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Yokogawa CENTUM VP Process Control and Automation Platform


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CENTUM VP has a simple & common architecture consisting of human machine interfaces, field control stations, and a control network. It supports not only continuous and batch process control but also manufacturing operations management.

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Yokogawa CENTUM VP Process Control and Automation Platform

  1. 1. Bulletin 33J01A10-01EN The core platform for Yokogawa’s VigilantPlant® Solutions CENTUM VP Integrated Production Control System Overview
  2. 2. F-BUS (250 Kbps) HF-BUS (1 Mbps) V net (10 Mbps) CENTUM 1975 CENTUM CS 1993 CENTUM CS 3000 CENTUM VP 1998 CENTUM CS 3000 R3 2001 2005 2008 CENTUM VP R5 2011 CENTUM V 1983 CENTUM-XL 1988 Vnet/IP (1 Gbps) 2014 CENTUM VP R6 Nearly 40 years and still countingCENTUM history Yokogawa has maintained exclusive ownership of CENTUM development throughout the history of this product series. The upgrade path for each legacy system is always taken into consideration before a new version is released. Yokogawa's commitment VigilantPlant is Yokogawa's vision for the ideal plant. Our vision is for a plant to be a place where people can be watchful and attentive, while the business responds quickly and effectively to change. Non-stop production is assured as the plant's personnel confidently expand their capabilities. In such a well managed plant, it is possible to plan for the future and make the kind of changes needed to optimize every aspect of its operations. It keeps evolving in response to changing needs. Yokogawa’s system platforms combined with its proven execution experience provide the highest quality and the most innovative solutions for secure and optimized process automation and management. Yokogawa’s global customer centric focus together with strong local support reduces users’ business risks and provides the lowest total cost of ownership. With a long history of progressive compatibility, Yokogawa is your dependable automation partner. Is your plant silent and boring? “A well managed plant is silent and boring.”- Peter. F. Drucker 02 03
  3. 3. CENTUM VP ushers in an operating environment that keeps everyone fully aware, well informed, and ready to face the next challenge. The Automation Design Suite, Yokogawa's new engineering environment, is designed for faster and more flexible engineering. This radical innovation ensures a standardized and consistent engineering framework, thereby maintaining data integrity and facilitating management of change. It streamlines engineering workflow, eliminates redundant work and increases reusability. A common interface for control, safety, and asset intelligence provides operators with all the relevant information to aid in decision-making. This together with embedded mechanisms such as our Consolidated Alarm Management Software (CAMS) prevents information overload and ensures safe and unified plant operation. Versatile and Efficient Engineering Intuitive and Integrated Operation N-IO (Network I/O), the next-generation software configurable smart I/O, reduces footprint, lowers marshalling costs and allows flexible I/O binding. Matched with the FieldMate Validator, our commissioning tool, this allows for significantly faster project completion and reduced costs without compromising on quality. Improved Project Execution and Reduced Cost High Performance and Dependable Control Yokogawa provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to plant lifecycle management. With online upgrades and modifications, step-by-step migration paths, in-depth security solutions and a wide array of lifecycle services, we make sure that our customers get the most out of their investment. Continuous Evolution and Long-term Investment Protection 99.99999% availability is a CENTUM hallmark that provides unmatched reliability for plant control. The powerful Field Control Station (FCS) coupled with the Vnet/IP high-speed network not only ensures high-capacity processing but also secure and reliable communication. Advantages 04 05
  4. 4. True Integration of Production Excellence, Safety Excellence and Asset Excellence CENTUM VP achieves the Operational Excellence that is the focus of Yokogawa’s Production Excellence, Safety Excellence and Asset Excellence initiatives. It offers integrated viewing and data handling functions. For example, alarms from the ProSafe-RS Safety Instrumented System and Plant Resource Manager, Yokogawa’s Asset Management product, can be seen and handled seamlessly in the Human Interface Station (HIS). Easy to operate with clear visibility Dedicated Operation Keyboard Software Suites Consolidated Alarm Management Plant Asset Management System message banner Yokogawa offers an intuitive and easy-to-understand HMI environment for plant operation and monitoring, which is the result of vast experience with CENTUM systems in operation. Flexibility in displaying operation windows and monitors helps in adapting to various aspects of operation needs. CENTUM VP provides easy-to understand graphics based on the ergonomics and knowledge engineering. For instance, data displays are provided with high visibility that enables intuitive awareness of the situation. The use of colors considers the best contrast and environments of the central control room and the configuration of the displays integrates the knowhow of experienced