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111114 wp2 accentuate

  1. 1. Leonardo Da Vinci TOI Vet-Wind Project.Sogndalstrand/Egersund.Norway.14th November 2011.Work Package 2.Content and Competence. Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  2. 2. Previous involvement in Wind Projects.Content and Competence. – Aims.Overview of the project - methodology, outcomes and outputsProposed Programme. Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  3. 3. Background.Six years of experience in producing training programmes with the followingAwarding Bodies:ABC Level 2 micro wind programme.ABC Level 3 Wind Technician Programme.City & Guilds Level 3 Wind Technician Programme.Participation in the original POWER Project. (Pushing Offshore Wind EnergyRegionally) .UK Advisory Partner in the WINDSKILL project.Partner in the Power Cluster project.Partner in a North East regional Offshore Wind Training programme. Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  4. 4. Content and Competence. – Aims.Is to carry out research of existing competence profiles and content descriptorsfor VET of wind technicians in the partner European countries.Providing advice on adaptation and transfer of materials.Objectives.Translation of national / local training program descriptions to English (competenceplatforms, curriculums, training and educational descriptions).Analyse, discuss and compare the translated material, including the qualificationstandards for operational skills in the wind energy sector as presented through theWindskill project.And if available - comparative material used in US and other non-European nations.Transfer, adjust and adapt educational material to each national level with the aim of tuning the training programs towards common European standards. Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  5. 5. Overview of the project - methodology, outcomes and outputsWork Package 2 will give partners the opportunity to work with colleagues within theirorganisations, to collaborate with other learning and skills providers and to engage withregional and national stakeholders, including employers.Hopefully this will be done through a series of meetings, teleconferences ande-communications.Each partner will have produced an individual action plan which will focus on analysingtheir countries current and planned Wind Training activities, along with exploring currentand planned activity with employers, other providers and key stakeholders. Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  6. 6. Individual action plans are likely to include research into:current and emerging employer needs;current and planned training programmes and models of deliveryLevel Descriptors, if available.Duration of Programme.Awarding Body.And if Possible:Strategies for engaging employers andBarriers to delivering proposed standards. Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  7. 7. Action plan pro forma Region: Name of provider: Project lead person:Project aim:Objective Actions Timescale Who Outcomes1.
  8. 8. Work Package Outcomes.Develop a method/platform of communicating best practice and a collaborativeway to facilitate sharing of information and ideasIdentify success factors in effective employer engagementGain a better understanding of the emerging training and development needs ofthe sectorReflect on existing practice and consider how providers can Improve existingstructures so as to respond to the emerging and predicted needs of employersDisseminate information about developments in the field of VET training frompartner countriesIdentify barriers and solutions to supporting the training needs of the sector.Identify opportunities for partnership and collaborative working beyond the life ofthe project. Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  9. 9. The methodology used will likely include the following:Internal review and/or planning meetingsResearch with employers /employers representatives - either remote or face to face,in a group or individuallyConsultation with stakeholders such as Sector Skills Councils (SSCs), National SkillsAcademies (NSAs) or other trade bodiesDesk research into developments in other areasDeveloping models, consulting and reflecting with stakeholders using an actionresearch approach. Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  10. 10. What is Action Research ?Action research involves participants in researching new ideas and approaches throughactive experimentation.The main components for successful action research and development include the following:Experimenting. Working with others to experiment and develop the theme you have chosenCollaborating. Working within your group to identify the problem and test out solutions inorder to produce the project outcomesUnderstanding and commitment. A clear understanding of the planned development andcommitment to complete within the allocated time- scaleTransformation. The creation of a resource that will make a significant difference to yourown and other organisations Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  11. 11. Generating excellence. Using the action research and developmentoutcomes to generate further opportunities for developing excellence inother areas of provision across your organisation. Identify area for Development Share outcomes and lessons learnt Action research and Identify possible solutions development Test with staff/learners modify and refine Develop material/resource/ process Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation
  12. 12. Thank You for your Attention.Any Questions?Ian Accentuate (North East) Limited European Projects and Co-operation