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111114 uk accentuate

  1. 1. Leonardo da Vinci 2011-2013 Transfer of Innovation VET-Wind ProjectAccentuate (North-East) Limited United Kingdom
  2. 2. Accentuate (North-East) Limited United KingdomAccentuate (North – East) Limited – European Projects and Co-operation , wasfounded in 2010 as an intermediary agency for the promotion and management ofEuropean and other international projects.The company is presently involved in a number of projects as promoter, co-ordinatoror partner, including Leonardo TOI, Grundtvig, Leonardo Mobility, and others.In addition, we offer consultancy to colleges, schools, and third sector organisationswho wish to enter European partnerships, develop projects or access Europeanfunding.
  3. 3. Accentuate (North-East) Limited United KingdomAccentuate (North East) Limited is a VET consultancy organisation in theextreme north-east of England, adjacent to the border with Scotland. Itscatchment area is largely rural and thinly populated, with the exception of thesouth eastern quadrant, which is urban and a former centre of coal mining andheavy manufacturing industry.There is high unemployment throughout the county, through ruraldepopulation on the one hand and industrial decline on the other. Renewableenergies, however, are a growth industry and the region has developed into aleading UK centre for wind power training: the geographical spread ofNorthumberland and the nature of the wind industry requires innovativeteaching and learning techniques, and Accentuate is actively engaged inassisting local training providers to meet the challenge.
  4. 4. Accentuate (North-East) Limited United Kingdom Role of Accentuate (North-East) Limited in VET-WindAccentuate is connected to the Windskill project, provided through theIntelligent Energy Europe programme, as one of its principal consultants was akey participantAccentuates consultant was also a key participant in the Interreg Power Clusterproject dealing with offshore wind.Accentuate will use its experience and knowledge from both projects, and analready developed training programme for wind technicians, in the VET-Windproject, and will host visits and training for partner organisations.Accentuate will lead Work Package 2: Content and Competence.
  5. 5. Accentuate (North-East) Limited United Kingdom Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the projectIan FisherAs a former employee of Northumberland College, Accentuates principal windconsultant has been developing and delivering wind training packages for thepast 5 years and more recently has worked with City & Guilds to produce thesyllabi for the new apprenticeship programme delivered from September2011.Within these 5 years he has represented Northumberland College actively inthree European projects namely Power, Power Cluster and Windskill, all ofwhich are relevant to the training of wind technicians.He is a member of several steering groups, namely Renewable UK Skills andEducation group, National Skills Academy for Power, Blyth Estuary RenewableEnergy Zone, Northumberland Renewable Energy Group.He has undertaken a training course in Germany, studying on an intensive‘train the trainer’ programme where he worked with different maintenanceteams from RePower, Siemens, Vestas etc.
  6. 6. Accentuate (North-East) Limited United Kingdom Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the projectStewart DeasAccentuates principal VET consultant has many years experience in designingand delivering VET training courses across all sectors, and also in the design ofnational occupational standards. He has extensive experience in designing andmanaging Leonardo da Vinci projects and other EU LLP projects, as well asprojects for the UK government in other parts of the world including SouthKorea, Sri Lanka, Albania and Montenegro.Rick McCordallAccentuates consultants are supported by a business manager whose role isto ensure that funded projects are delivered on time and within budget, aswell as co-ordinating reporting and dissemination.