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Introducing TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants


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Company Credentials Presentation for TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants November 2017

For more than a decade, marketing has had its costs reduced, while expectations for delivering company growth have grown. Meanwhile technology has been providing greater opportunities and at the same time greater challenges. No wonder marketers are facing more complex problems than ever before.

TrinityP3 has developed new ways to solve these new and complex marketing problems.
So what are your major marketing challenges?

1. Do you need to improve marketing performance?
2. Or optimise your agency roster and agency performance?
3. Is media transparency, value and performance an issue?
4. Or is digital transformation and technology proving a challenge?
5. Perhaps you simply want to be more agile in your delivery?
6. Or reduce waste to deliver environmentally sustainable marketing?
No matter what your problem or challenge, we have the solutions and services to provide an informed and robust analytical approach to your marketing needs.

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Introducing TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants

  1. 1. marketing management consultants We can give you a helping hand to solve your six biggest marketing challenges November 2017
  2. 2. marketing management consultants Global marketing management consultants Meanwhile technology has been providing greater opportunities, more options and at the same time greater challenges. No wonder marketers are facing more complex problems than ever before. We’ve been improving productivity in marketing, media and advertising since 2000 with offices in New York, Sydney, London and Singapore. During this time marketing has had its costs reduced, while expectations for being accountable for company growth have grown.
  3. 3. marketing management consultants What are your biggest marketing challenges?
  4. 4. marketing management consultants Improving marketing performance •  Marketers are facing increasing challenges in a complex market. •  There is greater pressure on marketers to demonstrate effectiveness, drive customer experience and ultimately business growth. •  This means that marketers need to focus not only on delivering performance, but also on proving the effectiveness and efficiency of their strategy and execution. •  TrinityP3 has solutions that address the challenges marketers are facing from strategy development, budget setting, performance metrics, business growth alignment, marketing structures and stakeholder engagement and alignment and more
  5. 5. marketing management consultants Creating media transparency and value •  Media continues to be the single largest budget item for most advertisers. But how media has changed in the past decade, with paid digital media spend higher than television and all traditional media. •  With these changes comes significant challenge around transparency, meaningful and consistent metrics, viewability, rising ad fraud counted in billions of dollars annually and the erosion of the advertiser’s media buying value. •  We are focused on optimising our clients’ media value chain. That means ensuring their media investment is delivering the results they want. •  We work with the advertiser and their agencies and suppliers to maximise transparency and deliver maximum media value and performance.
  6. 6. marketing management consultants Delivering digital & technology transformation •  Digital technology is core to the marketing process today. Automated marketing, data management platforms, customer relationship management platforms, demand side platforms, programmatic buying, content management systems, digital asset management and so much more. Plus there are new innovations and more technology options every day. •  It is incredibly complex, highly technical and specialised Therefore getting independent, marketing technology-informed advice becomes essential. •  Whether you are just developing your technology strategy or reviewing your legacy technology stack to optimise performance, we can assist in maximising the performance of your technology investment. performance/
  7. 7. marketing management consultants Supporting sustainability through marketing •  Is your marketing strategy aligned to your company’s sustainability policy? Do you measure and optimise your carbon emissions across all your advertising and marketing communications? Do you hold your specialist internal and supplier accountable to sustainability performance? •  Corporate sustainability is increasingly important to more organisations and marketing plays an important role in this strategy. •  Marketers can now have marketing strategy, media and production processes and proposals assessed with an independent guide to the level of CO2-e that is being added to the atmosphere. •  With this knowledge you can make informed decisions as to where to target your communications and what areas you need to review. ‘It is all about being aware.’
  8. 8. marketing management consultants Being more agile and nimble to market •  The delivery and implementation of marketing programmes represent crunch time. This is where inefficiency impacts directly on the power of your marketing budget. •  Is your marketing process and management efficient? Are you able to report outcomes with conviction and clarity, or are you drowning in data? •  We assess the strength of your implementation and delivery and work with you to eliminate waste and duplication and improve your results. •  Sometimes there is an underlying structural, contractual or process issue to be diagnosed and corrected. Other times it is simply a matter of fine- tuning the existing process to optimise performance.
