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An overview of social media for libraries with a focus on Twitter

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  • You’ve heard all the hype surrounding Twitter today we are going to have a look at Twitter and explore how you can use in professionally.
  • Use this slide to talk about your library or organisations social media presence – twitter is another tool that we need to be aware of and another way to connect with our users Tshirt available from: Despair, Inc
  • Social media is changing our lives - access news/conferences - start businesses - stay in touch - what we reveal - what we can influence
  • You can use this slide to tell a story about your social media use or give participants a chance to tell their story. Share some funny tweets: This tweet is funny: Fake senatorconroy: Reading #media140 tweets is like listening to people brag about how they were into Indy Band X before they were famous. More funny tweeple here: A recent convert to social media I have only been active since 2007. I am becoming a true believer and trying hard not to be a self-righteous jerk. Ask for a show of hands for where you would come on the chart ie converted vs unconverted!
  • Context: Talk about 23things/Library 2.0 - 2007 we did 23things - learning about Web2.0 technologies | last year we did plus 5 so we have been building capacity in our staff. I believe that 2009/10 it is the year to get strategic with our approach to social media! Ask: Who is using any of the tools they learnt about in 23 things? Personally? If so what? Professionally? If so what Handout post-its people to write questions and stick them on the wall. I love post-its so I am going to give out a bunch and if you have a question or suggestion or idea around social media I would love to hear them. You can text me questions or tweet them if you have a smart phone and I will check in in 1/2 hour to see what we have! Talk about how Museums/National Librar/Education etc… embracing social media. Other sectors: GLAM ( Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) sector & Govt2.0 Kate Lundy · The Government 2.0 Taskforce charged with preparing a strategy to improve government’s use of social networking and other web 2.0 tools.
  • Don’t let the terminology put your off but libraries are evolving as our library users are produsers - producing content and engaging in online communities and using information (Axel Brun QUT). expectations of services are shifting and with our new library system we have an opportunity to think about how we provide our users with tools to produse. Emily Clasper NY state public libraries responsible for 48 libraries says... libraries tackling social media in a very disjointed way, which leads to a whole lot of disparate parts that aren’t really joined together. It’s great that your library has a couple of  blogs, a wiki, a Twitter account, Delicious links, a mobile site, IM reference, and social bookmarking on your Web site, but how does that all fit together to further the overall mission of your institution? How do you integrate all of these components to create a really cohesive community... @eclasper libraries need to overcome our knowledge and digital divide (in staff) to engage with social media (Clasper, E 2009) culture of play
  • Gary Hayes show the counter:
  • Reminder cultivating active social networks involves the above.
  • David Lee King author of Designing the digital experience (librarian) Show his blog post or
  • Bruns & Bahnisch in social media for user-generated content social drivers – these are the things we need to consider
  • We need to provide staff with guidelines or a least communicate that we are a culture/organisation that supports social networking. It’s about good manners Altitude social media policy - personal social networking is like personal phone calls keep to a minimum...
  • What image are you presenting, Corporate identity v personal, Personal brand “ like impression management on steroids” said Joseph B. Walther (New York Times, 2008) Egosearching - alerts of Google | Google or Bing yourself regularly Do you have multiple digital identities? What do you do? David Armano presentation on Brand u.0 - multiple streams | leverage social brands | available on slideshare says.... Be ubiquitious - multiple streams Be social - how are you going to use each network Be interesting - share what you know Be remarkable - how will u stand out! Remark on something! Share! Be urself - authentic
  • People choose to take risks based on what they assume the architectural affordances and norms of a space to be. I think that asking people to retreat into paranoia is completely unreasonable. Instead, i think we need to find ways of providing reasonable levels of protection and comfort, recognizing that there are always risks when you are still breathing (boyd, d 2006)
  • Need services that integrate well with our users networked & mobile lives Users increasingly expect socialized and personalized environments Lorcan Dempsey calls parents at the party syndrome it requires tact operating in student networks!
