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Java Application Performance and Analytics


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This webinar highlights how next-generation application performance monitoring & analytics provides deep visibility into the Java stack to accelerate the diagnosis of application performance issues and quickly restore user experience. During the live demonstration, we will show how to:
- Have a single unified monitoring solution that addresses your application monitoring, diagnosis, analytics, and reporting needs;
- Use intelligent analytics to analyze and correlate performance inside the Java stack and across the tiers of your IT environment to provide unparalleled speed & ease of proactive alerting, diagnosis & analysis;
- View best-in-class customizable dashboards that integrate Java application performance metrics to provide real-time role-based and domain-based views on user experience, system and service health, resource consumption, capacity and more;
- Report on historical performance and trends and analyze usage patterns to right-size and optimize your IT infrastructure for maximum ROI;

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Java Application Performance and Analytics

  1. 1. Java Application Performance & Analytics A Product Tour Presenter Bala Vaidhinathan | CTO | eG Innovations
  2. 2. Java Performance Challenges © eG Innovations, Inc |
  3. 3. Where is the Root-Cause? Web Users Network Web Server © eG Innovations, Inc | SAP Netweaver (ABAP, Java) Active Directory Oracle database vSphere Server SAN Switch SAN Storage SAP Business Objects Citrix Users Java Email, Archival Server Is it the client? Citrix? Network? SAP server? VMware? Oracle? SAN? …
  4. 4. Java Monitoring Today © eG Innovations, Inc |
  5. 5. The Troubleshooting conference call © eG Innovations, Inc |
  6. 6. How Can eG Innovations Help – Live Tour © eG Innovations, Inc |
  7. 7. The EG Innovations Approach End User Experience © eG Innovations, Inc | Infrastructure & App Performance Automated Diagnosis User Experience Management Right-Sizing & Capacity Planning Trading Accounting Pre-emptive Alerting Total Performance Visibility Storage Connection Brokers Profile Servers Network Applications Virtualization Service Performance Online Banking Patient records . . . eG Enterprise
  8. 8. Unmatched Performance Visibility Cloud Private, Hybrid, Public Virtual VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Solaris Physical X86, SPARC, PARISC, RS6000 Desktop Apps Storage Network Compute ! Complete, correlated visibility beyond basic health. Actionable insight into service performance & dependencies. © eG Innovations, Inc |
  9. 9. Java Transactions © eG Innovations, Inc |
  10. 10. JTM Screens New layer for Transactions monitoring Indicates the number slow Transactions © eG Innovations, Inc | Can configure the necessary Business Transactions
  11. 11. JTM Screens Transaction details © eG Innovations, Inc | Sub Component level Response time details
  12. 12. JTM Screens List of Transaction in the measurement period © eG Innovations, Inc | Specific Transaction details Method level details of a specific Transaction
  13. 13. JTM Screens J2EE Component level Response time breakup © eG Innovations, Inc |
  14. 14. JTM Screens List of Queries executed in a specific Transaction and its Response time breakup © eG Innovations, Inc |
  15. 15. JTM Screens Call Trace details of a specific Transaction and method level execution time details. © eG Innovations, Inc |
  16. 16. JTM Screens © eG Innovations, Inc | Error Stack trace for a Failed Transaction
  17. 17. eG’s Key Technologies © eG Innovations, Inc |
  18. 18. The eG Universal Monitor •A single agent license for Microsoft, Linux, Sun Solaris, HPUX,IBM AIX, VMware, Tru64 •A single price, regardless of OS or server configuration - 2, 4, 8, 16 CPUs •A single agent for monitoring any application © eG Innovations, Inc | •A single price to manage multiple applications on the same server •Auto-upgradeable •Agentless monitoring option •100% web-based – HTTP/HTTPS
  19. 19. Auto-Baseline Key Metrics  Auto-compute time-of-day baselines  Alert administrators when metrics violate baselines Preemptive detection & alerting lets administrators see and fix problems before users notice © eG Innovations, Inc |
  20. 20. Virtualization-Aware Automatic Root-Cause Diagnosis © eG Innovations, Inc | Automatic End-to-End Correlation Automatic Top-to-Bottom Correlation
  21. 21. Virtualization-Aware Root-Cause Diagnosis Without root-cause diagnosis, you have no idea where the problem lies With root-cause diagnosis, you have a clear idea of what to do to resolve the problem. © eG Innovations, Inc | All the problems appear to be equally important. The root-cause of the problem The effects of the problem
  22. 22. The ROI of eG Enterprise © eG Innovations, Inc | • Reduce downtime • Increase application availability • Boost user experience Boost User Satisfaction & Productivity • Simplify, automate & accelerate diagnosis & troubleshooting • Optimize staffing levels & reduce OPEX Reduce IT Support Cost & Complexity • Increase hardware utilization • Leverage investment in software • Right-size & optimize environment Reduce Infrastructure Cost & Avoid Cost Overruns • Accelerate deployments & rollout • Reduce risk, deliver successful projects & peace of mind Deliver Projects on Time, on Budget, on Target
  23. 23. &
  24. 24. Next Steps More details  Send an Email  Call Us +1 (866) 526 6700 © eG Innovations, Inc |