  9. 9. marketing management consultants Optimising your agency & roster performance •  As the scope and definition of marketing continues to grow, it becomes harder for one group of people to ‘know it all’. •  Agencies have diversified over time to meet demand for specialist services. The result can often be unwieldy agency rosters, un-checked process and underperforming relationships. •  Rather than just rationalise your roster, it is important to align it to your strategy to drive maximum performance from your roster. •  We can structure your roster, search and select the strongest agency partners, establish beneficial remuneration and incentive models, benchmark core performance outputs and assess relationships to deliver performance improvement from your agency teams and help you manage your total roster to maximise performance.
  10. 10. marketing management consultants Our clients Fonterra Brands Frucor General Motors GSK Goodman Fielder Heinz Honda Ikea ING Direct Johnson & Johnson Kellogg Lion Co Lend Lease Marico Limited Mazda Our clients come from all categories and all markets in Asia Pacific and around the world McDonalds Medibank Movember Mondelez International NAB Nestle News Limited Nokia Officeworks OPPO Pacific Brands Panasonic Pernod Ricard Reckitt Benckiser SAB Miller SAP We work closely with our marketing, advertising and procurement stakeholders to ensure we achieve strong and sustainable relationships with their agencies and suppliers. View our client and agency testimonials at API Priceline AGL Energy Audi Australian Government Auto & General Bank of NZ BMW BUPA Campbell Arnotts Canon Carnival Cruise Lines CommBank / BankWest CSL Hong Kong Diageo/GAB EBay SCA Hygiene Singtel Optus Suncorp Tabcorp Tourism Australia Toyota Treasury Wine Estate Uber Virgin Australia Virgin Mobile Vodafone Walt Disney Studios Westpac Group Yum Restaurants
  11. 11. marketing management consultants Key differences to our main competitors TrinityP3’s key differences to our main competitors include: 1.  Extensive Industry Experience: Broad, relevant, industry experience is the cornerstone of our business, and our consultants have a minimum of 10 years industry experience in their specialty and market(s) 2.  Maximum Value Creation: We deliver value solutions, not cheap alternatives: we focus on all three elements of time, cost and quality to ensure clients enjoy better value from their marketing budgets. This is the reason we do not charge a % of $ saved, as cost is only one measure of value 3.  Qualitative and Quantitative Approach: We do not provide opinion, but instead make recommendations and provide advice supported by rigorous scientific and quantifiable methodologies to all aspects of our processes 4.  100% Independence & Confidentiality: We are independently owned and operated. Our processes are completely transparent; we do not accept commissions or incentives from creative suppliers and therefore are not compromised in our dealings with our clients 5.  Total Category Advice: We are unique in that we are a team of over 20 industry specialists, rather than a ‘one man band’, who consult and manage suppliers across the breadth of the marketing mix, from creative agencies, through to media agencies, DM, digital & interactive, design, PR, production, marketing services, research and more.
  12. 12. marketing management consultants Marketing Management Tools We have developed a range of marketing management tools Details can be found on our website at
  13. 13. marketing management consultants Benchmarking your agency rates Ad Cost Checker is an online database of all of the agency rates across agency management, strategy, account management, media, digital, creative and production. The database covers more than 20 markets and growing including Australia, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Portugal, Italy, France and India. The system automatically ensures only up to date data is included in the benchmarking and will exclude any benchmark where there is not enough current data to make it statistically significant. This ensures you only get robust and reliable rate benchmarking. You can access Ad Cost Checker at
  14. 14. marketing management consultants Calculating agency rates and salaries The TrinityP3 Resource Rate Calculator is an mobile phone app available for free for the iOS, Android and Windows platforms. It allows you to calculate the number of billable hours per year, the overhead and profit multiple and convert agency hourly rates into annual salaries and annual salaries into hourly rates. Believed to be the first mobile app developed by a Marketing Management Consultancy it is regular updated and in high demand. It is available free to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Find out more or download your own version here
  15. 15. marketing management consultants Finding the right agency or supplier Finding the right supplier or agency can be difficult. There is not many sources where you can access details on: 1.  Offices & Ownership 2.  Associations 3.  Philosophy / Market Positioning 4.  Key Personnel 5.  Capabilities 6.  Clients and Relationship Duration 7.  Awards 8.  Work examples This extensive database is kept up to date by the agencies and checked by TrinityP3 consultants visiting agencies on a regular basis. For more details check out
