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Digital Literacy: the elephant in the staff room - Sharefest 2012

Presentation at Shar-e-fest 2012 describing the Digital Literacy For Staff project at the University of Waikato.

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Digital Literacy: the elephant in the staff room - Sharefest 2012

  1. 1. I iz in ur mind and yu cant see me Digital Literacy The elephant in the staff room
  2. 2. What is digital literacy?
  3. 3. Who has aaccount?
  4. 4. Digital literacy through engagement
  5. 5. Some really important concepts ...
  6. 6. "Digital Literacy is about mastering ideas, not keystrokes" Gilster, 1997
  7. 7. <literate></illiterate>"It is really not possible to speak of illiterate and literate persons as two distinct categories" (unesco 1957)Source
  8. 8. "Digital Literacy is a condition, not a threshold" Martin, 2006
  9. 9. What started the project
  10. 10. The workplace environmentConceptual thresholds We all have gaps in our understanding. For some staff these gaps are sometimes significant
  11. 11. Responsibility LocusThere was anattitude amongsome thatsuggested they feltno responsibility fortheir own digitalliteracy"We have aresponsibility forwhat we do, butalso for what wedont do."
  12. 12. The workplace environment Transferability There exists a block in ability to transfer skills from one discipline to another ...or from application to application
  13. 13. "Digital literacy defines those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society" JISC
  14. 14. Horizon Report NZ 2011Digital literacy is a key skill in every disciplineand professionMost academics are not using new andcompelling technologies for learning &teaching, nor for their own researchThe abundance of resources & relationshipseasily accessible via the Internet challenges usto revisit our roles as educators
  15. 15. How the project has developed
  16. 16. Digital Literacy Project - Preparingthe groundObservation and DiscussionEngaged key senior leadersProject ProposalSteering Committee
  17. 17. Digital Literacy Project - Intentions Developing staff digital literacy Confident & agile Lifelong learning "This is critical for our university today"
  18. 18. Digital literacy themes Wonder & curiosityOpennessParticipationSharingOnline identityPermission
  19. 19. Focus on Staff"But youre not doing anything for students!"• Students will not automatically be digitally literate• Student engagement and access to learning will inevitably involve some technology• Staff need to be role models for our students
  20. 20. We are all Natives
  21. 21. Outcomes so far
  22. 22. Senior Management SupportVice ChancellorDeputy VCAssistant VC OperationsDirectors and Deans “The university is a learning organisation - we want agile, curious, playful, enquiring, confid ent staff and students who embrace technology as part of a life-long journey.” Vice Chancellor, Roy Crawford
  23. 23. Support shift - encouraging self agencyDo I already know the answer?Self paced video helpJust in time supportExplicit help Image courtesy of D. Sharon Pruitt and a CC licence
  24. 24. Digital Literacy Awareness WeekWorkshopsSpeed SeminarsCoffee CoursesMultimedia Resources7 Things
  25. 25. The Future...No Elephants!
  26. 26. Tracey Morgan@traceymorganNigel Robertson@easegill