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Unit 5 usability and satisfaction test


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Unit 5 usability and satisfaction test

  1. 1. System usability and measuring user satisfaction
  2. 2. issues• 2 main issues in software quality – Validation • User satisfaction – Verification • Quality assurance
  3. 3. Usability testing• ISO defines usability as – Effectiveness – Efficiency – Satisfaction With which a specified set of users can achieve a set of tasks in particular environments• ISO requires – Defining tasks – Defining users – A mean for measuring effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction
  4. 4. Usability testing• Definition – Measures the ease of use as well as the degree of comfort and satisfaction users have with the software – Testing begins in the early stages of product development
  5. 5. OOA use case model Quality User Usabilityassurance test satisfaction test cases cases test cases
  6. 6. Guidelines for developing testing• Include all of a software components• Need not be very expensive or elaborate• All subjects need not involve all subjects• Design problems can be studied with few users• Apply testing early and often
  7. 7. Recording the usability test• Provide comfortable location for participants• Don’t interrupt participants• Record the techniques and search patterns users employ when attempting to work through a difficulty• Record the time taken to perform a task, and problems faced by them• Record the results using portable tape recorder or camera• This is followed by user satisfaction test and questionair
  8. 8. User satisfaction test• Process of quantifying usability test with measurable attributes of the test such as functionality , cost or ease of use – Ex: 90 5 of the people should know to withdraw money from ATM without training or error
  9. 9. objectives• Used as communication vehicle bw designers, and also bw users and designers• To detect and evaluate changes during the design process• To provide a periodic indication of divergence of opinion about current design
  10. 10. Guidelines for developing user satisfaction test• Must work with users or clients to find out what attributes should be included in the test• Limit the number of attributes• some attributes are – ease of ues – functionality – Cost – reliability
  11. 11. Tool for user satisfaction test• Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS)• User Satisfaction Test Spreadsheet (USTS)