  16. 16. marketing management consultants Measuring collaboration and performance There are innumerable survey tools for measuring supplier performance and agency relationships, but only Evalu8ing measures all of this and lets you measure and manage collaboration and alignment. The system was developed in 2007 and since then has been used across hundreds of relationships both across suppliers rosters and also internally within organisations to align teams and department to common goals and objectives. Evalu8ing lets you measure and manage how up to eight teams, departments, groups or companies work together and identifies where there are issues and problems. To find out more on Evalu8ing Performance and Collaboration click here
  17. 17. marketing management consultants Scope Metric Units (SMUs) TM •  Working with our JV partners Farmer & Co, we can access their Scope of Work database which includes over 6,000 unique briefs across all media types, from traditional advertising to direct marketing to the latest digital and social media initiatives. Each output has a unique ScopeMetric® Unit (SMU) value. •  Some of the key measures that make up the ScopeMetric® system to help advertisers and agencies evaluate their staffing levels and productivity: 1.  Number of SMUs in a Scope of Work (this defines the workload). 2.  FTEs per SMU 3.  SMUs per creative per year 4.  Price per SMU To find out more on SMUs click here
  18. 18. marketing management consultants Case Studies Our full suite of case studies are available at
  19. 19. marketing management consultants Benchmarking & Negotiating Global Media Company Category: Travel / Tourism Challenging Problem: The client was investing heavily in digital and social media across 12 countries and the level of investment continued to increase but there was a belief that the agency fees were increasing out of proportion with the media investment. Creative Solution: The client contacted TrinityP3 at the start of the annual agency fee negotiation process after receiving the agency’s proposed fees for each market and the global co-ordination fee for the coming year. TrinityP3 proposed a Media Scope of Work benchmarking to determine the number of FTE resource required in each market and globally and the associated cost and compare this with the agency proposal to form the foundation of the negotiation. Process: Using the TrinityP3 Media Benchmarks for Scope of Work investment by media channel and agreeing with the client and agency that the requirements were mid to high complexity due to the large number of individual campaigns and channel mix, we benchmarked the deal across the 12 markets and the global co-ordination team at 24.7 FTEs, broken down by market. We found a 6.75% variation between the benchmark FTE resources and the resources proposed by the agency along with a similar difference in the proposed fees for the coming year. Timeline: The benchmarking process took 2 week and the negotiations were an additional 6 weeks. Result and feedback: TrinityP3 supported the marketing and finance team in the negotiations with the agency on a global and market basis and achieved a 5.99% reduction in the agency fee compared to the amount originally proposed by the agency. This saving equated to a eleven times return on the fee the client paid TrinityP3.
  20. 20. marketing management consultants Re-defining & Aligning the Media Value Chain Company Category: Financial Services Challenging Problem: The marketing team wanted to ensure they had the best media agency in place for the immediate future and engaged TrinityP3 to undertake a media agency search & selection. Creative Solution: In talking with the team it was clear they while their current media strategy, planning and buying structure was very traditional, their strategic requirements was increasingly not. Rather than simply test the current structure and suppliers we undertook a strategic review of their requirements and the current suppliers and internal resources delivering these services. The process showed that there were significant duplications, gaps and misalignments in the current structure that need to be corrected by replacing the current legacy supplier structure with a customised structure and process. Process: TrinityP3 interviewed the key internal and external stakeholders on their strategic requirements both for now and the immediate future and determined the perception on the capability of the current suppliers to deliver these. Then we interviewed the agencies to differentiate between perception misalignments and actual misalignments. We also obtained financial data for the past year and the proposed future investment and were able to create a model of the current state and compare this against the strategic requirements and created a number of future models to better meet the strategic needs. Timeline: This project had 3 phases which were completed within 9 - 12 weeks. Result and feedback: Rather than simply changing agencies, the marketing teams were able to create and implement a more efficient media and channel value chain with some services established and developed in-house for greater flexibility, and external suppliers reorganised and one new supplier appointed. The result is a more focused delivery of the strategic media and channel requirements.
