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NGMG 2016 e-Brochure


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NGMG 2016 e-Brochure

  1. 1. On-Demand Marketing and Product TeamYour nex World-Class Marketing and Product Experts For Your Business 3 1 9 . 8 8 7 . 5 6 6 5
  2. 2. Your On-Demand Marketing and Product Team PROVEN EXPERIENCE AND TALENT CORE PROGRAMS ENHANCED PROGRAMS We are a nationwide team of accomplished marketing and product executives with in-depth experience developing, launching and marketing a wide variety of innovative products and services. We offer resources who can serve as Advisors, Project Leaders, or Contracted Workers to help you design, develop, launch, manage, measure and market your overall business and key products. Our team has led the marketing and product activities for numerous top branded companies such as: Marketing/Sales/Product Assessments Product Launch Playbook Product Development Processes Product Management Program Branding and Messaging Model Marketing Plan Toolkit Outsourced Marketing Staff Rent-An-Expert Advisor Reviews Project Leadership & Support Program Design and Implementation Strategy Reviews nex 2 3 1 9 . 8 8 7 . 5 6 6 5
  3. 3. VIRTUAL OR ON-SITE SUPPORT TOP INDUSTRY EXPERTS AND FUNCTIONAL SPECIALISTS WORLD-CLASS COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM Affordable Compensation Options Pay-by-the-Hour Flat-Rate Project Fees Monthly Retainers Set Monthly Packages Customized Programs Our experts have extensive experience within specific industries and are ready to hit the ground running for your business: Technology Sector Pharma/Digital Health/Wearables Energy Smart Home/Internet of Things Consumer Packaged Goods Professional Services Telecom/Wireless/Data Networking Cloud/SaaS Mobile Apps Managed Services Proven Track Records of Accomplishment Industry-First Achievements Break-Through Innovation Successful Market Launch Credentials Strategy and Tactical Management Skills Bias For Action and Results Accountability Industry Best Practices Complete Product Life Cycle Skills Your On-Demand Marketing and Product Team nex 3 3 1 9 . 8 8 7 . 5 6 6 5 Greg Crosby Founder Iowa City, IA. Jan Bell Managing Director Iowa City, IA. John Franklin Managing Director Minneapolis, MN. Mike Grubbs Managing Director Overland Park, KS. Anderson Crosby Managing Director Orange Co. CA.
  4. 4. BENEFITS THAT REALLY MATTER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND RESULTS By working with the proven professionals at the NextGen Marketing Group, your company can benefit from a wide variety of client experiences, work cases, and our cumulative knowledge across our firm. Our NextGen Braintrust team has successfully led critical projects from creation through market launch. Here are just a few of the key benefits you can expect when hiring our team: Strengthen your product portfolio Maximize your product launch Improve product development Optimize product strategy Enhance your growth engine Reduce your risk for finding the perfect hire NextGen Marketing Group clients enjoy real benefits by working with our proven professionals who apply their industry experience and knowledge to solve business problems, get things done, and drive results. Here are a few examples of client projects we have assisted with: Digital Health Product Launch – hired by a major global pharmaceutical company to conduct an evaluation of their strategies and tactical implementation plans for a new line of digital health medicines. NGMG team provided honest feedback, a complete set of recommendations, and created a detailed set of“playbooks”for the company to use as guidelines to design, develop, launch and manage this suite of services. Product Development Process – worked with a major provider of new WiFi air-ground broadband Internet service for the commercial airlines industry to create a detailed product development process enabling the company to design, develop and launch a new suite of services for the airlines. Your On-Demand Marketing and Product Team nex 4 3 1 9 . 8 8 7 . 5 6 6 5
  5. 5. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND RESULTS (cont’d) WHY NOT WORK WITH THE BEST? FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Go-to-Market Plan – hired by a manufacturer of consumer packaged paper goods to create and implement a detailed Go-to-Market plan in conjunction with a discount retailer under a private lablel brand nationwide. Interim Executives – hired by mulitple clients as interim executives leading the marketing/product efforts for companies. Work consisted of marketing/product strategy, program design and development, program management, and market launch implementation. If your company has a resource/expertise constraint and has mounting pressures for results, contact the experts at the NextGen Marketing Group. We will help you get things done and bring years of talent and experience to solve problems and drive programs through launch and implementation. Contact us today at 1-319-887-5665 or visit our website at Schedule your FREE initial consultation now. Like us on our social media pages. Your On-Demand Marketing and Product Team nex 5 3 1 9 . 8 8 7 . 5 6 6 5