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Food and beverage management book launching next month

Published in: Education
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About the author

  1. 1. About the AuthorGajanan Shirke was born in Maharashtra in 1980, and possesses 15 years’ experience, in Hospitality Industryauthored Bar Management and Operations Book & Hospitality Management book and is a recipient of severalawards for his work.DedicationI would like to express a spectacle debt of gratitude to my wife Rajeshree and daughter Rupeshi; Mr. ADSArora and Mr. Praveen Mehta for their support and guidance; and at a great personality who inspired me towrite this book: Mr. Vithal KamatForwardFood & Beverage division in Hospitality industry is fastest growing and 60% of sale contributing departmentin most of the Indian hotelsPerception thought is not reality. But with the right attitude passion and dedication a career in Food &Beverage Service and Production can be amazing ride.I was fortunate to have good bosses and hotels because of them I have reached at this position , I wasfortunate to get academic learning and real world experience from Mr. Pravin Mehta , Mr ADS Arora, Mr.Vishal Kamat, Mr. Vikram Kamat , Mr. Raj Kumar Singh & Mr. Manoj Sharma.What makes a successful F&B Professional? One critical skill ability to wear many different caps. Thesuccessful F&B Professional has to be a good sales person; you must be proficient in food and beverageknowledge, presentation style religious practices and dietary needs have to stay on top of the trends in Food& Beverage Operations.The author took on enormous task of researching and funneling down what the job of an successful Food andBeverage Professional, in this book you will find good foundation of learning on the organizational structures,day to day operations and realities of the jobs it is compressive resource to students and will help them togain better knowledge about food and beverage operationsAbout the bookThis book in written to explain Food Beverage Service & Production skills, techniques, operation andmanagement, is a practical hand book for students of the IHMs, Food Craft Institutes and University Collegesas well as trainees in hotels and restaurant bars who are undergoing training to join as food and beverageemployees managers in the food and beverage service department in a hotel.The book consists of basic skills and techniques of food and beverage service and production. Keeping entrylevel students and employees in mind language used in the book is very simple.