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Is #Pinterest more Viral than Twitter?


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How #Pinterest overtook Twitter.. Fact? or Hype? Take a tour of the arguments put forward by Social Media heavyweights like Susan Bogs, Daniel Berckenkamp, Dr John Elcik, etc... as often in Social Media, the 'Matrix' is deeper than you thought...
All of it compiled by Hermann Djoumessi, #CM, Community Manager #PARIS CM#, #CMDAYS

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Is #Pinterest more Viral than Twitter?

  1. 1. #IS PINTEREST MORE VIRAL THAN TWITTER? Hermann Djoumessi, MA Freelance Community Manager, #CM #CMDAYS Borderline Creatives / HOOTSUITE Partner Program
  2. 2. >> However the discussion veered away from the ‘Viral’ issue to another underlying topic .. WE HAVE POSTED THE QUESTION TO SEVERAL SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS VIA THE EXCHANGE PLATFORM #MOSAIC HUB. We synthesized the answers from 19 of them, coming from all over the web, here:
  3. 3. SUSAN BOGS a top Business strategist @ Coxium Business Consulting Chicago (USA) threw the gauntlet, by putting aside the question and decided to focus rather on the ‘Mainstream’ aspect of #Pinterest : > What is the most important element? "It may or may not be relevant to consider a social network as 'Mainstream', especially when governmental organizations do join a social network.” #Mainst ream #CAC40 NASDAQ, DOW JONES,.. #Gouver nement
  4. 4. However, it is clear that there are already some "big" government entities on #Pinterest. Examples include: + The US Library of Congress> + The National Archives> + 11 California State Divisions> #Congress #CAC40 NASDAQ, DOW JONES,.. #California
  5. 5. The White House> As far she’s concerned, depending on your target market, Pinterest is already providing a quality service to the public and its platform has the necessary virality to boot too! Whether it is ‘Mainstream’ is irrelevant, since it is already behaving like a ‘Mainstream’ network… > "Any company would benefit from #Pinterest strategy" she concludes. > The strength of her argument is something to command as she follows up with another point. #White House #Social Media #Big Society
  6. 6. “It is even the basic difference between a social network and a Social Media that manages to make its own virality, through its community.” > The jury is still out as to whether #Pinterest will become a better tool for conversation and exchange. Will it insert video content? > Vine? It will need to start monetizing its channels too; This, without alienating its core community, of course. #Entreprise #Viral#Média
  7. 7. DANIEL BERCKENKAMP a Dutch web entrepreneur, does not believe that ‘Blue chips’ company nor the presence of government profiles do affect the value or the virality of a social network. > For Daniel, it's purely a problem of metrics, engagement, and the ever increasing number of profiles: #Metrics #Stats#Numerics
  8. 8. " A pure numerical definition" > His approach is similar to those who simply trust the growing number of profiles and engagement, as the best judge for the virality of a social media. #Numerical #Stats#Profils
  9. 9. The DR JOHN ELCIK, also known as the 'Pragmatic Web Designer @ IdentityXperts (USA), which is also the inspiration behind this post, shines a different light. J. Elcik thinks beyond the numbers and metrics offered by the #Pinterest community: #Leverage #Firme #Start- Up
  10. 10. "The start-up that won the TechCrunch Crunchies awards in 2011 managed to 'Leverage’ its community. Reaching the 12 million daily visits milestone... ... With a 90% female audience and an average consumption time of 98 minutes per month.. “ It seems that #Pinterest has largely reached its goal, set at the time of its inception in 2010! #Crunchies #Féminin#2010
  11. 11. >> There is no doubt, Pinterest has managed its transition from Start-Up to the overall firm ' For Dr. John Elcik, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that allows users to organize and share things they find on the web. ” > Consider the 'Social Web' terminated the 'web 2.0', which was the Web of the information superhighway and data transport. #Global #Bookmark ing#Start-Up
  12. 12. > Let’s consider too that the ‘Social web’ is the web of the ‘Cloud’ and the ’Conversational space or Eco-system’. Lastly, consider the turning point as being the ‘Arab revolutions’, also known as the ‘Facebook Revolutions’ in 2011 > The ‘Social web’ has turned into an ever expanding space where ideas and conversations are being shared, clashed and acted upon on a global scale #Conversation #Social web #Web 2.0
  13. 13. > Consider then, that when referencing those conversations, you had to use tools like #Pinterest for your images, videos for Youtube, Facebook for your friends and groups, Twitter for your Live information, etc ... #Youtube #Facebook #Informat ion
  14. 14. > You will then understand the influence #Pinterest have in this new social web configuration where Dr Elcik, even predicts the end of the SEO-dominant model of #Google, as we have seen it in the last decade: > "I am more skeptical when it comes to the value of the optimization of search engines!" @Google? #Viral #Content is King!
  15. 15. > Dr Elcik adds: - "If I organize and present my documents appropriately for users, regardless of whether the same documents can be found elsewhere on the web. The content does not need to be unique to be king. I know that, and Pinterest proves it! " @Google? #Viral #Content is King!
  16. 16. THIS IS CONFIRMED BY MARTIN ENDARA, DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTOR @ MARTIN ENDARA (QUITO ECUADOR): "Mainstream? Yes I believe so! This is already the fastest growing social media in history! I have been on #Pinterest since its 'Beta' release and it keeps on producing amazing conversions stats ! » .
  17. 17. Martin Endara, Digital Marketing consultor @ Martin Endara (Quito Equateur) : > Martin agrees that the model of unique content Google has been championing over the years, has already exploded while #Pinterest and others, are already at the forefront of a new development !
  18. 18. « We will finish by saying that as often with Social Media, it is all about THE 'trend’.. > Meaning, you are ‘probably right’, as long as you have ascending curves and metrics to back your argument ' ... Once the curves go down, the ‘experts’ will often struggle to follow your point. Hermann Djoumessi, Freelance Online Community Manager
  19. 19. Hermann Djoumessi, Freelance Online Community Manager + Hermann Djoumessi est Freelance Online community manager pour Borderline Creatives. + CO-organizer du #PARIS CM# Meet-up (350 membres) et du #CMDAYS Paris (5000 membres) + Membre du #Hootsuite Partner Program + Twitter: (14 000) >> @borderlinetv + Website: + Intervenant à l’ESAM Paris (European School for Advanced Management) > Nevertheless, beyond the positive curves, we believe that #Pinterest as a network, opens the ‘Pandora box’ on SEO (or SMO) within the ‘Social web’. Changes are coming… > For sure, the ‘conversational web’ will be asking serious questions to #Google’s model, in the near future ... HD.
  20. 20. #PINTEREST PLUS VIRAL QUE TWITTER? Hermann Djoumessi, MA Freelance Community Manager, #CM #CMDAYS Borderline Creatives / HOOTSUITE Partner Program