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Your job interview essay


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Your job interview essay examlpe

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Your job interview essay

  1. 1. Running head: JOB INTERVIEW 1 Job Interview Name Institution
  2. 2. JOB INTERVIEW 2 Instructor for Criminal Justice System I aspire to be an Instructor for Criminal Justice System. Normally, the field requires candidates who possess excellent oral communication skills, quick thinkers, and good decision makers. Besides, the candidate must have resilient ethical responsiveness (Rue & Byars, 2014). Therefore, I expect future interviewer to ask me the following questions. • Kindly introduce yourself and explain your academic qualification. Hi, I am (name). I studied criminal justice and I have Top Secret security authorization. I have adequate knowledge of homeland security operations. Besides, I possess quality skills in probing and criminal procedures. Thus, I am here to seek opportunity to offer my services to the firm. • Why did you select an occupation in Criminal Justice? My passion is to promote integrity and order in the country. Therefore, occupation in Criminal Justice is ideal because it combines my interest and enables me to utilize my familiarity with security concerns in a global environment. • Explain a particular situation when you applied logic and good judgment to solve a conflict. Conflicts are inevitable scenes at work places or homes. Normally, such difficult situations motivate me to communicate with persons involved and understand their reasons. Finally, I seek to establish joint solution to the issue of conflict. • Are you comfortable working as a team. Which role suits you more in a team?
  3. 3. JOB INTERVIEW 3 Yes, I am good team player who believes in the power and success of unity. I enjoy playing the role of informer and leader. In addition, I provide conflict resolutions skills to a team. • Assume that you are off duty, you go for a drink in a local pub, and the attendant recognizes you and pens no charge on your invoice. What will be your reaction? I believe in honesty and fairness. Hence, I will appreciate the attendant’s good gesture. However, I will decline the offer and pay my bills. • What will you do if your superior assigned you a partner you dislike most? I mentioned earlier that I love teamwork; groups entail people with diverse characters. Therefore, I will aim to understand and accommodate various people to minimize the occurrence of similar situations.
  4. 4. JOB INTERVIEW 4 Reference Rue, L. W., Ibrahim, N. A., & Byars, L. L. (2014). Supervision: Key link to productivity.