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Bryan Kramer - H2H Secrets to Making Things Crowdworthy, CSWGlobal14


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Presented at Crowdsourcing Week Global 2014 by Bryan Kramer, President & CEO, PureMatter . Join us for CSW Global 2015! More Information: and

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Bryan Kramer - H2H Secrets to Making Things Crowdworthy, CSWGlobal14

  1. 1. #H2H @bryankramer Human to Human #H2H: The Secret to Making Ideas Crowdworthy @bryankramer #H2H
  2. 2. #H2H @bryankramer There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human.
  3. 3. #H2H @bryankramer Context Simplicity Empathy Imperfection
  4. 4. #H2H @bryankramer
  5. 5. #H2H @bryankramer What is a crowd? • As humans, we see ourselves as having membership or non-membership in various social groups • Based on the personal values and morals of a human, they will identify as a member or non-member of an ambiguous crowd. Source: Social identity theory on Wikipedia
  6. 6. #H2H @bryankramer Sharing. Going viral. Word of mouth. Why do crowds make things “catch on”?
  7. 7. #H2H @bryankramer
  8. 8. #H2H @bryankramer The “Social Stadium” The idea is the “disturbance” Social channels are the “medium”
  9. 9. #H2H @bryankramer dark delightful Disruption has 2 sides.
  10. 10. #H2H @bryankramer #SFBatkid
  11. 11. #H2H @bryankramer
  12. 12. #H2H @bryankramer
  13. 13. #H2H @bryankramer
  14. 14. #H2H @bryankramer The facts. Months of planning 11K volunteers Seeded content Reddit > aggregator sites > 70K Likes two weeks before event Metrics: #SFBatKid Obama’s Tweet was RT over 8K times
  15. 15. #H2H @bryankramer #AirBnBHV
  16. 16. #H2H @bryankramer #AirBnBHV “First Short Film Crowdsourced From Vines”
  17. 17. #H2H @bryankramer The facts. Well organized, not rigid Director, storyboards and media plan, but open to creative interpretation. Made their fans the stars Received over 750 Vines in six days. Metrics: #AirBnBHV 322K views on YouTube. Retweet by Ashton Kutcher to 15M followers.
  18. 18. #H2H @bryankramer #WestJetChristmas
  19. 19. #H2H @bryankramer #WestJetChristmas
  20. 20. #H2H @bryankramer Seed Tweet Social validation – including # of views doubled engagement
  21. 21. #H2H @bryankramer The facts. Simple concept How do we show our guests we care? Made it authentic 175 WestJet employees, 250 passengers Metrics: #WestJetChristmas 35M views and 1000% increase in subscribers on YouTube. Over 1M shares on Mashable – a new record.
  22. 22. #H2H @bryankramer Secret #1 Have a simple human concept.
  23. 23. #H2H @bryankramer Secret #2 Have a structured plan.
  24. 24. #H2H @bryankramer Secret #3 Apply the rules of Improv.
  25. 25. #H2H @bryankramer Secret #4 Invite people to the party.
  26. 26. #H2H @bryankramer Business does not have emotion. Humans do. Humans need to connect with something bigger than themselves. Humans just want to be included. Just speak Human to Human: #H2H
  27. 27. #H2H @bryankramer Thank you! #H2H /bryankramer @bryankramer /bryanjkramer
  28. 28. #H2H @bryankramer