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#ULearn13 | ULearn Mobile | Effective use of mobile techs for learning


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Published in: Education, Technology
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#ULearn13 | ULearn Mobile | Effective use of mobile techs for learning

  1. 1. Join  the  conversa.on  by  using    #ulearn13      |      Follow    @ulearnnz Motivation and meaning- making for ME How mobile devices can engage all our learners Karen Melhuish Spencer | @virtuallykaren | CORE Education
  2. 2. • Blog address: • Post to:
  3. 3. Nō hea au
  4. 4. Nō hea au
  5. 5. What’s changing for you?
  6. 6. “Inquiry is the dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlements and coming to know and understand the world” - Galileo Educational Network, 2004
  7. 7. who: all our learners why: the importance of educating for diversity how: curriculum & pedagogy that enable access & agency what: choices of pathways using apps & hardware
  8. 8. Who?
  9. 9. Picture your class... Universal Design for Learning :
  10. 10. “We have to recognize that human flourishing is not a mechanical process; it's an organic process. And you cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do, like a farmer, is create the conditions under which they will begin to flourish.” - Ken Robinson, 2010
  11. 11. Why... “Diversity encompasses everyone’s variations and differences, including their cultures and backgrounds... The changing global environment requires people to engage with people from cultural, religious and/or linguistic backgrounds or world views that are very different from their own.” - NZCER (2012)
  12. 12. How...
  13. 13. Access to learning “Help me find my own doorway” Content that’s relevant Ease of use Alternative modes of showing ideas e.g. text, video, image Choice of pathways Variety of ways to show understanding
  14. 14. Support and challenge “Give me steps...or build me a ramp” Clear goals and regular feedback Differentiate the difficulty of tasks Multiple technologies Multiple ways to show learning Use of my own language
  15. 15. Reflect and apply learning “Pathways as memorable as the destination” Set my own goals Time to review and reflect Links to relevant information Organised learning Support for tech use Templates and scaffolds
  16. 16. What...? mobile devices web-based apps ubiquitous connection shared & personal spaces networks
  17. 17. This morning... Tex t......... 4 big ideas in action within an inquiry focus using web-based
  18. 18. Scenario The Principal has approved a release of funds to upgrade the classroom that we are using today. We have been invited to feedback onto the development. We can grab this opportunity to explore Social Sceinces,The Arts, English, technologies...and possibly more.
  19. 19. Engage me Imaged: CC Go to Engage> Padlet
  20. 20. Scope our inquiry Post an image to our blog >
  21. 21. Scope Develop questions that will help us understand the relationship between people & place
  22. 22. Find, filter and collect Post sources on learning environments to #find
  23. 23. #Consider & connect
  24. 24. Act • What can you add that might make a difference for your partner? • Record it. • Sketch it. • Talk about it. • Collage it. • Design it. • Make it. • Post it #act
  25. 25. Evaluate • How well did you meet your partner’s needs? • What went well with the inquiry? • What would you improve for next time?
  26. 26. Reflect What did you find useful - and what was a challenge?
  27. 27. Reflect What questions do you have? What can you take away? What did you find useful - and what was a challenge?
  28. 28. Reflect What questions do you have? What can you take away? What did you find useful - and what was a challenge? How the did the FOUR big ideas play out in the activity?