Omnia, Life Long Learning in Espoo


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General description of Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region.

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Omnia, Life Long Learning in Espoo

  1. 1. Omnia – Supporting LifelongLearning in Espoo
  2. 2. Omnia in a Nutshell A leading multisector vocational education provider in Espoo offering competence-based vocational, further vocational and special vocational qualifications for youth and adults. Approximately 10000 students and 700 staff. National and international learning environment development and training programs for teachers. A unique lifelong learning hub concept for entrepreneurs, students and teachers.
  3. 3. Omnia, The Joint Authority ofEducation in Espoo Region Omnia Omnia Omnia Omnia Adult ApprenticeshipVocational Youth InnoOmnia Education Training College Workshops Centre Centre Administration, Economic and Financial Services, Management Services, Facility Services, Information Management Services
  4. 4. Finnish Education Universities Polytechnics Doctoral and licentiate degrees Polytechnic master’s degrees Master’s degrees Polytechnic bachelor’s degrees Bachelor’s degrees Specialist vocational + Tailor-made WORK EXPERIENCE qualifications courses Matriculation examination Vocational Further vocational qualifications qualifications VocationalGeneral upper secondary schools Vocational institutions and Adult Education apprenticeship training Basic education 7-16-year olds Pre-primary education 6-year olds
  5. 5. VET in FinlandFinnish National Board of EducationRegulations on vocational qualifications  qualification requirements  assessment criteria  other regulations concerning vocational education and training At present, there are 371 qualifications in Finland 52 vocational qualifications divided into 113 study programs 88 further vocational qualifications 131 specialist vocational qualifications
  6. 6. Strengths of the Finnish VET system 1/2 Vocational education has a high profile in Finland. Over 50 % of 9th graders apply to vocational institutions. Optional double degree track; vocational qualification and matriculation certificate. No dead ends! A graduate can continue to a university of applied sciences with a vocational qualification.
  7. 7. Strengths of the Finnish VET system 2/2 Lifelong learning skills embeded into the curriculum. All teachers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, job experience and have completed a 60 credit teacher training program. Finnish National Board of Education has focused programs on developing VET curriculum, learning environments and working life cooperation.
  8. 8. Omnia – an Advocate in National and International VET Omnia’s experts are active in national and international networks shaping the future of vocational training in the scope of lifelong learning. Omnia invests in regular upskilling of its’ core resource; teachers and trainers and also offers upskilling programs to national and international partners. Our learning solutions team pilots the use of new media and technology in learning, coordinating activities on a national level. We don’t wait for the future to happen. We create it today!
  9. 9. Promoting Lifelong Learning Skills Learning and problem solving skills Interaction and collaboration skills Entrepreneurship skills Communication, technology and media skillsActive citizenship Sustainable developmentSource: Finnish National Board of Education
  10. 10. InnoOmnia A center of excellence for upskilling teachers. National and international development projects. Strong focus on educational technology. Entrepreneurship programs for students. Physical and virtual spaces housing over 40 entrepreneurs.
  11. 11.  In InnoOmnia everybody is a learner and a teacher. Formal and informal learning take place in the extended learning community. The hub reaches out to all levels of education, the municipalities and local companies.
  12. 12. In a learning community roles change Learner Participant Teacher Producer Consumer
  13. 13. Lifelong learning skillsensure a better future for people and nations. Upskilling teachers is aworthy cause and a good investment.
  14. 14. Thank you!