Mobile learning synthesis


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Mobile learning synthesis project for iTEC299

By Cedric Rodriguez

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Mobile learning synthesis

  1. 1. MOBILE LEARNING SYNTHESIS By Cedric Rodriguez
  2. 2. PERSONAL LEARNING PREFERENCE• At the beginning of this class, I took the learning preferences survey, which gave me the following scores: 3 active, 5 for sensing, 5 for visual, and 5 for global. My learning preferences are close to moderate in all categories. Throughout the semester, I’ve learned to use other learning preferences like verbal or sequential, which weren’t really my strong learning preferences. I’ve learned to talk to other classmates more and I’ve tried using outlines throughout the semester, which have both help me become a better verbal learner. I didn’t think talking to other classmates about the class would help me learn better, especially since I’m more of a visual learner. I think knowing about learning preferences helped me a lot during the semester in my overall learning. I never knew about learning preferences and knowing about them made me a better learner by allowing me to use my weaker learning preferences and turning them into strengths.• Cedric Rodriguez
  3. 3. LEARNING PATHWAY• The learning pathway I chose at the beginning of the semester was “learning warrior” and I chose it because I wanted to utilize few amount of technologies to learn. I also wanted to apply what I learned in this class in my other classes so that I can learn better and I did. I’ve tried maximizing the usage on my laptop, iPhone, and tablet. I have a deeper knowledge of mobile technologies because I learned to utilize certain technologies like my iPhone to help with my learning. I decided that I would stick with this learning pathway because I usually try to “stick with the plan,” and at the end of semester, I can safely say that I’m glad I took this pathway.• Cedric Rodriguez
  4. 4. ACTIVITIES• The activity that helped me broaden my learning and understanding of how to use mobile technologies was the iPod and MP3 activity. I believe they iPods and MP3 players are one the most mobile technologies present in my generation and it really help me learn the different ways to use them to advance in my classes. The simple features like downloading audio files from other classes or having flashcards available to me anytime and anywhere really helped me. The iPads/tablets activities helped me with my deeper understanding of mobile technologies because tablets can basically help anybody with anything. If you wanted to learn about a language, there’s an application on the tablet that can help you. The benefit of having a tablet or iPhone helped me with multimedia activities because I was able to listen to audio, watch videos and read text all on my iPhone or tablet.• Cedric Rodriguez
  5. 5. TOP 3 MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES: IPODS/MP3• There were three mobile technologies that I explored this semester. The first one that I explored was about iPods and MP3 players. I downloaded multiple applications on my iPhone to help me excel in my learning. The flashcard applications helped me remember terms for my accounting class when I wanted to refresh my mind about them. I believe iPods really help with my visual and active learning preferences because I can download images to my iPod/iPhone like images of the past for my labor studies class; and I can do some kind of activity like exercise while using my iPhone/iPod for audio or touch the screen a few times when using my flashcards to help with my active learning preference.• Cedric Rodriguez
  6. 6. TOP 3 MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES: IPADS/TABLETS• The next mobile technology I explored was about iPads and tablets. The ability to use a tablet for learning was so beneficial because using a tablet for learning is like having a calculator for a math class. The way I approached this technology was to utilize it for audio files, videos, and pictures. The capability to use a tablet almost like a desktop computer is just a brilliant piece of equipment that gave me the ability to access many types of files. Visually, I was able to watch very helpful videos for my classes like my accounting class. There were certain charts and videos that I was able to access throughout the semester that helped me understand accounting more. As a global learner I usually solve problems with my own techniques, so when I need help on the explanation part, I am able to browse PDF files on my tablet to help me understand how I got to the answer.• Cedric Rodriguez
  7. 7. TOP 3 MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES: MICROBLOGS• The last mobile technology was about microblogs. The ability to use microblogs can really help with learning. One way it helped me was the ability to use links that relate to what I was learning about. The ability to stay updated with news is also very helpful because people usually tweet updated news about certain important events that just happen. Microblogs accommodated for my visual learning because sometimes people link pictures and/or videos to their posts that relate to what I’m learning. The ability to instantly see a post on twitter or tumblr creates stimulation for my visual learning preference because the post just appears and I have a sudden feeling to read it or click a link attached to the post.• Cedric Rodriguez
  8. 8. SYNTHESIS• The most interesting mobile technologies for me was iPads and tablets because as a learning tool, tablets can be the number one source for learning and information. There are several applications that are available to use for learning and I think it is very interesting and helpful to anyone that wants to learn. The most surprising mobile technology was microblogs because I didn’t think they aren’t really physical like the other two mobile technologies. Microblogs helped a lot as learning tools if you are connected to people with related and helpful information. Microblogs also doesn’t work as a learning tool if you aren’t connected to someone with related/helpful information. I would really like to explore microblogs and utilize it more in the future because I think if you use it correctly, you can have a lot of information available to use for learning.• The mobile technology that worked best for me was tablets because I am very technology savvy and the ability to use a tablet for learning is very beneficial. I am able to learn visually because there are millions of pictures, diagrams and charts to help me with my learning. Videos also helped me very much for my visual learning preference and having a tablet to watch videos anywhere you go is convenient.• Cedric Rodriguez
  9. 9. FUTURE LEARNING• The mobile learning strategies I will use after this class would be all of them. I believe the convenience of tablets/iPads and iPods/MP3 players is really helpful for me because I am usually always moving around or at school, so having access to information and files for learning really helps. Microblogs is my weakest mobile learning strategy because I haven’t started using microblogs for learning until I took this class. Ipads, tablets, iPods, and MP3 players can be used to learn outside of school for learning about school related material. Microblogs can be accessed with those technologies and I can further my learning and understanding with them.• I will use all three technologies for learning after this class, but I will use microblogs the least until I can maximize my learning with them. My iPhone, iPad, and iPod are what I usually use on a daily basis, so I have no trouble in using it for non-learning purposes. I don’t think I will avoid any of these technologies, but if I had to get rid of one or two, I’d probably avoid iPods and/or microblogs. I would avoid them because iPads are a big upgrade compared to an iPod, but it isn’t as portable as an iPhone or iPod. I would avoid microblogs because I haven’t found a ton of information to help me with accounting.• Cedric Rodriguez