Leverage Social Media to Build a Personal Brand and Land Your Dream Job


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Learn how to leverage social media to build a personal brand and land your dream job.

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Leverage Social Media to Build a Personal Brand and Land Your Dream Job

  1. 1. How to leverage Social Media to build a Personal Brand and Land your Dream Job Green Careers Conference 2009
  2. 2. Green Careers Conference LA 09 Solar Living Institute http://www.solarliving.org/gcc/index.html
  3. 3. Why are you here?
  4. 4. To get a job?
  5. 5. To change your career?
  6. 6. To change your life?
  7. 7. To find meaningful livelihood?
  8. 8. Social Media can Help.
  9. 9. Social Media is Changing the World
  10. 10. What is Social Media? Social Networking Online Video Blogging/ Microblogging Ratings/Reviews Sharing Content
  11. 11. Facebook Growth Facebook has grown from 100 million to 200 million in 8 months. If it were a country it would be the 5th largest in the world, bigger than Brazil.
  12. 12. 10.0 7.5 5.0 The number of visitors to the site in March more than doubled to 9.3 2.5 million, up from 4.3 million in February. 0 February
09 March
09 Growth
  13. 13. Media Evolution
  14. 14. New Media Model
  15. 15. Social Media Is a Disruptive Technology Old School New School B2C C2C Top Down Bottom Up Closed Open Print Media Digital Media One to Many Many to Many Privacy Transparency Advertisement Conversation
  16. 16. An open world Open Open Open Open Culture Government Software Brands
  17. 17. Elements of a Personal Brand •Identity •Network •Timing
  18. 18. Resume 2.0 How to build your digital identity
  19. 19. Google-ability Can’t remove what you don’t want. But you can add more of what you want.
  20. 20. Personal Website/Blog Stand Out Best SEO Personalized Email Turnkey Blogs: Blogger, Typeface, Wordpress
  21. 21. LinkedIn Profile ! Complete a Detailed Profile Get Recommendations Let you network know you’re looking for a job
  22. 22. Twitter @Profile Radical Transparency Connect and Follow Thought Leaders Customize Background
  23. 23. CEO’s on Twitter
  24. 24. Facebook Page Page is Different than a Profile Is Publicly Viewable Managed separately Content from You + Fans
  25. 25. Networked Get Hyper-Connected
  26. 26. Transparency If you are NOT transparent, they will see right through you! Authenticity is Key
  27. 27. Tell your Story Be insistent in documenting your professional life: collect testimonials, news quotes, photos Cohesive Timeline Balance of Experiences No Failures, Only Lessons
  28. 28. Make Connections Events Follow Thought Make ‘connections’ Conferences Leaders Use @replies to Join Groups Green Drinks publicly reach out Ask/Answer #EcoMonday Webinars Questions
  29. 29. Be Unique
  30. 30. Timing Listening and Rapid Response
  31. 31. Listening Google Alerts Tweet Beep Google RSS Reader LinkedIn Groups Follow Leaders on Twitter
  32. 32. Rapid Response Setup Communication Systems Twitter: Same Hour Response Email: Same Day Response Applications: Turn in EARLY
  33. 33. Questions?
  34. 34. presented by joeyshepp.com twitter.com/joeyshepp
  35. 35. Follow ME on @earthsite @socialventure @joeyshepp @allthenew @openbrands @greenmaven
  36. 36. sponsored by earthsite.net twitter.com/earthsite