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Environmental pollutants essay


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Environmental pollutants essay example

Published in: Education
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Environmental pollutants essay

  1. 1. Environmental 1 Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Subject: Essay, Environmental studies Date: Topic: Environmental pollutants 1. Link to the article: 2. Summary of the article Environmental Problems: Landfills: Landfills solve some problems, but create many serious ones. An issue that initially looked simple, has assumed grave dimensions, and has given rise to acrimonious debates. People are reluctant to live near the landfills as they cause environmental problems. Referring to such problems Jared Skye argues, “The environmental problems caused by landfills are numerous. While there are many problems with landfills, the negative effects are most commonly placed into two distinct categories: atmospheric effects and hydrological effects. While these effects are both of equal importance…” (Skye…) “Methane produced by the rotting organic matter” traps the “heat from the sun,” as much as 20 times, than the carbon dioxide. “The mixture of bleach and ammonia in landfills, impact the quality of air” in the nearby areas of landfill. The “non-chemical contaminants” like dust pollute the atmosphere further. Hydrological Effects: The undisciplined approach of the people as for the method of disposal of garbage contributes further to the seriousness of the problem. Industrial solvents and household cleaners get mixed over a period. Not only the health of human beings is adversely
  2. 2. Environmental 2 affected, the plant and animal species suffer painful death when they come into contact with such contamination. Apart from the normal garbage, humankind uses several types of electronic gadgets, and when the water containing scrapped lead, cadmium “are washed away” by rains their chances of reaching public water supplies is real. The other issues are landfill fires that are difficult to control. The foam used by the firefighters, solves the problem of fire but adds “to the chemical load” of the landfills. “The management of the gases coming out of” the landfill site is also a recurring issue. This crisis of landfills is now used as an opportunity by the mining companies. Awareness of the general public to intelligently sort out and handle the garbage makes much difference. 3. My interest in this particular article: This article highlights of the problems created by pollutants and offers worthwhile solutions. The issues and the remedies are articulated well. Works Cited:
  3. 3. Environmental 3 Skye, Jared. Environmental Problems: Landfills Web :< > Accessed on November 6, 2012