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Social Media for Green Careers by @JoeyShepp


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How to leverage social media to advance your sustainability career. Learn now social media and sustainability have a perfect fit and can work in tandem to build your personal brand, land a green job or create your dream job.

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Social Media for Green Careers by @JoeyShepp

  1. 1. Social Media for Green CareersHow to leverage social media to advance your sustainability career.
  2. 2. Presented at the Eucalyptus MagazineGreen Careers Expo
  3. 3. PresenterGreenMBA Program Director atDominican University of CaliforniaPrincipal Consultant at Earthsite,Digital Media for Sustainable BrandsFounder of GreenMaven, the World’s JoeyShepp.comLargest Green Search Engine.
  4. 4. Green Careers Today
  5. 5. Social Media Growth700,000 FacebookMembers/Day35 Hours Uploaded toYouTube Every MinuteTwitter clocked at7,000 Tweets perMinute
  6. 6. Social Media for JobsNearly 28% of collegestudents plan to seekemployment usingLinkedIn.The recruited havenow become therecruiters
  7. 7. Green Jobs GrowthCalifornias "core greeneconomy" grew more thanthree times as fast as the statesold brown economy between2008 and 2009.Growth in green jobs in theSan Francisco Bay Areajumped 8 percent between2008 and 2009 and 109 percentsince 1995, according to thereport.
  8. 8. Qualities of theSustainability Industry Highly Networked Niche Oriented Localized Transparency Valued Information Workers
  9. 9. A Natural FitSocial Media + Sustainability
  10. 10. New Computer Skills
  11. 11. Online OfficeWeb-Based Email Access AnywhereOnline Calendaring Sync CalendarsOnline Docs Sharing DocumentsDropbox Easy File Sharing
  12. 12. SmartphoneEmailTwitterPhotos/Videos(Document)GPS CheckinsVOIP as 2nd Line
  13. 13. Video ConferencingSkype, Facetime,Google TalkRising Cost of Travel,Increase in VideoConferencingPrepare a FunctionalSpace
  14. 14. Social Media UpkeepProfiles Updated andTracking Messages Facebook Twitter LinkedInIndustry Specific Video - YouTube Food - Foodspotting Local - Foursquare
  15. 15. Personal Branding
  16. 16. Social OptimizationGood HeadshotFocused Bio with POVKey Category InterestsFresh and CurrentLinks to Social MediaProfiles
  17. 17. LinkedInComplete Profile 100%Add KeywordsImport Address BookMake ConnectionsRequestRecommendationsContribute to GroupDiscussions
  18. 18. FacebookUpdate Your Info Tab“Like” SustainabilityRelated Brands andOrganizationsKnow yourPermissionsUntag UnwantedPhotos
  19. 19. TwitterComplete Your ProfileMonitor Twitter SearchFollow Like-MindedPeople (hope forfollow back)Proclaim what you’relooking for.Keep it Fresh
  20. 20. BlogPersonal IdealOne a WeekCultivate Comments
  21. 21. Document Your WorkBuild ValueValue ProcessTell Cohesive StoryAccessibleHistoryFresh
  22. 22. Documentation Types Presentation SlideShare Video YouTube/Vimeo Blog Wordpress/Tumblr White Paper PDF Photgraphy Flickr
  23. 23. Build Expertise
  24. 24. Well ReadRead Industry-SpecificBlogs and NewsStay Current withTrends in your MarketRSS News Reader
  25. 25. Green News Sources Lifestyle Design Business Business
  26. 26. InterviewsBlogging is an excuseto interview people.Interviews are a greatway to learn industryknowledge andnetwork with keyindividuals.Giving PR value buildsgood will.
  27. 27. Thought LeadershipBloggingTwitterVideo SeriesSpeakingWhite PapersDiscussionsQuora
  28. 28. Networking
  29. 29. Importance of NetworkingSustainable jobs arenew jobsCommonly filledthrough networksA strong network isthe basis forsustainable jobsecurity
  30. 30. Go OutFind Local EventsSchedule EventsMake Business CardsPrepare your Story:People will share it forbetter or worse!
  31. 31. FollowupSort A list and B list cardsA List: Schedule Meeting Email Thanks Connect on LinkedIn Follow on Twitter Facebook Not Appropriate Yet
  32. 32. Top Bay Area Green EventsGreen FestivalSustainable BrandsWest Coast GreenBioneersEcoTuesdaysGreen Drinks
  33. 33. Finding andCreating Jobs
  34. 34. Job MonitoringJob Website BoardsJob NewslettersJob Twitter FeedsRSS Feeds/BlogsGoogle Alerts
  35. 35. Ask Your NetworkWhat you want.Email BlastTwitterFacebookLinkedIn
  36. 36. People Search, Not Job SearchIdentify people in thecompany that youwant to work for andreach out to them oversocial media.Let them know yourintentions and see ifthey have anyrecommendations.
  37. 37. Create a JobNew SustainabilityJobs are Created EveryDay.What need to you seein the world?Interview People thatyou admire their job,how did they get it.
  38. 38. The Interview
  39. 39. PrepareResearch People You’reMeeting with. Theywill likely be doing thesame.Connect with andInteract with Companymembers throughSocial MediaReflect SustainableValues
  40. 40. The InterviewGet Good SleepCome EarlyHave POVBe ready todemonstrate yourunique value
  41. 41. FollowupSay ThanksPhone Call morepersonalized thanemailEmail links andfollow up referencesto fix any stumbles
  42. 42. Go Further
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Twitter Accounts @JoeyShepp @GreenMBA @GreenJobFinder @CAGreenJobs
  45. 45. Tweet me your Questions
  46. 46. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial- Share Alike 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.