  21. 21. marketing management consultants Master Media Buying Agency Selection Company Category: Government Administration Issue: Government was required by policy to undertake an open tender for master media buying. Challenging Problem: The collective Government media spend represented one of the largest accounts in the market, which made it highly desirable for most media agencies. But the complexity and diversity of the media needs across the account made it one of the most challenging meaning that few media agencies had the depth of skills to properly service the account. Creative Solution: TrinityP3, under strict confidentially agreements, developed a series of weighted score cards based on experience, expertise, capabilities of the agencies and their proposed resources. These score cards were used to evaluate the many tender responses to efficiently and thoroughly identify the agencies with the skills required. TrinityP3 was also able to assist with the benchmarking of resources in regards to cost and output utilisation, which became the basis of negotiation with the successful agency. Process: TrinityP3 was initially engaged in the planning of the project and was able to review the process with the Departmental stakeholders, procurement and probity. TrinityP3 provided industry input into the RFP and developed the weighted score cards which were used to evaluate the tender responses. The shortlisted tenders were then benchmarked by TrinityP3 against our industry benchmarks and the report became the basis of the selection process and negotiation. Timeline: For a major contract, this process was undertaken over a 4 month period. Result and feedback: The process yielded a new media agency to manage the Master Media Buying Contract with a higher level of specialist resources in online and regional media with no increase in cost.
  22. 22. marketing management consultants Remuneration Benchmarking & Modeling Company Category: Global FMCG Challenging Problem: TrinityP3 was asked to review the remuneration arrangements of a Client’s two creative agencies. These relationships had been in place for many years however there was a sense that the rates may have been above market. Creative Solution: TrinityP3 benchmarked the rates and also the level of resources supplied by both agencies. Against benchmarks it appeared both the mix of resources provided and the level were excessive. In addition the head hour rates were well above market. TrinityP3 recommended a restructuring of the remuneration model to be an “all inclusive retainer” which allowed the client to buy the same level of resource currently on rate card at a cheaper price. TrinityP3 also assisted in the rationalization of the agency roster as there was no apparent benefit having the work spread across two agencies. Process: TrinityP3 benchmarked to client “Scope of Work” for the following year and asked each agency to submit a remuneration proposal based on the Scope and new remuneration model. TrinityP3 then assessed the responses providing advice to the client’s procurement team on the appropriate negotiation strategies. Timeline: This project had 3 phases which were completed within 8 weeks. Result and feedback: The client achieved significant monetary and efficiency savings over the current model in the area of $480,000, and has been used as a model for the company in other regions where we have assisted in delivering the same outcome in Hong Kong, Malaysia and most recently Japan with a total saving of more than $12 million.
  23. 23. marketing management consultants Remuneration Negotiation Client Category: – Beverage Company Challenging Problem: The client had a process of annual negotiations where the agencies would respond to a scope of work with a proposal of resources and costs. But a recent rationalisation of the roster had seen and increase in agency proposed fees rather than the fall due to the desired economy of scale. The negotiations had reach a virtual stalemate with an insurmountable disagreement with the agencies on the level of remuneration. Creative Solution: Taking the marketers scope of work, we applied our resources benchmarks to calculate the agency resources required and the associated costs. This created an independent reference point to compare the agency proposals as we went into the negotiations. Process: The scope of work for each brand and each agency was provided and benchmarked for resource level, mix and cost. This was compared to the agency proposals and the result discussed and the preferred end position of the negotiation agreed with the client team before negotiation recommenced. Timeline: The benchmarking across all brands and various agencies took 4 weeks before the negotiation process continued. Result and feedback: The final negotiation delivered savings on the agencies original proposals that in excess of a 40 times ROI on the TrinityP3 cost. This was achieve by moving the focus from the fee alone to the resource level and mix required to deliver the scope of work.
  24. 24. marketing management consultants Remuneration Assessment Company Category: Tourism Challenging Problem: The Department needed to confirm its remuneration arrangements were delivering value which would allow the agency to be reappointed without a costly and disruptive pitch process. Creative Solution: Agency Remuneration Benchmarking and subsequent SOW Benchmarking were undertaken for the following year to assist in determining the level of remuneration going forward. Process: The agency was asked to provide a completed data pack which was used to review and benchmark the relationship to date. Following the presentation of the initial findings the client provided TrinityP3 with the proposed SOW for the following year which was then used to provide the client with a negotiation position to be put to the agency. Timeline: Upon receipt of the completed data pack from the agency the process took 2 weeks. Result and feedback: Client achieved their desired outcomes with no disruption to the current workflow and continue to enjoy a discount to the market value of their retainer. The agency has been reappointed without the need to participate in a costly pitch and saw the involvement of TrinityP3 as an integral part of the process.
