I tweet therefore i am


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A librarian talks about why she uses social media.

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  • What the Beatles have to tell us about social mediahttp://www.margieclayman.com/20-songs-beatles-wrote-about-social-media-engagementThis blog post resonated with me. Who knew the Beatles we really singing about social media? Social media allows me to get a little help from my virtual and “in real life” friends. It enhances my professional practice and I use it as part of my everyday work. A Day in the Life usually starts with me scanning my social media channels. .
  • I have developed an single online digital identity that I use both professionally and personally. @haikugirloz. The reason I chose to use a single identity because it was easier and although I am mindful of what I post online I am happy for my colleagues/frolleagues/followers/friends to share some of my personal life. For me it is about authenticity. This is me.
  • These are the social media channels I use the most. Twitter, Flickr, Storify and Scoop.it I use mostly for professional use. FaceBook is mostly personal and Pinterest I have a “library board”. I use all of these as @haikugirloz they are part of my professional brand as well. A brand that says: digitally literate, innovative, passionate, creative, geeky, influencer and experienced information manager.
  • In Twitter I have lists that I follow: librarians in Australia/NZ/Asia; Educational Technologists and Teachers; social media and marketing people; designers. These people form part of personal learning network. I follow them, I trust them, I use them to filter and curate information. I learn from them. I hardly ever check my RSS feeds now!
  • If you want to leave the virtual behind there are plenty of opportunities for meeting in real life. I do regularly attend instameets and other “social events”. Last week I was invited to one at the SLV (State Library Victoria) as I follow and interact with the SLV regularly online. Sue Roberts the new CEO came down to say hello and obviously places importance on social as a way of engaging with clients.
  • At the moment there are five librarians in my PLN that are pregnant and we started a secret stork. I made four of the babies little kiwis and the last one a sweet pea hat.
  • I tweet in a professional capacity here: @swinlib, @valalib and infrequently @libsinteract thus it is really important that I keep my skills current by connecting, sharing and engaging in the professional community and other communities that inform what we do.
  • I tweet therefore i am

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    3. 3. “Act naturally”• Twitter• Flickr• Storify• Scoop.it• FaceBook• Pinterest• Instameet• LinkedIn
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