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Research and observation essay


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Research and observation essay examlpe

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Research and observation essay

  1. 1. Running Head: ACID RAIN PART 2 1 Acid Rain Part 2 (Author’s Name) (Institutional Affiliation)
  2. 2. ACID RAIN PART 2 2 Research and Observation There have been recent concerns over the presence of acidic rain in the Pennsylvania state. This has prompted me to conduct a research on the current state of Pennsylvania and prove the correctness of their claims and my hypothesis statement which is; the rain that is experienced in Lewistown Pennsylvania is highly acidic rainfall (Lonsdale et al, 2012). I first begun my research by exploring the different content that was written in the local newspapers. The New York Times ran an article on 3rd January, 2013 which proclaimed that Pennsylvania is the leading state that experiences acidic rainfall, being followed by Washington DC. In August 27, 2002, Greenworks television and radio had also shed a light on the adverse effects of acidic rainfall being experienced in Pennsylvania (McCormick, 2013). The reports from the national broadcasters and media houses made me adopt various techniques to verify the stated allegations. An organization called Group against Smog and Pollution (GASP) published a report about the presence of acid rain and vegetation foliage in the Pennsylvania state. It attributed the current situation to the existing old fossil-fueled power plants. Electricity plants have been known to be largest contributors of pollution among all the other industries in the United States of America (Langkilde, 2014). The large concentration of these power plants in the region therefore contribute to the toxic nature of the atmosphere that leads to occurrence of acidic rainfall. It was evident that majority of the plants had decolorized with some of them losing their vegetation to remain trunks. The different sculptures that contribute to the beautiful Pennsylvania scenario appeared to be corroded. The rocks too appeared weathered due to the reaction with the
  3. 3. ACID RAIN PART 2 3 acid rain. Most houses that used iron sheets that were not coated appeared to be rusty, a clear indication of the chemical reactions that took place. Laboratory tests to confirm the acidity of the rainfall to have a pH of 4.8. The frequency of rainfall is uncertain, leading to the belief of the effects of global warming and climate change (Langkilde, 2014). With the research conducted, I can prove that my hypothesis is still valid and that the rain that is experienced in Lewistown Pennsylvania is highly acidic rainfall (Lonsdale et al, 2012).
  4. 4. ACID RAIN PART 2 4 References Lonsdale, C. R., Stevens, R. G., Brock, C. A., Makar, P. A., Knipping, E. M., & Pierce, J. R. (2012). The effect of coal-fired power-plant SO 2 and NO x control technologies on aerosol nucleation in the source plumes. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12(23), 11519- 11531. McCormick, J. (2013). Acid Earth: the global threat of acid pollution (Vol. 4). Routledge. Mina, O.,Gall, H. E., Carlson, B., & Langkilde, T. (2014). A Preliminary Assessment of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Vernal Ponds in Central Pennsylvania.