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Personal essay


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Personal essay example

Published in: Education
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Personal essay

  1. 1. Surname 1 Name Course Instructor Date I am an honest, hardworking, and optimistic woman. Honest Honesty means being truthful and trustworthy to everybody and everything, I do ( n.p). Being honest ensures that I do not tell lies that can lead to the feeling of guilt and that people can rely on my suggestions, opinions, and plans. It is always good to do what is morally upright by doing the right thing and following the rule of law. An example is the time I went to withdraw money from a local agent and the operator gave me excess amount as he was talking on the phone. I recounted the money the times, I realized that the agent had not realized that he had given me more than I had requested. After he was through with his phone call, I gave him the money to recount and give me the correct amount. Hardworking Hard working means working with energy and commitment to achieve one's goal ( n.p). I usually work extra hours day and sometimes at night without giving up. Working hard enables me to earn enough for my upkeep and to save for the future. Hard work
  2. 2. Surname 2 leads to success and economic growth as everybody becomes productive.An example is my plan to enroll in a university and work hard to attain my degree and get into the next level. I will work extra hours to ensure that I balance my job and my studies to ensure that I balance the performance. Optimistic Optimistic refers to being hopeful about the future and confident especially on life issues (Englishclub.comn.p). As an optimist, I always look on the positive side and work towards achieving my goals. The idea is to have a view of the positive outcome for any event or activity that I take. An example is the time I started my business dealing with the internet and computer services in the local town. Investment involves a risk-taking activity, but I was optimistic that the business would grow and open more branches. Being optimistic helped me to dedicate myself to the activities of the business and manage it for future benefits.
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