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The death sentence penalty essay


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The death sentence penalty essay example

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The death sentence penalty essay

  1. 1. Running head: THE DEATH SENTENCE PENALTY 1 The Death Sentence Penalty Name Institution Course Date
  2. 2. Running head: THE DEATH SENTENCE PENALTY 2 The Death Sentence Penalty Having to decide on a death penalty according to Barbara (2011) has been the hardest thing to do over the past years. Looking from the historical perspective and considering various points of view, the death penalty has never helped to deter offenders or law breakers from committing capital crimes. In fact, it can never be said to solve the roots of the crime at all. The death penalty has gained public attention since most of these cases do happen in the political domain or murder. In some cases, a person can be wrongfully sentenced to death for a crime he or she never committed. This is especially the case if the accused person is not able to prove his or her innocence. The death penalty is never reversible, unlike the life sentences where a person can be set free if they are later proved innocent (McFeely 2011). The question that begs an answer is: what to do with those who are already dead when they are proved to be innocent? As a member of the jury, I would take time and analyze the situation of the case. In a case where there is not enough proof of guilt, a person should never be sentenced to death. I do not at all support the death penalty because it has never stopped offenders from participating in crimes. There are several ways of executing the death penalty as practiced in different states. Barbara (2011) states that some countries use lethal injection while others hang the offenders. Yet again some countries electrocute their capital offenders, and some even subject them to the firing squad. Other countries kill their offenders by suffocating them using gas or by beheading them. In the world today, some countries have abolished the death penalty, but many states in America still largely practice it. Some U.S states have abolished the penalty because they believe that the punishment does not deter others from repeating the same crime. These states
  3. 3. Running head: THE DEATH SENTENCE PENALTY 3 still support the penalty because they believe and argue that it is a sign of sympathy to the victims of the crime. The international human rights group is at the forefront in urging countries and governments across the world to abolish the death penalty (McFeely, 2001).
  4. 4. Running head: THE DEATH SENTENCE PENALTY 4 Barbara, M. (2011). Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Concise Edition. Boston: MA. Wadswort. Cengage Learning. McFeely, W. (2011). Trial and Error: Capital Punishment in U.S. History. History Matters. Retrieved from