operators. With all these functions, CENTUM VP enables operators to make quick and accurate decisions during operations and contributes to improve operation efficiency. Consolidated Alarm Management Software (CAMS) helps customers avoid safety and environmental incidents that can be caused by alarm flooding. It also enables customers to improve operational efficiency under normal conditions, freeing operators from having to perform tedious repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on true process concerns. CAMS supports Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) for alarm management based on the latest EEMUA #191 alarm management guideline. It provides additional useful tools such as graphical historical data analysis and automatic alarm reduction. Sequence of event management functions are also included. With PRM (Plant Resource Manager) and intelligent field devices, operators and maintenance personnel can monitor the condition of plant assets remotely. Plant Resource Manager's diagnostic functions detect early signs of performance deterioration such as valve sticking and impulse line blocking. By helping curtail excessive preventive maintenance and enabling higher level predictive and proactive maintenance, Plant Resource Manager opens the way to asset predictability. Optimized allocations of the function keys and buttons enable operators to call up or switch graphics and control loops by pressing a single key. Two types, a single-loop and an eight-loop simultaneous operation keyboards, are provided giving users the ability to react quickly to process conditions. Continuously displays the latest alarm messages, keeping operators up to date on process conditions. Browser bar Contains navigation tools for the convenience of operators, frequently-used icons can be grouped in a My Favorites folder. Window history Lists the previous operational displays. Operators can quickly call up previously-used graphics windows. AOG Solution The AOG (Advanced Operating Graphics) solution is a consulting service provided to help design PCS (Process Control System) graphics based on human factors engineering and knowledge engineering. AOG provides intuitive situation awareness through ergonomic design, looking at factors such as color selection, layout, and visual function. Certified consultants conduct a task analysis of plant operations and the result is reflected in the graphics design. The GUIs can enhance safety and productivity by early detection of abnormal situations, quicker decision making, reduction of errors, less-stressed operators, and translating operator skills into explicit knowledge. All plant process data and device data are handled by CENTUM VP. CENTUM VP's versatile architecture covers not only continuous and batch process control but also manufacturing operations management. A wider variety of software suites for automation solutions is available. Operation 06 07
  5. 5. Control network I/O network I/O network Yokogawa’s CENTUM series achieves high availability thanks to a dual-redundant design, online maintenance capability, and other advanced features. The FCS processor module, power supply, I/O modules, and I/O networks are all dual redundant. Active and stand-by processor modules work in synchronization: even if a failure occurs, control switches over seamlessly to the stand-by module and the FCS continues running. Failed modules can be replaced online, ensuring that not even a hardware failure will interfere with plant operation. Ensuring the Highest Availability and Reliability The CENTUM series employs a pair & spare architecture that improves the stability of process control. Each processor module has redundant CPUs that execute the same computations simultaneously. Their outputs are constantly compared and a bump-less switchover to the stand-by processor module is initiated if any anomalies caused by electronic noise or other phenomena are detected. This minimizes the likelihood that CPU hardware faults will have any impact on process control. The HIS runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems platforms and offers customers the convenience of using commercial-off-the-shelf hardware. Although the reliability of a PC is relatively low, it does not affect the total reliability of the process operator function. As the HIS is not server-client dependent, multiple HISs provide independent backup such that there is no single point of failure. Through an online maintenance function, FCS applications can be modified without shutting down the FCSs. It means, you can change logics and parameters without interrupting the process control. This is useful for expansion or modification of the plant in operation. Yokogawa has a long history of delivering stable and high quality CENTUM systems. The CENTUM VP controller features outstanding processing performance and a large application storage capacity, yet inherits the same quality and stability that are the hallmark of the CENTUM series. It has been optimized to take full advantage of advances in field digital technology that will help plants operate with increased efficiency and stability. The state-of-the-art Field Control Station (FCS) Designed for Stable Control Online Maintenance The CENTUM VP provides functional blocks for monitoring, control, manipulations, calculations, logic functions, and sequences. Not only continuous control but also advanced control, complicated sequence control, and batch control are all executed in