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Crowdsourced to Outsourced: How online platforms are shaping the future of work

Crowd work brings great potential benefit to both organizations and workers – but also raises risks and challenges that we must understand and manage.

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Crowdsourced to Outsourced: How online platforms are shaping the future of work

  1. 1. © 99designs, Inc. 1 Crowdsourced toOutsourced Pam Webber – COO, 99designs Howonlineplatformsareshaping thefutureofwork by Asael Varas
  2. 2. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 2 Hi,I’mPam — ▪︎ COO at 99designs ▪︎ Formerly at eBay, PayPal ▪︎ An ecommerce entrepreneur ▪︎ Driven by finding those “aha moments” that shape strategic direction ▪︎ Enjoy chocolate, parenting, and dogs ▪︎ Tweeting (sometimes) @pamwebber_SF
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  4. 4. Wechampioncreativity
  5. 5. Commercial in confidence 5 Findingtherightdesigner
 ishard — by felipe_charria
  6. 6. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 6 by a.n.n.a Beingafreelance designerishard
  7. 7. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 7 10,000+ designers onlineright now $250M+ indesigner earnings by pmo 
 for Davidjpeterson 750,000+ contests 250,000+ projects NPS65 netpromoter score 565K+ happy customers
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  8. 8. © 99designs, Inc. 8 2010 Expandedtothe US,established SanFrancisco, office 2012 Internationalized into7languages andopened Berlinoffice 2008 99designsspun outofSitePoint, pioneerof crowdsourced design 46 employees 14 employees 2011 SeriesAfunding fromAccel–after 3yearsoforganic growth 2018 HQbackto Melbourne;focus ongrowing direct workalongside contests 2019 99designscreates API tointegrateits creativeplatform withpartners like Squarespace Ourjourney —
  9. 9. Howitworks Crowdsourced or outsourced: what’s the difference?
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  16. 16. © 99designs, Inc. 16 Ourglobaldesigner community
 – ▪︎ 10,000 designers online at any time ▪︎ A new design is uploaded every 2 seconds ▪︎ Designers from 192 countries
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  18. 18. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 18 Freelancingisaspirational – ▪︎ In our recent survey of 10,000 freelancer designers, this was clear. ▪︎ Only 5% of designers said they freelance because they can’t find other work. Designers on 99designs like to work as digital nomads
  19. 19. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 19 1 Personalflexibility — 
 42% of freelance designers say that their number one motivation for freelancing is flexibility. 2 Creativefreedom — 
 The second biggest motivation for freelancing is creative freedom. 3
 Additionalincome — 
 Another reason for freelancing is the opportunity to boost earning potential - most often in addition to a day job in design.
  20. 20. © 99designs, Inc. 20 Onlineplatformsamplify thebenefitsoffreelancing – ▪︎ Online platforms are the #1 source of new client leads for more than half of freelance designers ▪︎ Platforms like 99designs democratize access to creative work: ▪︎ Majority of freelancers (over 70%) live outside of main metro cities ▪︎ More than 80% of designers work with clients outside of their own time zone ▪︎ Just 8% of freelancers work primarily between 9am and 5pm by Spoonlancer
  21. 21. Howonlineplatformsareshaping thefutureofwork An evolution
  22. 22. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 22 Howtodefine“thefutureofwork” — by Marhahering 1. Globally,morepeoplearefreelancingthanever before,resultinginalargermoreflexible,skilled laborpool
 2. Peoplearechangingjobsandcareersmoreoften thananypreviousgeneration
 3. Theworkforceismoreyouthful:injustfiveyears, 75%oftheworld’sworkforcewillbemillennials oryounger
  23. 23. © 99designs, Inc. 23 Onlineplatformschangedthegame — Onlineplatformshaveincreasedconnectivityand ultimatelytransformedthewaywework.
 Many of the things we see on 99designs are reflected in the workforce at large: ▪︎ Speed and connectivity have made the world smaller - online platforms mobilized a global workforce ▪︎ Most of the current workforce are digital natives by Spoonlancer
  24. 24. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 24 Businesses and organizations of all sizes have made significant gains by leveraging online platforms (and crowdsourcing in particular) across a variety of functions.
 For example ▪︎ Data collection ▪︎ Filling resource or knowledge gaps in teams ▪︎ Scalability ▪︎ Increased consumer engagement ▪︎ Boosting creativity Benefitsofcrowdsourcingand platformwork — by hadynoody
  25. 25. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 25 #BILLIExADOBE Adobe partnered with Billie Eilish to engage with Gen Z creators through a competition Creativityandengagement via competition winner @millwizard
  26. 26. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 26 Creativityandengagement Via Adam Martin Via Holly Reynolds Via Tahlia Preece (top) and Liam Proniewicz (bottom) More than 1000 entries were submitted and the final curated artwork is being rolled out as part of a national marketing campaign
  27. 27. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 27 Lisa Sanders, a physician and professor of medicine at Yale turned to the public to help solve undiagnosed illnesses. Datacollection via Netflix
  28. 28. © 99designs, Inc.Commercial in confidence 28 Crowdsourcing for conservation: USFWS and researchers around the country tap app users to source valuable data about at-risk species. Dataandknowledgegaps via Wendy Malone / USFWS
  29. 29. 29 by BAGRENITZA by KYLAR by Wild Republicby Queenzha Creativityandengagement
  30. 30. © 99designs, Inc. 30 Predictingfuturetrends — Online platforms and tools will continue to disrupt and enhance the future of work ▪︎ Online platforms create fairer access to work in our global economy ▪︎ Access to globally distributed talent unlocks creative diversity, opening up unparalleled possibilities for innovation ▪︎ Remote teams can reduce the environmental impact of work by Zarina Gafarova