  • Social media is social - take Twitter which gets a bit of a battering but ... Ref: d boyd Many people who use it to be social and for maintaining peripheral social awareness - humans are social. It's good for society. They want to know what the people around them are thinking and doing and feeling, even when co-presence isn't viable to share their state of mind and status so that others who care about them feel connected. It can look alien to others who are looking in. It’s conversation online we have to perform the non-verbal gestures each and every aspect of our interactions. What comes out may look valueless, but, often, it's embedded in this broader ecology of social connectivity.
  • Bruns calls it low threshold to participation - very few barriers - twitter | facebook | flickr Potential for everyone to contribute
  • Others: @zaana, @suelibrarian, @libsmatter, @katclancy -ways-to-use-twitter/ sing-twitter-academic.html
  • Hands-on bit: or set a challenge: Why don’t you signup/follow some librarians/ send some tweets/you can protect your tweets until you feel confident/
  • Fun tools: Use Twittermosaic to create image Talk about tools such as Tweetdeck, Tweetie etc… - Iphone & computer social melbourne are a group of social media enthusiasts that meet @ 8am state library #Tweetupmellers meet at the Social in Windsor Use: to compare v v Demo: I like Guy Kawasaki’s list of what to cover in a Twitter demo:
  • / Twitter status in photos
  • Are you a twit if you tweet

    1. 1. b Are you a twit if you tweet?
    2. 2. Photo:Despair, Inc Tweet stalk Blogs itunesU Youtube Facebook Youtube channel Flickr @swinburne
    3. 3. Don’t get put off by marketing hype....
    4. 4. Twitter:@armano
    5. 5. Why?
    6. 6. Photo: The Building Blocks of Library 2.0 Engaging & connecting with users
    7. 7. These statistics will amaze
    8. 8. Over 70% of internet users visited a social networking site in June, a 29% rise from the same time last year - ComScore June 2009
    9. 9. ... if you’re asking why you should pay attention, you probably don’t need to. And that’s ok. With emerging trends, you really should play with the stuff you’re interested in, and let others mess with things that don’t interest you. But then - and this is important – SHARE. (King 2007) Twitter:@davidleeking
    10. 10. collaborative Respect losing some control mobile Text strategy policies etiquette personal v work
    11. 11. Be professional, kind, discreet, authentic. Represent us well. Remember that you can’t control it once you hit “update.” (Shepard, J 2009)
    12. 12. Be mindful... Google or Bing yourself regularly?
    13. 13. Photo: Flickr woodleywonderworks
    14. 14. enhance services & promotion engage avoid parents at the party syndrome take risks
    15. 15. 40.55% babble 37.55% conversational 8.7% "pass along value" 5.85% self-promotional 3.75% are spam 3.6% are news Peer analytics 2009
    16. 16. Twitter grew the most, with 800,000 visitors in June — up from 13,000 last year – ComScore June 2009
    17. 17. Top 100 librarian tweeters.. .
    18. 18. Sign up Follow some librarians Send a tweet Search #Hashtags Overview
    19. 19. Tools: Tweetdeck Tweetie (iphone) Meet f2f #socialmelb Stats:
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Hart, J 2009, Twitter workshop: 20 tasks to get started with Twitter , viewed 23 October 2010, Lee, D 2007, Twitter explained for librarians or 10 ways to use Twitter , viewed 28 October 2009, librarians-or-10-ways-to-use-twitter/. Mashable: the social media guide 2006-2009: The twitter guide book , viewed 30 October 2009, O'Neil, M 2009, The complete guide to twitter , viewed 23 October 2009, Papworth, L 2009, Enterprise: List of 40 social media staff guidelines , viewed 23 October 2009, l-media-staff-guidelines/. Sheperd 2009, A twit terable Twitter policy , viewed 12 August 2009, Twitter 101: Getting started , 2009, viewed 28 October 2009, http://business.twitter .com/twitter101/starting.