a redundant, secure, and reliable controller environment. Plant systems can be flexibly designed, ranging from small-to-large-scale, through the combination of these control blocks. Yokogawa's Vnet/IP provides open, reliable, and real-time broadband communications, which enables the use of commercial off-the-shelf technology that help reduce costs. The open c o m m u n i c a t i o n d o e s n o t a f f e c t p r o c e s s c o n t r o l d a t a communications nor does it impact the performance and security aspect of the control communications. The Yokogawa system guarantees data updates every second in the HIS, regardless of project size or complexity. Wide variety of Function Blocks N-IO (Network I/O) : Ultimate flexibility 1 Gbit, World’s Fastest Open Control Network No Single Point of Failure Baseplate Universal I/O Module • 16 Channels I/O • Signal: AI/AO/DI/DO • Software Configurable • HART 7 Support • Full Redundancy Adapter • Built-in Signal Conditioner • Single point integrity • Through, Pulse, Multi types of DI and DO, etc. Termination Block N-IO reduces footprint, lowers marshalling costs and allows flexible I/O assignment. Universal I/O and Software Marshalling N-IO has AI/AO/DI/DO in each I/O channel. Each I/O channel can be changed to other I/O types by software programming. Adapter (Built-in Signal Conditioner) N-IO implements a wide variety of built-in signal conditioners on its baseplate. In most cases, there is no need to prepare external signal conditioning or the additional space this requires. Redundancy The same N-IO baseplate supports both single and dual redundant formations, eliminating the need for multiple hardware/software vendors when implementing redundancy. I.S. Barriers The N-IO baseplate supports Intrinsically Safe I/O barriers. CENTUM : the DCS solution with an incredibly high 99.99999% availability! I/O Network Control 08 09
  6. 6. Yokogawa accelerates plant startup and Ensures sustainable performance The Automation Design Suite - Improving Quality, Reducing Complexity and Enhancing Productivity Yokogawa paves way for a new engineering paradigm for the next-generation. It is not uncommon for a project to experience backsliding and significant rework, all of which affects the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Yokogawa's engineering prevents these inefficiencies and ensures our customers reap all these benefits throughout a plant’s lifecycle. Yokogawa provides smart engineering thanks to three innovative products. ● Automation Design Suite, Yokogawa’s engineering environment ● N-IO (The Network I/O), Yokogawa’s software configurable smart I/O ● FieldMate Validator, Yokogawa’s commissioning tool for N-IO The Automation Design Suite adopts a Modular approach to automation design and execution, where process loops, alarm design philosophy, graphics and more are deployed as design patterns: downloaded, shared and re-used as standards across the enterprise, saving time and resources. Yokogawa leverages its long history and vast expertise in process automation, with standardized, industry proven engineering modules available that span a broad range of processes and functions for production, safety and asset excellence. After the DCS is sent to a site, design changes often happen due to physical restrictions of implementation or inadvertent miscalculations and these changes can significantly affect the project schedule. And shortening the term of a project is an everpresent challenge. Flexible I/O binding, Yokogawa’s improved late I/O binding solution, helps overcome these customer challenges. The Automation Design Suite, Yokogawa's new engineering environment, retains the entire engineering history of your plant from design phase, through commissioning and live operation; which ensures up-to-date plant knowledge with every expansion, or hardware and software change throughout your lifecycle. The flexible I/O binding facilitates simple and hassle-free I/O binding. This is made possible by software marshaling and the N-IO’s universal channels. The type of I/O and the interconnection between the I/O module and the controller can be modified remotely which significantly absorbs the impact of last-minute I/O changes. Furthermore, the flexible I/O binding achieves early delivery of I/O cabinets to the site, and problems can be found and fixed on-site at a very early stage. Flexible I/O Binding – ensuring project execution excellence Reducing the Risks to Scheduled Project Delivery The flexible I/O binding shortens duration of a project. After I/O design is fixed, application engineering and hardware engineering can progress independently and parallel. This is made possible by System Independent Loop Commissioning. System Independent Loop Commissioning project capability utilizes Yokogawa's FieldMate Validator, an innovative tool allowing the field testing and validation of N-IO without requiring a deployed system. Early Start-up Module Based Engineering The Automation Design Suite is more than the ‘As built’ specification of your plant… It provides dynamic management of design, investment and project effectiveness by auditing and versioning engineering changes, and facilitating effective engineering through ModPacks (Modification Packages). Management of Change and Resources Design SATConfiguration Application & HW FAT Ship & Install Field wiring Early Start-up Reducing risks to scheduled project delivery Improving quality, Reducing complexity and Enhancing productivity Conventional