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How to Extend SCOM to Achieve Single-Pane-of-Glass Monitoring into Your Microsoft Cloud Services


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As Office 365 gains traction Microsoft is moving best-in-class apps like Exchange and SharePoint, along with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Teams, into the public cloud and providing other powerful alternative services like Azure.

Managing the end-user experience for these cloud-based services has become mission-critical, and IT must be able to proactively isolate performance issues regardless of where they originate. The traditional silo-based approach to performance monitoring will not keep pace with the newer demands and challenges of Office 365 and other Azure based services.

In this presentation, you will:
• Learn how to proactively monitor across hybrid on-premises, Office 365, and Azure ecosystems and services
• Understand how eG Enterprise can help unify digital service performance management and deliver total performance visibility into SCOM
• Understand how converged application and infrastructure performance monitoring can help accelerate your cloud migration

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How to Extend SCOM to Achieve Single-Pane-of-Glass Monitoring into Your Microsoft Cloud Services

  1. 1. © eG Innovations, Inc | How to extend SCOM to Achieve Single Pane of Glass? Understanding How to Monitor Public and Private Clouds
  2. 2. © eG Innovations, Inc | Webinar Logistics • Presenter: Bala Vaidhinathan – CTO, eG Innovations • Questions are welcome through the course of the webinar – Use the questions panel on the GoToWebinar chat client to type in your queries • This webinar is being recorded – You will receive a link to the recording in a few days
  3. 3. © eG Innovations, Inc | Agenda • SCOM and its Management Challenges • eG’s Universal Management – Extending SCOM • Single Pane of Glass – Going past the Silos • Demo • Q&A
  4. 4. © eG Innovations, Inc | Audience Poll • What are your biggest challenges while using Microsoft SCOM? – Not Pro-active – Multiple Management packs without integration makes it complicated to troubleshoot – Lack of visibility into Non-Microsoft Systems – Slow and Complex Problem diagnosis
  5. 5. © eG Innovations, Inc | Application Health Infrastructure Health Clouds Deliver Services • A services oriented approach is paramount! Public Private Hybrid Business Transaction Health Create Order Create Invoice Ship Product Order Service Invoice Service Logistics Service Digital Business Service Legacy Data Center Private Cloud Services Public Cloud Services Cloud Deployment Models
  6. 6. © eG Innovations, Inc | End User View
  7. 7. © eG Innovations, Inc | Network IIS Web on ESX Active Directory SQL Citrix XenApp on VMware ESXCitrix ZDC on VMware ESX MS Terminal, Citrix License Server Profile Server Enterprise Apps (Exchange, SAP, Dynamics, …) vCenterOracle Client The IT Administrator’s View SAN Switch What is the root cause of the service problem? Network? VMware? AD? SQL? Storage? Citrix? “My application is slow!”
  8. 8. © eG Innovations, Inc |  Great User Experience  Pro-active issue resolution  End to End Visibility  Single unified View with Correlation What Matters in a IT Service?
  9. 9. © eG Innovations, Inc | SCOM and Monitoring
  10. 10. © eG Innovations, Inc | Management Packs for SCOM • SCOM is good for monitoring Microsoft applications, but DOES NOT provide deep visibility into non-Microsoft servers/ applications (Citrix, SAP, VMware, Oracle, custom apps, etc.) • Organizations use Management Packs (MP) from third-party monitoring tools to extend SCOM’s monitoring functionality to non-Microsoft servers / applications. Microsoft Apps Citrix SAP VMware Operations Manager Citrix MP SAP MP VMware MP
  11. 11. © eG Innovations, Inc | Challenges When Using Multiple MPs Non-Microsoft Platforms SAP Systems Virtual Platforms Citrix Java App Servers SCOM Management Server Operations Console Active Directory SharePoint SQL Server Windows Hyper-V Exchange Server Microsoft Platforms SAP Connector (Vendor A) WebSphere Management Pack (Vendor B) Citrix Management Pack (Vendor X) VMware Management Pack (Vendor Y) Siebel Management Pack (Vendor Z) JBoss Management Pack (Vendor C) Remote Data Collection Agentless via Vendor’s Agent via Vendor’s Agent Agentless Microsoft Management Packs Agentless × Multi-pack approach adds cost & complexity × Fragmented view of environment × Slow & manual diagnosis CHALLENGES
