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Human papilloma virus essay


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Human papilloma virus essay

  1. 1. Professor Seth 06/13/2011 Human papilloma virus essay The human papilloma virus, more commonly referred to as HPV, is a disease that causes warts on the body. There are over one hundred different kinds of human papilloma virus; the location of the warts is dependent on the type of virus. While the human papilloma virus is often considered to be a sexually transmitted disease, it can be spread simply by making contact with another person who has the virus. Depending on the type of virus, warts can occur on the hands, feet, or genital region. The warts seldom cause cancer or other medical complications, though the viruses that are transferred sexually and cause warts to be located on the genital reason are capable of causing cervix cancer in females (Stern, 1994). Though the actual cause of any form of human papilloma virus in an individual is still unknown, it can be contracted by making contact with a person that does have the virus. Genital HPV infections are developed through sexual intercourse and oral sex; in the case of oral sex, the warts can appear around or in the mouth or throat. In regard to other forms of the human papilloma virus, skin-to-skin contact, regardless of the body part, can cause a person to pass the virus on to another. The human papilloma virus cannot always be cured. Even if the person no longer has warts, as they are able to disappear, the person can still be harboring the virus and can still pass it on to another (Dizon, 2010). Vaccines and medications are available to get rid of the warts caused by the virus. Other methods of treating the warts include freezing with liquid nitrogen, which can be done in an over-the-counter fashion, and surgical or laser surgery. It is difficult to prevent human papilloma virus, especially the types that produce common warts. Sexually transmitted viruses can be prevented by practicing safe sex and reducing the number of partners. References BIO 125 / Zoraida Martinez
  2. 2. Professor Seth 06/13/2011 Dizon, D. S. (2010). Human papilloma virus. New York: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Stern, P. L. (1994). Human papillomaviruses and cervical cancer. Oxford: Oxford University Press. BIO 125 / Zoraida Martinez