Engineering Yokogawa’s Engineering Dependency Analyze Authorization Recording changes through out the plant lifecycle Control Alarm Design HW/SW Config Documents Control Alarm Design HW/SW Config Documents Check-in Approve Validate Change Check-out Modification Package Modification Package Database Design SATConfiguration Manufacturing & HW FAT Application FAT Ship & wiring Loop Validation Automation Design Suite effects N-IO effects FieldMate Validator effects This serves to maintain project schedules by reducing the delays and the engineering impact of late design changes or scope changes. The Automation Design Suite also auto-documents and checks inconsistencies in project activity and software resources, removing the pain from project management, and significantly reducing project risk. Yokogawa’s vast and in-depth engineering experience coupled with CENTUM’s rich history guarantees unparalleled project execution. Engineering 10 11
  7. 7. Yokogawa is committed to sustaining your business With vast experience in maintenance technology and an extensive support structure, Yokogawa maintains the reliability and availability of the control system throughout a plant's lifecycle. Yokogawa’s services for plants lifecycle Yokogawa provides operational solutions and optimization of the maintenance plan as well as overall cost through our three introductory steps that include Opportunity Identification Services, Solution Implementation Services and Lifecycle Effectiveness Services. Step1 Step2 Opportunity Identification ServicesTM Solution Implementation ServicesTM Security Robust Cyber-Security Endpoint Security Service We are in a new age of controlling security risks. The spread of malware and a rise in increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks are causing even more serious damage. The threat of cyber-security risks extends beyond information technology systems and into control systems. The use of information technology systems has advanced control systems and helped reduce costs and provide more functions. However, we now need to tackle the associated security risks. Yokogawa provides an effective security service in response to the customer’s requests and operational conditions. USB Port Lock Service, Unauthorized Program Countermeasure Service, Security Information Service, etc. are available. The Anti-virus software and the white listing software are provided by Yokogawa. Yokogawa evaluates the effectiveness of a customer’s system with periodical inspection, environmental diagnosis, deterioration diagnosis and maintenance histories and identifies issues that require improvement to avoid risks. Based on objective data, Yokogawa proposes optimum lifecycle maintenance plans and conducts measures based on the plan. Also, we analyze system utilizations such as controllability, alarm, HMI etc. quantitatively and identify new opportunities for improvement. Preventive Maintenance to sustain high availability Prompt Recovery in case of emergency Yokogawa provides maintenance operations based on the plant lifecycle plan for the purpose of sustaining the system’s functions and overall effectiveness. Provide periodical inspections and parts replacement, improve system reliability and availability. (MTBF Improvement) Yokogawa Global Response Center and our worldwide network provides prompt recovery 24/7 with the effective utilization of remote maintenance technology. (MTTR Reduction) Yokogawa prevents data corruption and inconsistency by providing software backup services. Also, our security service protects the customer system from virus infection and data tampering. Yokogawa advocates the concept of Advanced Decision Support (ADS) which enabling operators quick and accurate decision making in plant operation and improving plant safety and productivity. The following services are provided based on the international standards under the ADS concept. * ISA-18.2 based design consulting for alarm management * ISA-101 based design consulting for HMI * ISA-106 based design consulting for procedure automation Integrity / Security sustainment Operation Optimization Step3 Lifecycle Effectiveness ServicesTM Yokogawa periodically reviews the customer lifecycle plan and verifies the effectiveness of maintenance and improvements. CENTUM VP has obtained the ISASecure® Embedded Device Security Assurance (EDSA) certification. ISASecure EDSA 2010.1 Level 1 TM Certification number : CSSC-C00001 CENTUM VP R5.03.00 / Vnet/IP Firmware R18 CENTUM VP field control unit has obtained the ISASecure® Embedded Device Security Assurance (EDSA) certification from the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI). The certification was obtained through a process that involved an examination by the CSSC (Control System Security Center) Certification Labora- tory. It ensures that CENTUM is equipped with the cyber security features to be used in the industries such as oil, petrochemical, power and many others. S t e p S t e p S t e p Three Introductory Steps Migration Not satisfied with another vendor’s control systems? Consider migrating it to CENTUM VP. We have successfully migrated over 350 non-Yokogawa systems so far and the number is steadily growing. To name a few: Bailey INFI90, Foxboro I/A, Emerson RS3/PROVOX/DeltaV, Eurotherm, Hartman & Brown ContronicP, Hitachi, Honeywell TDC2000/TDC3000/PKS, Siemens SIMATIC, Taylor MODCELL, Toshiba, Allen-Bradley PLC. Upgrading Upgrading is simple and quick: it takes just one click of a mouse to execute an FCS upgrade. All of Yokogawa's legacy CENTUM systems can be controlled and monitored from a newer CENTUM system. Via a control network, CENTUM VP can control and monitor operations at a plant that relies on a CENTUM V, CENTUM-XL, CENTUM CS, or CENTUM CS 3000 system. The latest CENTUM VP can also communicate with both the N-IO and the more traditional FIO and Yokogawa will continue to sell and provide long-term support to both types of I/O. Thus, by allowing its customers to utilize their existing assets wherever possible, Yokogawa offers them a cost-effective way to upgrade their production control systems. Yokogawa maintains the reliability and availability of the control system throughout a plant's lifecycle. Lifecycle management 12 13
