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  2. 2. About Book<br />A virtual treasure trove on bar management and beverage services, this book packs in so much of valuable information that both veteran and budding hoteliers can depend on it. From the mundane and routine aspects, to the wonderful and exotic parts of bar management and operations, the book is a treat for both the connoisseur and the beginner. Read it if you are studying for your eaminations in hotel and bar management Treasure it if you are a senior manager aspiring to reach the topmost rung in your hotel. Like the Bibl, every hotelier should keep it by his bedside and flip through its pages for inspiration on preparing the most sizzling spirits…  and to learn the best practices in managing the bar and serving guests. The author, a senior hotelier, covers every aspect of bar management and services. Sample these topics: Wonderful vodka, Bracing Brandy, The Goodness of Gin, Tantalising Tequila, The Rum Drink, Wowing Whisky, Bubbly Beer, the wonders of Wine, The sweetness of Bitters, Luscious Liqueurs, Mindblow Speaking, Importance of Good Service Standards, Grooming and Hygiene.<br />
  3. 3. CONTENTS OF THE BOOK LISTED BY CHAPTER<br />Chapter1 Introduction to Bars1.1 Types of Bars1.2 Menu Composition1.3 Briefing1.3.1 Grooming and hygiene<br />1.3.2 Reporting ill health1.3.3 Rules for clean conduct1.3.4 Personal care and hygiene for waiting staff<br />1.3.5 Personality related attributes of a waiter1.3.5 Briefing and De-briefing1.4 Bar Professionals1.5 Bartender1.6 Bar Staff <br /> 1.7 Bar stewards1.8 Check List1.9 Storage of Glasses1.10 Taking Order Of Beverage & Style Of Service 1.11.1 Beer1.11.2 Wines1.11.2.1 Wine List<br />
  4. 4. 1.11 Procedure Of Service1.11.2.2 Sommelier or Waiter: Selecting Wine1.11.2.4 Ordering Wine1.11.2.5 Verifying the Selection1.11.2.6 Dealing with the Cork1.11.2.7 Tasting the Wine1.11.2.8 Pouring the Wine1.11.2.9 Reordering Wine1.11.3 Champagne1.11.4 Cocktails1.11.5 Tequila1.11.6 Spirits1.11.7 On The Rocks Order2 Fruits2.1 Glassware3 Bar Measurements3.1 Essential Tools4.00 Garnishing Fundamentals4.1 Basic Syrups and Liquor For Cocktail4.2 How To Shake Cocktails4.3 How To Stir a Cocktail4.4 How To Cure a Hangover5 Five Important How-To’s5.1 How to Drink Absinthe5.2 How to Infuse Spirits<br />
  5. 5. 5.3 How to Host a Spirits Tasting Party5.4 How to Chill Glassware5.5 How to Rim a Glass6 Basic Cocktail Techniques7 Wonderful Vodka7.1 Japanese Vodka: Shochu8 Bracing Brandy9 The Goodness of Gin10 Tantalising Tequila11 The Rum Drink12 Whiskey…Wow13 Bubbly Beer14 The Wonders of Wine14.1 Choosing the Right Grapes for Fine Wine14.2 Terms commonly used to describe wines14.3 Wine Producing Countries14.4 Champagne Making Process14.5 Reading Wine Labels14.6 Service of Wines14.7 Matching Wine and Food15 The Sweetness of Bitters16 Luscious Liqueurs16.1 What is Absinthe Liqueur?16.2 Sours, Tropicals and Shooters<br />16.3 Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know17 Sizzling Spirits At A Glance18 The Story Behind The Spirits19 Concocting Cocktails20 MindblowingMocktails21 Cheery Cocktails21.1 Guidelines for Cocktails22 Smashing Shooters23 The Cigar Combination24 Bar Operations: Legally Speaking25 Importance of Good Service Standards26 Miscellaneous: Equipment<br />