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Google+ 201 Guide


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Google Plus Guide intermediate level. Google+ is the latest social media innovation. Here we optimize your Google profile for search, take a closer look at your privacy settings and offer more advanced tips.

Google+ 201 Guide

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: + 201
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  5. 5. What is Google+? Google+ is a social media innovation offering a series of tools to help you stay connected with the people you care about. Google+ comprises of several new features including Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Mobile, Location, Instant Upload, and Huddle. Here is a quick video of the project and we‘ll go through each feature. Check out this short video for an introduction to Google+ and view our Google+ 101 presentation for all of you who are just getting started.
  6. 6. Why Google Chrome?Google Plus (G+) is made by Google and to get the best out ofit we recommend using their browser. You can downloadChrome here.There are tons of G+ extensions out there.Here are a few of my favs:+Comment Toggle: This will save you a TON of headache byallowing you to show/hide comments, until Google implementsthis natively.+Photo Zoom: This will add the capability of showing an instantpop-out when hovering over pictures & images. They getbigger when you move toward the left side of the image.
  7. 7. Optimize Your ProfileOne of the things I love most about my G+ profile are the live links available in the "About Me"section.Tips:① Use geographic keywords and link back to several pages within your site.② Aim for 250 words in your Introduction section.③ Choose your headline carefully, I recommend using geo-keywords④ The first couple sentences will provide the rich snippet info Google will show in search results – choose carefully.⑤ Update your social links (name them by platform ie - Facebook, Twitter, etc.)⑥ Consider your contact settings carefully⑦ Do not include the year of your birth Rich Snippet
  8. 8. Learn From Your Mistakes With FacebookSocial media has changed the way we live and work forever, but at some point it became alittle too intrusive. The introduction of Google + (Google plus) however may just providethe opportunity many of us need for a fresh start how we interact online.Learn how to say no and remember that social media is not a popularity contest.
  9. 9. Find People You Know You can use the "Find People" search box at the top of the site to search names, company names, places (cities/towns), schools, etc. to find people you know. Open up the profile pages for each of these people and hover over "Add to circles" to put them in a circle (friends, family, acquaintances, following or make a new circle).
  10. 10. Find People You Don’ t KnowAfter circling those that you do know, start circlingpeople you dont to widen your network. Search bytopics youre interested in, work/school experience, orlocation.Remember, as you create circles, circles are notpublic. Adding someone to circle, while they will get anotification, is not "friending" them on Facebook orcreating a close bond between you and them. Itssimply curating/personalizing your streams so theyremore interesting to you. The more people you add,the better your G+ experience will become.
  11. 11. Your Incoming StreamUnlike Facebook, Google Plus lets people share things with you even if you‘re notfollowing them.The "Incoming" stream is content from everyone you havent circled back, but theyvecircled you. Since theyve identified *you* as interesting, chances are they might beinteresting too, and sharing content youll like. One of the best parts of the Incomingstream, beyond the unique blend of content, is that you can easily decide to circle anyoneon the spot.Tip: hover over anyGoogle+ user name toquickly add them to acircle
  12. 12. Interact With Interesting ContentWhen you find something interesting, say so: give it a+1, comment or share. Beyond engaging with theGoogle+ community, and possibly forming newconnections, youre giving signal to the original creatorthat their post was valuable or meaningful. That meanstheyll likely share more content like it.Interacting with content you find interesting is also agreat way to meet new people who appreciate thesame content. They may join in on the commentsthread or even click over to your profile to learn moreabout you. This could also lead to more people addingyou to circles.
  13. 13. Adjust Default Contact Settings Your Google email address is not exposed however, if you do not opt-out, anyone on the web that finds your profile, can send you an email. • click on gear icon top right hand corner corner • click Google+ settings • click profile & privacy left hand side • click button edit network visibility • then click the send an email button to adjust
  14. 14. Opt Out of Email Notifications Email Notifications. It is wonderful when you are added to a circle. However, what is not wonderful are the individual email alerts that have overrun our Gmail accounts. To opt out of these notifications is actually very simple. a. In your Google+ account in the right had corner next to ―Share‖ click on the gears icon which brings a drop down menu.
