How to become a Citrix Performance Hero


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  • How to become a Citrix Performance Hero

    1. 1. Presenters Bala Vaidhinathan (CTO, eG Innovations) Holger Schulze (VP Marketing, eG Innovations) What You Missed at Synergy How to Become a Citrix Performance Hero
    2. 2. © eG Innovations, Inc | Moderator Holger Schulze VP Marketing eG Innovations
    3. 3. © eG Innovations, Inc | Agenda  What is new with Citrix  Challenges for your success  How to become a “Citrix Performance Hero”  Product demo  Q&A
    4. 4. © eG Innovations, Inc | Performance Assurance Made Easy  eG Innovations helps you simplify, accelerate, and optimize performance management across mission-critical virtual, cloud and physical IT environments  Only eG Innovations award-winning root-cause diagnosis technology can automatically pinpoint performance issues by auto-correlating the user’s service experience with the underlying infrastructure and application components  Deliver exceptional performance, user productivity, and ROI Worldwide Locations USA  UK  Netherlands  Singapore  India Customers Over 1,000 customers worldwide Sample Awards & Recognition About eG Innovations
    5. 5. © eG Innovations, Inc | Customer Success
    6. 6. © eG Innovations, Inc | Poll: What Is Your Biggest Performance Challenge?  User experience issues  Lack of visibility across silos  Complex and/or slow issue identification  Proactive problem solving  Chasing issues that originate in other IT domains
    7. 7. © eG Innovations, Inc | Citrix Performance Assurance Bala Vaidhinathan CTO eG Innovations
    8. 8. © eG Innovations, Inc | Big Synergy News
    9. 9. © eG Innovations, Inc | Many New Citrix Capabilities
    10. 10. © eG Innovations, Inc | XenDesktop 7 Architecture
    11. 11. © eG Innovations, Inc | XenDesktop 7 Architecture
    12. 12. © eG Innovations, Inc | The User Perspective User User Perspective “I start my device, log on, and expect the same experience I had with my physical desktop environment.”
    13. 13. © eG Innovations, Inc | Client Web Active Directory SQL Citrix XenApp Citrix ZDC License Server Profile Server Enterprise Apps Network Because of the inter-application dependencies, a problem in one tier (e.g. profile server) can impact all the other tiers. User XenApp On Physical Servers = Past
    14. 14. © eG Innovations, Inc | Network Web on VMware ESX Active Directory SQL XenApp on VMware ESXZDC on VMware ESX License Server Profile Server Enterprise Apps vCenterOracle Client Virtualized XenApp = Present SAN Switch Virtualization adds additional infrastructure tiers, possible failure points! User
    15. 15. © eG Innovations, Inc | Profile Server Network Xen Desktop = Present User Virtual Desktops on VMs Connection Broker vCenter Active Directory on ESX Oracle License Server Provisioning Server SAN Switch Complexity Add virtual machines, connection broker, profile server, provisioning server … … a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong and impact user experience!
    16. 16. © eG Innovations, Inc | Virtualized = More Complex Disk reads Database QueriesSlow Citrix Access Excessive disk reads by the Oracle Database slows down Citrix accesses Adding Virtualization introduces a secondary layer of resource sharing on top of Citrix.
    17. 17. © eG Innovations, Inc | Citrix BYOD Architecture = Future Not really simple, going forward into the future.
    18. 18. © eG Innovations, Inc | Lets Try This - Flexcast Tech - Future I know, its not as simple as it looks!
    19. 19. © eG Innovations, Inc | Better User Experience
    20. 20. © eG Innovations, Inc | Network Web on ESX Active Directory SQL XenApp on VMware ESXZDC on Hyper-V License Server Profile Server Enterprise Apps vCenterOracle Client Where Is The Root-Cause? SAN Switch What is the root cause of the service problem? Network? XenDesktop? Hyper-V? AD? SQL? Storage? Profile Server?
    21. 21. © eG Innovations, Inc | The Troubleshooting Conference Call
    22. 22. © eG Innovations, Inc | Who Gets The Blame
    23. 23. © eG Innovations, Inc |© eG Innovations, Inc | Where Time & Money Are Being Spent
    24. 24. © eG Innovations, Inc | Mind The Gap: EdgeSight & Director Edgesight Director Edgesight: Offers long term trending and performance data tools for capacity management and assuring service level agreements Director: Delivers real time trend and diagnostic data on users, apps and desktops
    25. 25. © eG Innovations, Inc | Network Web on XenServer Active Directory SQL XenApp on VMware ESXZDC on VMware ESX License Server Profile Server Enterprise Apps vCenterOracle Client SAN Switch  Citrix performance tools are focused on the Citrix tiers  Limited visibility into other parts of the infrastructure  This makes it hard to diagnose non-Citrix related issues that impact desktop service delivery – yet Citrix gets blamed ZDC XenApp License Server What Citrix EdgeSight/Director Shows
    26. 26. © eG Innovations, Inc | Network Web on XenServer Active Directory SQL XenApp on VMware ESXZDC on VMware ESX License Server Profile Server Enterprise Apps vCenterOracle Client SAN Switch
    27. 27. © eG Innovations, Inc | Network Web on XenServer Active Directory SQL XenApp on VMware ESXZDC on VMware ESX License Server Profile Server Enterprise Apps vCenterOracle Client eG Enterprise – How Does It help? SAN Switch Complete visibility – every layer, every tier!
