You Are On Facebook And Linkedin, Now What


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Presentation given by Amy Chorew at the AAR Winter Conference

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You Are On Facebook And Linkedin, Now What

  1. 1. Web 2.0: How T H Top AAgents are t Attracting Clients Usin ng Social Media I’m on and . . . Now wha at? with Amy Chorew y ©
  2. 2. Our Goal tod day Take Take the to Mystery Next Nt Out Level
  3. 3. Every Dollar Counts! ts! t
  4. 4. Where is the ROI? Where is t e ROT? e e s the O Return on Timenology Techn gy
  5. 5. New Set of Tools
  6. 6. The challenge today is to understand which values are e desired; and retool our tl business aroundd them. ©
  7. 7. Mistakes Mi t k are expensive i
  8. 8. LETS TAKE A POLL L Where would you rate your level of e expertise at Social Me p edia? Beginner Bi Intermediate Advanced UberGeek
  9. 9. What is Web 2.0 Web 2.0 refers to a second generation of technology, s services, and tools that facilitate c communication, communication creativity, collabooration and sharing betwee b t en users.
  10. 10. What is Web 2.0
  11. 11. So really . . . Wha is it? at • It is not a software or a h d i t ft hardware • It is the ability for anyo to create content on y yone the web to communica with their niche. ate • You can become a frie who recommends end products and services that solve problems. ©
  12. 12. What Tools Qualify fy Maps Blogs Video Social and Networks Photos Sear h rch Engin nes
  13. 13. Social Networking g A primary b i benefit t fit to social networking is t ability to reach out the to c consumers, even when , th are NOT ready to hey contact you you. 14
  14. 14. What is Social Networking? e
  15. 15. Participate on Th hese Sites •F Facebook bk • Linked-In • Active Rain • Plaxo • T itter Twitter
  16. 16. LETS TAKE A POLL L What Social Networks are you using s now? LinkedIn Facebook F bk Twitter Others . . .
  17. 17. Buyers & Sellers – Consumers are i t C interested ted in their “Micro-market”
  18. 18. Millennials are using g social networkingg to make big picturee decisions d ii
  19. 19. Be CREATIVE Write Recommendations Connect with Colleagues Get a Vanity URL
  20. 20. Add Substance – This is your elevation speech Add Specialties – People search on this Explain what you do there
  21. 21. Add more content Get more recommendations Use your websites wisely Contact Settings determine how people will contact you
  22. 22. Three Wise Links You get 3 links, so use g , them wisely. Use for your blog your website y blog, and a something else that shows your expertise
  23. 23. Connecting with Oth hers • LION – Li k di O n N t Linkedin Open Networker k – Very willing to connect – List is at http://MyLink5 – more 1st degree conne ections • Recruiters, • Salespeople • Entrepreneurs • Power Connectors
  24. 24. Invite Connections •I Import your contact lists t t t li t – Outlook – Yahoo – Hotmail – Gmail
  25. 25. Canned Invitation “I’d like to a you to my add p professiona network on al Linkkedin.” Scott Allen – Blog Post on creative invitations
  26. 26. Get Referrals and Customers
  27. 27. Join Groups
  28. 28. Ask Questions, Interact w/Expertise e
  29. 29. Read the Manual
  31. 31. Met and connected with local AmyChorew w people, po otential clients that live and work in my area Searched by groups, towns, high school and groups towns college to find people to connect Past Custoomer on Facebook connected – one of his friends connected with me and became m client my Attend local facebook events that people post Video Birt thdays to friends and clients
  32. 32. To Reconnect and Co onnect Groups Schools you attended Clubs Other Jobs Local Community W Industry
  33. 33. Editing Profile Edit Profile Your El Y Elevator t Speech
  34. 34. Adding Video is Easy s
  36. 36. Applications
  37. 37. Slideshare
  38. 38. Incorporate Tools you already use u
  39. 39. Linkedin Profile
  40. 40. Join Groups
  41. 41. Create a Badge
  42. 42. Blackberry and Iphone Apps o
  44. 44. 12 Minutes a Day – 1 Hour / Week Connect on Facebook – • Once a day – update your status – write on three people’s walls. le s walls • Resist the temptation t add frivolous to applications that waste precious time. e
  45. 45. 12 Minutes a Day – 1 Hour / Week Connect on Li k di C t Linkedin • Twice a week log in g – Post your status – Search for business pr rofessionals in your local area to connect to. • J i relevants G Join l t Groups • Answer & ppost q questio ons
  46. 46. In your Email Signature a
  47. 47. On your Website
  48. 48. The Human Touch h
  49. 49. Contact me with questions! Amy@ Blog: : Find m on: me • Fac cebook • Linkedin • Twiitter: AmyChorew y