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Core + Crowd: Why (and how) crowdsourcing is about to become mainstream


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What is, indeed, Crowdsourcing and how it is inevitable.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Core + Crowd: Why (and how) crowdsourcing is about to become mainstream

  1. 1. Core + Crowd: Why (and how) Crowdsourcing is about to become mainstream 1
  2. 2. Agenda 1. State of crowdsourcing today 2. A brief history of crowdsourcing 3. Crowd 2.0 – making crowd mainstream 4. Bonus Topics (Q&A welcome throughout) 2019-09-26 4
  3. 3. June 26, 2017 – milestone for mainstream adoption of businesses using the crowd
  4. 4. Old Way: Core only Trust boundary – closed – work in secret Secrecy & trust closed system Core Team Core Team New Way – Core + Crowd Social Connections Opt-ins New prospects Job Seekers ‘The Crowd’ Your Crowd Engaged Crowd Engaged Personal & Trusted Crowd Increasing Crowd Engagement LevelVS Consumers Secure, private, trust, expertise ‘New idea = bad idea’ immune system 2019-09-26 6
  5. 5. How Crowdsourcing Works Organization has a problem Organization broadcasts as an open call The crowd submits solutions The crowd and organization vet solutions Organization rewards winning solvers
  6. 6. What is Crowdsourcing? Goal driven Open Structured Self-selecting Self-motivating Self-organizing Self-managing Self-reporting 2019-09-26 8
  7. 7. HeroX = Crowdsourcing Knowledge Work New Ideas Advice Content Recruiting Prototypes Coding Creative thinking Visual design Technical design Social interaction Moderation Sourcing Translation Intelligence Data science Research Advertising Marketing Testing Writing Experiments Chemistry Entrepreneurship Security/hacking A.I. Consulting Legal advice Reporting Engineering Social activism Fundraising Training/teaching Coaching Accounting Problem-solving Data entry
  8. 8. Crowdsourcing is Everywhere
  9. 9. Crowdsourcing is Everywhere 11
  10. 10. Crowdsourcing is Everywhere
  11. 11. Crowdsourcing is Everywhere
  12. 12. Crowdsourcing is Everywhere
  13. 13. Crowdsourcing is Everywhere
  14. 14. Crowdsourcing is Everywhere
  15. 15. 20
  16. 16. The average half-life of a business competency has dropped from 30 years in 1984 to 5 years in 2014 – John Seely Brown Desperate to escape the fate of
  17. 17. 2019-09-26 22
  18. 18. 23
  19. 19. “Problems trickle up to the CEO’s office when the answer is not in the building.” The Organizational Innovation Paradox
  20. 20. Google’s Pillars of Innovation 31
  21. 21. Generations Defined “Demographics explains two-thirds of everything.” – Economist David Foot
  22. 22. Crowd 2.0 makes crowdsourcing social each brand attracts and engages with their customized crowd Historical Crowdsourcing  vertical focus (i.e. data science)  paid to access community  standardized incentive model  impersonal & transactional Crowd 2.0  social network / open graph  open access / pay for success  customizable gamification  personalized & social
  23. 23. The Future Workforce Model Core Team Freelancers Crowd Software/AI/Robotics Engagement Career Contractual Incentivized API Compensation Model Traditional Track time or production Goal Pay for success Supply/demand market Demonetized Common Use-cases Leadership Crisis Mgmt./Bus. Continuity Relationship Management Core Competencies Specialized Skills Variable supply/demand Self-selecting Self-organizing Flash scale Data intensive Predictive analytics Repetitive processing Risk Tolerance Very Low Low High N/A* Innovation capability Improvement / Incremental Optimize / Additive Breakthrough / Transformational Algorithmic Future Trends Change management Integration High-quality, tightly integrated High Variability Experimental Autonomous Procedural Gamified Repetitive processes, Quantitative analysis
  24. 24. 2019-09-26 36
  25. 25. 37
  26. 26. What is HeroX? A social network where organizations build their own crowd 2019-09-26 44 For Organizations Tap the collective genius of 3 billion humans with: no managing and pay-for-success For Individuals A global market of projects to express your talents, passions & goals with no gatekeepers, bias or discrimination