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Lionel Slusny - Crowdfunding for the 21st Century, CSWGlobal14


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Presented at Crowdsourcing Week Global 2014 by Lionel Slusny, Executive Consultant, LOFT Solutions. Join us for CSW Global 2015! More Information: and

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Lionel Slusny - Crowdfunding for the 21st Century, CSWGlobal14

  1. 1. Crowdsourcing Week Global Singapore 2014 « Crowdfunding for the 21st Century » Lionel Slusny - Loft Solutions Consulting for Crowdfunding since 2006 Twitter : lslusny
  2. 2. We cannot connect the dots looking forward, we can only connect them looking backward
  3. 3. Why does crowdfunding exist ?  Internet  Economic and Social crisis (imbalance of revenues, investment capabilities and investment returns)  Crowdsourcing  Success stories : Kiva, Zopa, Lending Club , …  Prominent individuals embracing it (Elon Musk, John Mack (CS former CEO), François Hollande (France Republic President),...)  More importantly, a combination of factors that makes it possible
  4. 4. Craving crowds for greater investment transparency The Crowds crave for greater investment transparency : They want to know what they invest in and they want feedback – E.g. crowdfunding replaces investments in « Sustainable » funds with only large caps (?!)
  5. 5. Crowdfunding is more than finance  Social connections  Investment opportunities for companies  Support & Professional services  It is about people…  Role of Crowdsourcing
  6. 6. Crowdfunding platforms manage permanent imbalances  Role of Banks and financial markets Investor’s Funding Project opportunities
  7. 7. Trends in Crowdfunding are lightning bolt  Growth of specific crowdfunding types – Credit crowdfunding / p2p lending (largest in terms of volumes)  Growth of specific crowdfunding industries – Real Estate crowdfunding – Gaming – Connected devices …
  8. 8. Crowdsourcing vs. Crowdfunding ?  Global vs. Local  Crowdsourcing enables resources holders to connect globally to resources requirers – The same is true for Crowdfunding  But knowledge and risk management are most important factors in Crowdfunding – Result is the vast majority of transactions happen locally or within close communities (potentially online)  Combined models yet need to emerge.
  9. 9. On the importance of IT and Data  Crowdfunding is heavily relying on IT  Transparency and investors information is only as good as the inputs provided by the platforms and entrepreneurs  APIs structures are key going forward
  10. 10. Crowdfunding is a challenge to the Nations  Too costly for single Nations to re-define entire regulations for the purpose of crowdfunding – And too costly in terms of cost of opportunity, since larger market and Nations will quickly acquire a competitive advantage (e.g. UK, US, Singapore…), very difficult to catch up later on  In Europe, coordinated action is yet to be seen – Actions should include incentive for crowdfunding platforms and more generally entrepreneurship finance support
  11. 11. Crowdfunding platform need to become the Facebooks of project investment  The crowdfunding platforms need more crowdsourcing, more input from the crowd  They need more services and partnerships from established network of partners  They need innovative ways to raise money and to communicate about their investment opportunities  They need new ways to tap into the crowd, not just for money but for their knowledge, social networks and intangible assets
  12. 12. Thank You ! Crowdfunding Solutions & Partners
  13. 13. Contacts Phone : +33 9 70 46 70 90 Founding Member of the European Crowdfunding Network AISBL (Brussels) Crowdfunding Solutions & Partners