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NGMG 2016 Flyer


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NGMG 2016 Flyer

  1. 1. nex Your On-Demand Marketing and Product Team PROVEN EXPERIENCE AND TALENT We are a nationwide team of accomplished marketing and product executives who have in-depth experience and knowledge developing, launching and marketing a wide variety of innovative products and services. We offer resources who can serve as Advisors, Project Leaders, or Contracted Workers to help you design, develop, launch, manage, measure and market your overall business and key products. Our team has led the marketing and product activities for numerous top branded companies as well as early-stage firms across multiple industries such as: CORE PROGRAMS ENHANCED PROGRAMS RESOURCE SUPPORT PROGRAMS VIRTUAL OR ONSITE CONTACT US Marketing/Sales/Product Assessments Product Launch Playbook Product Development Processes Product Management Program Branding and Messaging Model Marketing Plan Toolkit Outsourced Marketing Staff Rent-An-Expert Advisor Reviews Project Leadership & Support Program Design and Implementation Strategy Reviews Our experts are available under a variety of affordable compensation programs to give you maximum flexibility. We offer pay-by-the-hour resources, flat-rate project fees, monthly retainers, pre-defined flat-rate monthly programs, and customized programs. Contact us today at 1-319-887-5665 or visit our website at Like us on our social media pages. 3 1 9 . 8 8 7. 5 6 6 5