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I tweet therefore i am


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A librarian talks about why she uses social media.

Published in: Technology, Business
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I tweet therefore i am

  1. 1. “With a little help from my friends” Social media and the library professional Kim Tairi 2012msalume 2011
  2. 2. @haikugirloz - librarian - brevity delights, lover ofcrochet, pop culture and Dr Who... only 5ft 2. Views aremy own.
  3. 3. “Act naturally”• Twitter• Flickr• Storify•• FaceBook• Pinterest• Instameet• LinkedIn
  4. 4. “Eight days aweek”• Tweetups• Meetups• Instameets• Social breakfasts and drinks
  5. 5. Secret Santa and Secret Stork
  6. 6. “We can work it out” – social media enriches my personal and professional life
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