  25. 25. marketing management consultants Channel Strategy Review Company Category: Airline Challenging Problem: TrinityP3 was engaged to review the current retail and tactical strategy development and go to market program. The airline industry global was suffering a fall in seat sales and it was felt that the current process was not delivering the innovation and results to maintain market share. Creative Solution: Reviewing the retail and tactical work of the pat 12 months it was clear that the retail and tactical offer team were delivering the same price offerings across the same media channels as the competitors. Process: TrinityP3 inserted a team into the marketing department across a 72 hour period to meet, observe and interview all of those people responsible for the development and delivery of the retail and tactical sales offering. The team also met and interviewed the other customer facing and customer relationship manage areas within the business. It was found that the category and the teams had fallen into a discounting mentality, competing with the immediate competitors rather than developing a value focused strategy. Channel selection, by default, was also driven by competitor activity. Timeline: This project had 3 phases (Project establishment, discovery, recommendations) which were completed within five days. Result and feedback: The diagnosis was that the teams and the process were to competitor focused, rather than customer focused. The report provided the marketing team with seven innovations and opportunities that could be deployed immediately to break this focus and realign the sales and retail offering to the customer focused brand strategy. It also provided recommendation on the changes that needed to be incorporated into the current process to ensure the process maintained this focus and did not default back.
  26. 26. marketing management consultants Creative Agency Search & Selection Company Category: Global Telecommunications Brand or Issues: Entire organisation e.g. brand communications, retail network, sponsorships, digital and direct response, direct and CRM, consumer and business proposition communications. Challenging Problem: Client engaged TrinityP3 to facilitate a full service creative agency search and selection process, due to the various business units all using a number of different creative agencies, and their dissatisfaction with their current lead creative agency. There was a lack of synergy in all of their communication in the market, and high levels of cost and administration in using numerous agencies. Creative Solution: TrinityP3 facilitated the entire process from searching for appropriate agencies in the market, to developing each stage of the selection process to fit the client’s needs. Process: The process can be summarized into the following stages; 1. Establish the brief, 2. Review the market 3. Credentials review (RFI), 3. Full day strategy workshops 4. Financial proposal (RFP), 5. Digital and direct response capabilities review, 6. Creative presentations, 7. Negotiation. Timeline: Entire project took a total of 15 weeks from initial briefing to contract being signed with the new agency. TrinityP3 works with clients at the initial briefing to develop a timeline that best fits their needs and timing expectations. Result and feedback: Client very happy with the result, the process and advice provided and the current relationship now provides the transparency, as well as accountability that was lacking. Client has since engaged TrinityP3 to conduct the search and selection process for their media agency.
  27. 27. marketing management consultants Executive Summary
  28. 28. marketing management consultants Executive Summary •  TrinityP3 has subject matter experts across the full range of marketing, media and advertising disciplines and each has more than ten years experience in their area of speciality. •  As an organisation we have experience across all marketing categories including FMCGs, automotive, retail, financial services and the like. •  We have extensive database information on industry rates, salary benchmarks, rate card rates and resource planning across all markets we operate. •  We provide the strategies and knowledge to improve and optimise marketing performance, supplier performance and the performance of your delivery and implementation. •  But most importantly, we work with marketers, procurement, marketing services and their service providers to develop and implement processes that deliver alignment and greater efficiency and therefore effectiveness for the marketing. •  In this way we assist marketers and procurement achieve maximum marketing performance.
  29. 29. marketing management consultants Executive Summary •  Marketers are facing greater demands and faster change than at any time in history. This creates greater complexity and unique challenges that require new solutions. •  TrinityP3 assists marketers to solve these major challenges providing independent advice based on qualitative and quantitative analysis to design customised solutions to these challenges. •  TrinityP3: •  Delivering performance driven solutions, not simply lower prices •  Use a quantifiable scientific approach •  Improving relationships & effectiveness •  Providing understanding & insight •  100% independence & confidentiality •  Broad, relevant industry experience •  Fixed project cost upfront •  Maximising marketing performance
  30. 30. marketing management consultants Reference For more information please click on the following links: •  Range of services – •  Current client list – •  Client testimonials - •  Agency testimonials - For our Marketing Management Tools please click on the following links: •  Ad Cost Checker – •  Resource Rate Calculator App – •  Agency Register – •  Evalu8ing Relationship Performance & Collaboration - •  Scope Metric Units TM -
  31. 31. marketing management consultants For more information contact Sydney +612 9964 9900 New York +1 646 666 7142 Singapore +65 6631 2861 London +44 203 790 9229 @TrinityP3 TrinityP3 TrinityP3.StrategicMarketingConsultants