therefore the true message of that technological innovation.
  3. 4. Medium is the Message Medium = Milieu
  5. 6. Each extension creates it’s own service environment. As it extends us, it also numbs that which it extends. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.
  6. 7. Extensions of Ourselves Print – eye Radio – voice Internet – CNS MUVE - What do they extend?
  7. 8. Tetrad of Media Effects Laws of Media Marshall McLuhan and Eric McLuhan
  8. 9. Every human artifact simultaneously ENHANCES OBSOLECES RETRIEVES REVERSES
  9. 10. TETRAD FOR RADIO ENHANCES – Human Voice OBSOLECES- Print as mass medium RETRIEVES – Town Crier REVERSES – Audio-visual Television From Digital McLuhan by Paul Levinson, p 189
  10. 11. TETRAD FOR SECOND LIFE ENHANCES – Social and Experiential Communication OBSOLECES- Mobile Physical Life RETRIEVES – Real Life Objects, roles, situations. REVERSES – Get a first life! 
  11. 12. How do MUVE like Second Life effect our lives and society?