    28. 28. © eG Innovations, Inc | Performance Assurance With eG Enterprise Automated Diagnosis User Experience Management Right-Sizing & Capacity Planning Pre-emptive Alerting Total Performance Visibility End User Experience Storage Connection Brokers Profile Servers Network Applications Virtualization Infrastructure Performance Service Performance Online Banking Accounting Trading Patient records . . . eG Enterprise
    29. 29. © eG Innovations, Inc | CITRIX PERFORMANCE HERO 3 Steps to Becoming a Citrix Performance Hero
    30. 30. Applications are slow VDI is not working VDI freezes often Users care about the “service” The CPU usage of the VMware servers is ok. The DNS servers are responding well to queries. IT operations teams focus on infrastructure silos This disconnect is a threat to the success of transformational IT initiatives & the promise of agility, scalability, and cost savings! The User / IT Management Disconnect  Monitor Service, not Silos Monitor The Service Not Silos
    31. 31. © eG Innovations, Inc | eG Enterprise – Live Demo
    32. 32. © eG Innovations, Inc | The eG Xen Service Manager Identify & resolve problems preemptively, before users call! Profile Manager? Citrix? Application? VMware? EMC?Active Directory? The eG Enterprise Service Manager is a General Practitioner for your Citrix infrastructure. eG Enterprise ManagerCitrix Service Manager
    33. 33. © eG Innovations, Inc | Know usage patterns and trends for effective capacity planning and load distribution. Plan Based On Usage Report Top users, Top applications  Right-Size for Great ROI
    34. 34. © eG Innovations, Inc | Get More Out of Your Investment Track user sessions on each server  Right-Size for Great ROI A few of the servers are handling most of the sessions
    35. 35. © eG Innovations, Inc |  Right-Size for Great ROI Know How To Invest Wisely Find your VDI bottlenecks
    36. 36. © eG Innovations, Inc | Better Resource Utilization 20% more users per physical server  Right-Size for Great ROI
    37. 37. © eG Innovations, Inc | Preemptive Detection & Alerting Broad Coverage Deep Insights - LUN queue length - VM CPU Ready - TCP Retransmissions - Memory leaks - Profile sizes Virtual Physical Cloud Storage Application Network Database Virtualization It is important to have the right metrics Look for domain expertise in VDI, collect the right metrics. Otherwise, it will be a case of “Garbage in, Garbage out”!  Preemptive Detection & Alerting
    38. 38. © eG Innovations, Inc | Preemptive detection & alerting lets administrators see and fix problems before users notice Auto-Baseline Key Metrics  Auto-compute time-of-day baselines  Alert administrators when metrics violate baselines  Preemptive Detection & Alerting
    39. 39. © eG Innovations, Inc |  Preemptive Detection & Alerting The domain server goes down, pulling down the VDI service. Why? Event history provides a clue … A Preemptive Alerting Example Real-World Scenario The domain server has failed and rebooted. 5 hours earlier, a pro- active alert about memory leak!
    40. 40. © eG Innovations, Inc | eG Enterprise Delivers  Complete 360o Performance Visibility Get total performance visibility and auto-correlation of all components and dependencies that impact user experience across XenApp, User Sessions, VMware, Network, AD, SQL, EMC, Applications, etc.  Automatic Root-Cause Diagnosis (1-Click) Automate and accelerate discovery, diagnosis and resolution of performance issues – so your highly skilled staff can be more productive.  Pre-Emptive Problem Detection & Alerting Pre-emptively monitor, detect and resolve performance issues – before users notice. Prevent downtime, ensure exceptional performance and enhance user satisfaction.  Rapid ROI and Service Assurance Right-size your virtualized IT infrastructure, maximize resource utilization and reduce hardware/software cost.
    41. 41. © eG Innovations, Inc | Why eG Is Future Proof Server Virtualization Desktop Virtualization Citrix XenApp “Only eG provides complete performance visibility and automated diagnosis across all tiers of the infrastructure. There is no other performance management solution for this scenario in the market.” Citrix XenServerMicrosoft Hyper-V
    42. 42. © eG Innovations, Inc | The ROI Of eG Performance Assurance • Reduce downtime • Increase application availability • Boost user experience Boost User Satisfaction & Productivity • Simplify, automate & accelerate diagnosis & troubleshooting • Optimize staffing levels & reduce OPEX Reduce IT Support Cost & Complexity • Increase hardware utilization • Leverage investment in software • Right-size & optimize environment Reduce Infrastructure Cost & Avoid Cost Overruns • Accelerate deployments & rollout • Reduce risk, deliver successful projects & peace of mind Deliver Projects on Time, on Budget, on Target
    43. 43. © eG Innovations, Inc | & Ask The Experts
    44. 44. © eG Innovations, Inc | Free Trial Contact us for Your Free Trial: (866) 526 6700