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Common themes

A list of themes that frequently appear in literature.

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Common themes

  1. 1. Common Themes Many books and stories express the same themes in different ways. Here are some common themes. Have you read any books or seen any movies with these themes? Identity themes These themes explore what it’s like to be yourself when you are facing pressures Natural themes These themes examine how we relate to nature Honesty themes These themes explore the importance of honesty—with ourselves and with others Themes of good and evil These themes explore the interplay of good and evil • Follow your own path • Be yourself • Don’t worry about what others think • Don’t change just because others think you should • • If you love something, let it go • Take care of the natural world • Take the time to observe what’s around you • People are a part of nature • Parents take care of offspring • Honesty is the best policy • Cheaters never win • It’s better to be honest than to lie • Success through cheating is unsatisfying • Be honest with yourself • Good will triumph over evil • Sacrifices are worth it in the battle between good and evil • A true hero fights for good • Ordinary people can be heroes • E. Kissner 2012
  2. 2. Friendship themes These themes explore the issues of making and keeping friends Morality themes These themes examine how we make choices to do the right thing Family themes These themes explore the importance of honesty—with ourselves and with others Life themes These themes explore the ups and downs of life • Friendship is more important than money or popularity • We can solve problems by working together • Fighting doesn’t solve problems • Don’t try to change your friends • Stand up for what you know is right • Making the right choice has its own rewards • Keep your promises • • Family is more important than anything else • Family ties bind us together • It’s important to stand up for your family • Remember where you came from • • Good can come from bad • Every cloud has a silver lining • Persistence and effort pay off • The journey is as important as the destination • Things can work out in unexpected ways • Be prepared for life’s surprises E. Kissner 2012
  3. 3. E. Kissner 2012