  8. 8. System architecture Scalable and interoperable architecture CENTUM VP has a simple & common architecture consisting of human machine interfaces, field control stations, and a control network. Human Interface Station (HIS) Windows based operating system, commercial-off-the-shelf PC hardware, and optional specialized operator keyboard for a large variety of operator consoles. Engineering Station (ENG) With the same PC features mentioned above, this includes a comprehensive engineering package for all the CENTUM VP components and applications. Field Control Station (FCS) 100% Yokogawa manufactured. This is the core of CENTUM VP’s high availability/reliability, continuing the CENTUM heritage. UGS/GSGW Unified Gateway Station (UGS) serves as a gateway to interface CENTUM VP with STARDOM or the third-party subsystems. Generic Subsystem Gateway (GSGW) is a controller for operating and monitoring subsystems connected to CENTUM VP. Bus Converter (BCV) Interface hardware that connects multiple control network domains. It also connects previous CENTUM series systems to CENTUM VP. Control Network (Vnet/IP) Vnet/IP, an IEEE802.3 Ethernet compliant redundant network operating at 1 Gbps, incorporates Yokogawa’s technology, achieving deterministic, reliable, and secure communications. Multiple System Connection Wide Area Network Connection Customers are demanding different sites to be linked together so that bi-directional operation can be made more efficient. Yokogawa provides a multiple system connection function to connect several CENTUM VP sites together and link older CENTUM sites. True Interoperability Interoperability of Yokogawa CENTUM systems with the “outside world” begins with OPC. CENTUM VP utilizes an OPC server that meets the demands of information flow, advanced control, and alarm/event management. Our customers enjoy solid performance and wide flexibility of our OPC server for their integration projects. Yokogawa maintains interoperability with all intelligent instrumentation and deployed fieldbuses. Subsystem Integration and Digital Fieldnetworks Support To meet the growing need for communication with manufacturing equipment including variable speed drives, PLCs, and “smart” motor protection relays for operation and monitoring, as well as with analyzers, weighing machines, smart instruments, and other instruments used for product inspection, CENTUM VP supports a wide variety of communication interfaces and digital fieldnetworks such as FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus, PROFIBUS-DP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, and DeviceNet. CENTUM VP can expand its control network by connecting with a wide area network. System integration and monitoring of remote or isolated locations are enabled using a public or satellite network, with no loss in reliability or security. Digital Fieldnetworks CENTUM VP supports FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus, HART, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus, Modbus/TCP, and EtherNet/IP. Safety Control Station (SCS) - ProSafe-RS This is Yokogawa’s TÜV SIL3 certified premier safety instrumented system. It incorporates Yokogawa’s own Pair & Spare and Vnet/IP technologies and offers unprecedented synergy with CENTUM VP. Network-based Control System - STARDOM Yokogawa’s intelligent-hybrid remote telecommunication controllers are ideal for the oil and gas upstream market. They can be seamlessly integrated, via the UGS, to CENTUM VP. Operational Excellence Software Suite A software suite for the Windows platform that supports plant operations and maintenance improvement, such as plant safety, plant asset management, production management, and optimization. FCS Wireless access point Wireless access point Field wireless management station Wireless transmitter Wireless transmitter FCS FIO FCS N-IO PLC FCN FCN-RTU UGS SCS FCJ PLC ENG(Automation Design Suite) HIS HIS TSE PRM (Asset management) 14 15 Business domain Control network Fieldbus Wireless Fieldbus Firewall
  9. 9. CENTUM, Lifecycle Effectiveness Services, Opportunity Identification Services, ProSafe, Solution Implementation Services, STARDOM, FieldMate, VigilantPlant, VigilantPlant Services and Vnet/IP are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Yokogawa Electric Corporation. All other company brand or product names in this bulletin are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. [Ed:02/b] Printed in Japan, 412(KP) 2014 With the release of the world’s first DCS nearly four decades ago, Yokogawa helped empower an entire generation of plant operators. With our focus on creating a sustainable future, we are committed in our efforts to support a new generation of plant operators.