  15. 15. Opt Out of Email Notifications b. At the drop down menu, click on Google+ Settings. c. This brings you to the Google+ tab which clearly displays all of notification settings. Uncheck those that you wish not to be notified about and the setting is automatically saved.
  16. 16. Disable Reshare and Comments For Posts After posting something you just need to click on the arrow on the right of the post you have just posted and click on: • Disable comments: To prevent commenting by your friends on your post. • Disable reshare: To avoid broadcasting of your posts by your friends. When you disable reshare it also disables +mentions. That way, you can really clamp down on who‘s allowed to see the post. Tip: Click on the timestamp (the time at the top of the post) and that post will be displayed with permalink. It works just like Twitter timestamp
  17. 17. Mute a PostThe Mute Button,Oh how I love the ingenious mute button…Not all posts shared by the people you follow areinteresting to you. And you don‘t want to have allthose comments, always. So if you find anuninteresting post or a post with lots ofcomments that makes your stream cluttered, youcan simply mute that post.
  18. 18. Mute a Post Or, Have you ever commented on something only to have the following comments spiral out of control or stray off into unrelated topics? To stop receiving updates from a post, and to remove it from your stream: Click the arrow at the top of the post. Click Mute this post. Note: to un-mute the post, Click Undo mute.
  19. 19. Monitor Your Brand Using SparksSet up listening posts and stay in the know about yourfavorite subjects, your name and anything else that‘simportant to your life or business right in yourdashboard.What makes Google Plus Sparks valuable is thatonce the content is delivered as a result of yoursearch, you can immediately share it across yourcircles with one simple click. There‘s no need for anycoping or pasting.Only you can see the interests you follow in Sparks.
  20. 20. Uneasy About Hangouts? Each time you start or join a hangout, you check your appearance on screen and adjust your microphone and speaker volume, before youre visible to others. -You can mute your video and/or audio if youd like for your first few, basically hiding yourself from view. You can still chat with the group via text if youd like, or just watch. -You can also mute the video and/or audio of another participant if you dont like what youre seeing/hearing, or report abuse directly to Google. Tip: You can use speech recognition technology of Google Translate if people with different languages are using Hangout.
  21. 21. Edit Your Photos You can edit images directly from Google+ using six different effects. If you want to make some quick tweaks or just get some extra info, you can do that from inside Google Plus. Just click on a photo to take you into the blacked-out lightbox view and click one of the buttons at the bottom. Add tag lets you tag a face, and this ties into your G+ contacts. Actions, though, is where the meat is. Note: The maximum number of photos in al album is 1000. The maximum number of albums is unlimited.
  22. 22. Make a Bookmarks Circle You can create a bookmarks or favorites circle to save your favorite posts on Google+ or read them later. You dont need to put anyone in that circle. Simply share posts to that circle when you want to save them.
  23. 23. GeolocationYour photos when taken with your smartphones containgeolocation information. If you do not wish for this information tobe public Google+ will not display the information. To disablephoto geolocation:In your Google+ account in the right had corner next to ―Share‖click on the gears icon which brings a drop down menu.At the drop down menu, click on Google+ Settings.a. Once on the Settings page click the Google+ tab. Scroll downto the bottom under Photos and uncheck the ―Show photo geolocation information in newly uploaded albums and photos‖ box.
  24. 24. How to Post to Facebook and TwitterYou will need two more browser extensions for this:Google+Tweet: Post to Twitter and Facebook from Google+. Directly after installation,you can see a Twitter button near the Home button in the top navigation barGoogle+Facebook: Google+Facebook allows you to see your Facebook stream insideGoogle+. Simply Connect to Facebook, and get all the updates on your Google+Facebook tab.
  25. 25. Hot Keys in Google+Hotkeys in Google+.Space: Scroll DownShift Space: Scroll UpJ: Single Post Down ScrollK: Single Post Up ScrollQ: Jump to ChatReturn: Opens up comment boxwhen focused on a Post.
  26. 26. Hot Keys in Google+
  27. 27. How Can Google+ HelpThe Big Question for You: How Can This Help?"So once the dust has settled and we are all over our‗shiny new thing‘ syndrome, all of us marketers must takea step back and ask the million dollar question — canthis impact my business? Can it help me build my brand?Sadly, the answer to your biggest question and mine isunclear. Google is rolling Plus out very deliberately andcarefully at the individual level — working out bugs alongthe way as it opens and closes the invitation gates. Howbrands can create presence and content here remains tobe seen.‖ (link to this article)
  28. 28. Changes There have been a few changes with the Google Plus interface recently so we recommend checking out our Google Plus- 8 Major Changes presentation next.
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