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Fhs dpd session1


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Fhs dpd session1

  1. 1. #FHSDpd Social Media: Session 1 Introduction to Social Media Beth Phillips Francis Howell North @bramach
  2. 2. Agenda for the session • Why it is important to have a social media presence. • Social media misconceptions. • Overview of social media sites and how to use them. • Start to build a presence. • Time to set up accounts and work. #FHSDpd @bramac
  3. 3. Why is it good to be on social media? • Integral part of current media landscape. – #Election2012, #Olympics, #Sandy • It is good to try new things out before making a judgment. • We need to be on social media to set a good example for our students. • It is a good place to learn and stay current. • It is a chance to connect with peers #FHSDpd and other people all over the country and @bramac world.
  4. 4. Gotta Share! The Musical • TED Talk: Gotta Share #FHSDpd @bramac
  5. 5. Misconceptions about social media • “I don’t want people to find out bad things about me.” – You control your own message, so don’t put bad things out there. • “If I am not on there, people won’t talk about me.” – You can’t control what others do whether you are on it or not. • “It is just all about that Bob ate Taco Bell for lunch.” – Most of it is not that. Plus, you don’t have to follow the “Bobs” of social media. • “Social media only brings trouble.” – It is just like anything else, there is good and bad. You can choose to focus on the good. #FHSDpd @bramac
  6. 6. Power of Social Media • Cory Booker and Sandy • When news broke that the Del Taco in midtown St. Louis, known for its saucer shape, was to be demolished, a social media storm broke out in St. Louis. Even Mayor Slay got on the Twitter bandwagon with it. – River Front Times Article – June 22, 2011 is when the FB group started by June 24 they had 10,000 signatures on a petition to keep it open. #FHSDpd @bramac
  7. 7. Why we need to be there for students • The Voice of the Active Learner
  8. 8. My PLN • People I have met Teachers Professionals • People I have not met
  9. 9. My personal examples • #runningondeadlin e • Have connected with journalism teachers all over country. • Yes we run in real life too.
  10. 10. Sharing is key
  11. 11. More Sharing
  12. 12. More sharing
  13. 13. 5 tips I follow • • • • • Be Nice. Listen. Be social. Have a voice. Think before posting. These are guidelines I like to follow, but there is not exact one way to do social media successfully. #FHSDpd @bramac
  14. 14. Your message • People are going to take away a message from you no matter what. Social media gives you the power to give them the message you want them to take away. #FHSDpd @bramac
  15. 15. Popular social media sites • • • • • Twitter Facebook Pinterest Tumblr/blogs Google + #FHSDpd @bramac
  16. 16. Social media and #Election2012 • Twitter:
  17. 17. Social media and #Election2012
  18. 18. Social media and #Election2012
  19. 19. • SNL social media clip • Twitter Gov • Twitter Political index
  20. 20. Twitter • More simple and streamlined then Facebook. • More freedom of who you can follow. • The ultimate network. • Less is more. #FHSDpd @bramac
  21. 21. Twitter • Main Idea – – – – Every tweet is a max of 140 characters Interaction is important (@replies and RT – retweets) Use link shorteners like or # hastags make it easy to follow specific people or events, like #Election2012. • When you sign up for a username, you want to keep it as short and simple as possible, so when people @ reply you or RT you, the name doesn’t take up too many characters. • Start by following people who are interested in some of the same things you are. – For example: education, football, cooking, photography… #FHSDpd @bramac
  22. 22. There are a lot of people to follow @barackobama 21,717,187 followers @MLB 2,501,713 followers @NYtimes 6,632,190 followers @breakingnews If it is news, it is here. @mashable Best place for tech news. @weatherbird Post-Dispatch Ambassador @darthvader 421,037 followers @Ladygaga 30,925,201 followers #FHSDpd @bramac
  23. 23. – Your home feed #FHSDpd @bramac
  24. 24. – Your profile #FHSDpd @bramac
  25. 25. Hootsuite
  26. 26. Facebook • • • • More in depth than Twitter. Can create events and groups. Photo albums Longer Posts #FHSDpd @bramac
  27. 27. Facebook Profile Page vs #FHSDpd @bramac
  28. 28. Pinterest • Main Idea: – Visually organize your ideas – Create boards to organize your interest – Pin pictures, videos or URLs on your boards – Visual way to organize your bookmarks • Very sharing community #FHSDpd @bramac
  29. 29. Pinterest – Your Feed
  30. 30. Pinterest – Your Profile
  31. 31. Find people to follow • • • • Google it Follow people your friends follow What are you interested in? #FHSDpd @bramac
  32. 32. For Session 2 • In the next two weeks, login to your social media site of choice consistently. (this is going to vary depending on your time constraints) Become familiar with the site. Start posting a little, and try to find interesting people to follow. • Next time we will talk more about developing a Professional Learning Network.