  12. 12. © eG Innovations, Inc | How the eG Universal Management Pack for SCOM Can Help
  13. 13. © eG Innovations, Inc | Challenges When Using Multiple MPs • MPs from different vendors are not integrated • Multiple MPs add cost & complexity – Licensing of each MP is different – No consistency across MPs • Many alerts, but very little actionable information due to lack of correlation and root cause diagnosis • Leads to long problem isolation & diagnosis cycles, resulting in poor user experience and increase in IT operation cost
  14. 14. © eG Innovations, Inc | How the eG Universal Management Pack for SCOM Can Help
  15. 15. © eG Innovations, Inc | eG Universal Management Pack for SCOM • eG Enterprise provides a Universal Management Pack for SCOM that can be used to monitor any application: – Packaged enterprise applications and custom applications – Microsoft and non-Microsoft servers / applications – Virtualized and SaaS applications – Server hardware, network devices, storage systems Microsoft Apps Operations Manager Citrix SAP VMware eG Universal Management Pack
  16. 16. © eG Innovations, Inc | Multi-Vendor Monitoring from One MP IT Infrastructure Monitored by eG Enterprise Universal Management Pack Web Servers Microsoft IIS, Apache, IBM HTTP Server , Oracle Web Application Servers .NET. WebLogic, WebSphere, Jboss, Tomcat, ColdFusion, JRun, Orion, Tomcat, Oracle AS, SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Applications Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP R/3, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Oracle Forms, SAP Business Objects Database Servers Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP Hana, Intersystems Cache, DB2 UDB, Sybase, MySQL, Informix Terminal Servers Microsoft Remote Desktop/Terminal Server, Citrix XenApp Network Devices Cisco routers, switches, hubs, wireless devices, load balancers Microsoft Applications Active Directory, BizTalk server, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), DHCP server, MS Print server , MS Proxy server, MS File server, TMG Firewalls Check Point, Cisco PIX, Juniper Netscreen, Fortigate Email Servers Microsoft Exchange, Sun ONE messaging, Lotus Domino, Qmail, Sendmail Messaging Servers MSMQ, WebSphere MQ, FioranoMQ server Operating Systems Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HPUX, Netware, OS400, Tru-64, Open VMS Virtualization Platforms Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Nutanix Acropolis, Red Hat Enterprise, AIX LPARs, Solaris Zones/LDOMs VDI Connection Brokers Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon, Leostream broker Storage/SAN Hitachi, NetApp, EMC Clariion, Isilon, Symmetrix, HP EVA, 3PAR, IBM DS, Atlantis ILIO
  17. 17. © eG Innovations, Inc | eG Universal Management Pack Architecture eG Enterprise Manager eG Agent Non-Microsoft Applications SCOM Operations Console Monitoring data sent to SCOM Management Server Monitoring data from eG sent to SCOM Agent (Includes Monitoring Data from eG) SCOM Management Server Microsoft Applications SCOM Agent SCOM Agent SCOM Agent SCOM Agent eG monitoring data from SCOM Agent sent to SCOM Management Server eG Universal MP provides end-to-end monitoring support for the entire IT infrastructure: • Without using multiple management packs • Without having to deploy and navigate a variety of monitoring solutions/consoles SCOM Agent (Dedicated for eG) eG Universal Management Pack Connector SDK
  18. 18. © eG Innovations, Inc | How eG Universal MP for SCOM Works • An eG SCOM Connector, installed on a dedicated VM, bridges the communication between eG and Microsoft SCOM – Infrastructure managed by eG is automatically registered in SCOM – MPs indicating metrics, tests, layers are automatically created in SCOM for each component type – State information for each component, layer, metric is reported in SCOM – Dashboards published in eG are automatically available in SCOM – Alert conditions detected by eG are displayed in the SCOM console – Contextual one-click drill down from SCOM into the eG console • SCOM agent must be installed on the eG Connector system – SCOM agents are not required on systems managed by eG Enterprise
  19. 19. © eG Innovations, Inc | See the eG Universal Management Pack in Action…
  20. 20. © eG Innovations, Inc | Generate Reports in SCOM
