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111114 finland ya

  1. 1. YA! VocationalEducation andTraining
  2. 2. YA! – Vision & MissionYA! contributes to competitiveness and prosperity with a vocational educationthat is related to the working- and the business life, as well as a flexibledevelopment of competences.YA! Vocational Education and Training started 1.1.2009 when merging twoschools on the vocational level and one adult education centre, making thenew institute the biggest in the Swedish speaking part of Finland.• 1250 young students• 1250 adult studentsThe Council of Swedish Education and Culture forOstrobothnia is the owner of YA! Vocational Education and Training.
  3. 3. The Finnish Education System
  4. 4. Education in FinlandEducational institutions Students InstitutionsComprehensive schools 570 700 3263General upper secondary schools 117 300 441Vocational institutions 125 700 177Polytechnics 133 300 31Universities 176 300 20
  5. 5. Vocational training in FinlandInitial vocational education• three years to complete• school grades + separate entrance exams• 52 vocational upper secondary qualifications in Finland• renewable natural resources, technology and transport, commerce and administration, hotels, catering and home economics, health and social services, culture, leisure activities and physical education.• Adult education
  6. 6. Studies offered at YA!We offers vocational training for young people and adults in the followingfields:• Technology and Communication• Natural Resources and the Environment• Tourism, Catering and Home Economics• Social Services, Health and Sports• Culture• Social sciences, business and administration• Humanities and education• Natural sciencesAll basic studies consist of three-year degree programs andcomprise 120 credits. The education consists of both theory and practice.The school will also offer the possibility for students to simultaneouslycomplete their matriculation examination together with a vocational degree bycombining upper secondary school studies and vocational studies.
  7. 7. Further Education and Development ServicesWithin our Further Education and Development Services unitwe are offering many alternatives in further vocationaltraining.In addition to basic degrees, the new school offers a widerange of vocational degrees, specialized vocational degreesas well as customized continuous education.The school will also offer the possibility for students tosimultaneously complete their matriculation examinationtogether with a vocational degree by combining uppersecondary school studies and vocational studies.
  8. 8. Adult vocational education and training at YA!• Initial vocational qualification• Further vocational training• Specialist vocational qualifications• Further training not leading to an examVocational qualifications in adult education and trainingin the form of:- institutional education and training (120 credits)- competence-based qualifications
  9. 9. Technology and Transport Machinist Basic computing studies Automation Assembler Fitter of household Vehicle Body Repairer machines Vehicle Mechanic Welder Electrician Logistics Electronics Assembler HPAC Fitter Builder Conductor of combination Surveyor vehicles Joiner Land Constructor Painter Sheet metal Technician Pipe Fitter Real estate Manager Guard Computer Assembler
  10. 10. Natural resources and the Environment Forest Machine Operator Rural Entrepreneur Forest Entrepreneur Gardener Animal husbandry Florist Artificial Inseminator Fur production Crafts MasterTourism, Catering and Home Economy Restaurant Cook Catering services Food industry Institutional Cook Diet Cook Supervisor within Hospitality Management and Institutional Kitchens
  11. 11. Social services, Health and SportPractical NursePharmaceutical AssistantHairdresserPractical Nurse (Education in English) MassageTherapistFoot care TherapistFamily Child-minderTutor for children and youth with special needsSchool assistantYouth recreation Leader CultureArtisanVisual ArtisanMusician
  12. 12. Partners and co-operating countries 52 52Headline 21 15 2006-2007 2007-2008 Partners Countries
  13. 13. Nationalities 2007-2008Cameroun (1) Pakistan (1)India (1) Peru (1)Iran (1) Philippines (3)Kenya (5) Serbia (1)Liberia (1) Sweden (3) Total:Nigeria (5) 34 Tanzania (2) students 14Norway (1) countries Uganda (8)
  14. 14. Finland at glance• Governance: Republic. Independent since 1917 EU member since 1995• Population: 5,3 millions• Official languages: Finnish (91,5%), Swedish (5,5%) and Sami (1 700)• Religion: Lutheran (84,4 %) and Orthodox (1%)• Economy: GNP per capita 31 700 € (2006) Electronic (24,7%), Metal (33,7 %) and Forest (20,2 %)• Geography: 338,00 km² (10 % water, 69 % forest, 187,888 lakes, 5 100 rapids and 179 584 islands)
  15. 15. YA! Vocational Education and Training Contact information:Kjell Langels, Vocational training for young people tel: +358 503615326 e-mail:kjell.langels@yrkesakademin.fiKenneth Sundlin, Adult vocational education and training, tel +358 505621690 e-mail:kenneth.sundlin@yrkesakademin.fiCarina Storhannus Competence coach, tel +358 44 7503232 e-mail: carina.storhannus@yrkesakademin.fi