  21. 21. © eG Innovations, Inc | The eG Enterprise Universal Monitor • Single monitor license for Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, VMware • Single price, regardless of OS or server configuration (2, 4, 8, 16 CPUs ) • Auto-upgradable • A single monitor for monitoring any application • Agentless monitoring option • 100% web-based – HTTP/S UNIQUE BENEFITS
  22. 22. © eG Innovations, Inc | Unified Cloud Monitoring Public Private Hybrid Application Health Infrastructure Health Business Transaction Health Create Order Create Invoice Ship Product Order Service Invoice Service Logistics Service Digital Business Service Legacy Data Center Private Cloud Services Public Cloud Services Real User Monitoring | Synthetic Monitoring Business Transaction Tracing Topology Discovery | Code-Level Correlation Pre-Emptive Alerting | Automated Diagnostics Capacity Planning | Right-Sizing
  23. 23. © eG Innovations, Inc | Benefits of eG Universal MP for SCOM  Leverage existing investments in SCOM, and easily extend monitoring capabilities for any application  Eliminate the cost and complexity of deployment and management of multiple MPs from different vendors  Monitor Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications together using a single MP—affordable and easy to manage  Streamline IT operations and achieve faster problem diagnosis and resolution
  24. 24. © eG Innovations, Inc | Automated Infrastructure Topology Views • For infrastructure components monitored by eG Enterprise, eG Universal Management Pack automatically creates topology views in SCOM. • These topology views are available in SCOM-supported format: folder-based, hierarchical, and easy drill down. • Monitor the health of each component as healthy , critical , or warning state. • Clicking on the icon on each component lets you drill down further and view subcomponents within the same topology diagram.
  25. 25. © eG Innovations, Inc | Management Topology View In SCOM End-to-end topology view of all eG Enterprise managed components in the SCOM console Right-click on a component to diagnose with SCOM Health Explorer, or open eG Enterprise web console
  26. 26. © eG Innovations, Inc | Component Topology • For component specific topologies such as Citrix, VMware, EMC, etc., administrators can – Click on respective folders and select ‘Component Topology’ – And, easily drill down into any component for deeper performance analysis
  27. 27. © eG Innovations, Inc | VMware ESX Component Topology in SCOM End-to-end topology view of all VMware vSphere ESX servers monitored by eG Enterprise
  28. 28. © eG Innovations, Inc | View eG ‘My Dashboards’ in SCOM Console
  29. 29. © eG Innovations, Inc | Segregation of Alerts as ‘Active’ & ‘Closed’ eG Active Alerts eG Closed Alerts Once an eG Alert is closed, it will automatically be displayed in the ‘Closed Alerts’ section.
  30. 30. © eG Innovations, Inc | Infrastructure Coverage – eG Universal MP Other Non-Microsoft ApplicationsCitrix Applications eG Universal MP on SCOM Agent SCOM Management Server eG Manager eG Agent Raw metrics turned into actionable insights for faster and accurate problem detection o Auto-Correlation o Root Cause Analysis o Auto-Baselining o Detailed Diagnosis o Built-in Analytics o Capacity Planning eG Enterprise correlates performance metrics across Citrix and non-Citrix tiers
  31. 31. © eG Innovations, Inc | Correlation and Root Cause Diagnosis No correlation and root cause diagnosis No dependency mapping between tiers No support for non-Citrix tiers Auto-discover application to application dependencies Visualize application relationships with physical, virtual, cloud infrastructures View dependencies between layers: applications, OS, server, network, etc. Citrix/Comtrade SCOM Management Bundle eG Enterprise Automatic Root Cause Diagnosis
  32. 32. © eG Innovations, Inc | ROI from eG Enterprise & SCOM Integration • Reduce downtime • Increase application availability • Boost user experience Boost User Satisfaction & Productivity • Simplify, automate & accelerate diagnosis & troubleshooting • Optimize staffing levels & reduce OPEX Reduce IT Support Cost & Complexity • Increase hardware utilization • Leverage investment in software • Right-size & optimize environment Reduce Infrastructure Cost & Avoid Cost Overruns • Accelerate deployments & rollout • Reduce risk, deliver successful projects & peace of mind Deliver Projects on Time, on Budget, on Target
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