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Multimedia project


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Multimedia project

  2. 2. PERSONAL LEARNING PREFERENCE• At the beginning of this class, I took the learning preferences survey, which gave me the following scores: 3 for active, 5 for sensing, 5 for visual, and 5 for global. My learning preferences are close to moderate in all categories. Throughout the semester, I’ve learned to use other learning preferences like verbal or sequential, which weren’t really my strong learning preferences. I’ve learned to talk to other classmates more and I’ve tried using outlines throughout the semester, which have both help me become a better verbal learner. I didn’t think talking to other classmates about the class would help me learn better, especially since I’m more of a visual learner. I think knowing about learning preferences helped me a lot during the semester in my overall learning. I never knew about learning preferences and knowing about them made me a better learner by allowing me to use my weaker learning preferences and turning them into strengths.• Cedric Rodriguez
  3. 3. LEARNING PATHWAY• The learning pathway I chose at the beginning of the semester was “learning warrior” and I chose it because I wanted to utilize the fewest amount of technologies to learn. I also wanted to apply what I learned in this class to my other classes so that I can become a better learner. As a learning warrior, I was able to get a deeper understanding of multimedia technologies. I never changed my pathway because I wanted to apply the knowledge I gained from multimedia technologies to my other classes from this semester. I also wanted to stick with this pathway because I believe it suited me best and I’ve used it for most of the semester to gain a deeper knowledge of what these technologies are all about.• Cedric Rodriguez
  4. 4. ACTIVITIES• I was able to obtain a broad understanding of multimedia technologies from watching the screencasts and reading about multimedia technologies through the useful links. I was able to get a general sense of the different multimedia technologies and use them in the different activities. I was able to get a deeper understanding through certain activities like designing a cell phone because it’s an interactive learning experience that can really showcase multimedia. These types of interactive learning activities helped me learn because they present useful information in a fun way. The best activities that helped with learning with others would be the forum posts because you can answer questions other students have and other students can answer your questions as well.• Cedric Rodriguez
  5. 5. TOP 3 MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES:SCREENCASTS• First multimedia technology quest I explored was about screencasts. Screencasts have been a very helpful piece of multimedia that has helped me learn many different things ranging from accounting to learning to play guitar. People with experience and knowledge nowadays make many screencasts, and they share their talent through these screencasts in helpful to teach others what they know. The screencast about a guitar lesson, which gave me tips on learning how to play a guitar, was really cool because you can follow along and it goes too fast, you can simply rewind it and play again. Screencasts accommodated my visual, active and sequential learning preferences. There were many visual aids to help me, for example, the guitar lesson screencasts shows you exactly what to do with your guitar. Interactive types of screencasts like this also help with learning actively by following directions and applying it. These types of screencasts also help sequential learners by using step-by-step guides when learning something new like how to play guitar.• Cedric Rodriguez
  6. 6. TOP 3 MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES: PODCASTS• The next multimedia technology was about podcasts. Podcasts are generally like screencasts focusing mostly on audio. During this quest, I was able to listen to different podcasts about many different things like the podcast about American history. The podcasts are very long which made it bearable to stay focus on them. I believe that podcasts can really help when you are a good listener and I used a couple podcasts from other classes to help me learn when I’m exercising. I believe that podcasts accommodate for verbal and reflective learning preferences. I think you have to listen closely to all the details said in a podcast because most of the time you only get words that you have to remember and sometimes there are key terms said in a podcasts that are worth remembering. I approached podcasts by myself and I think listening to podcasts alone helps me focus and I reflect on what I learn through the podcasts. I listen to my teacher through podcasts and when I take quizzes I usually take the time to think about what was said in a podcast to help me answers questions.• Cedric Rodriguez
  7. 7. TOP 3 MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES:MULTIMEDIA• The last technology was about multimedia. Multimedia is a very general term that incorporates many things from videos to interactive games to text. The way I explored this quest was through the activities that were given. I played certain interactive games like designing a cell phone, which gave me a good sense of multimedia because it included video, audio and text. These types of interactive games really help me as a visual and active learner because the visuals given in the video are simplified and entertaining. Interactive games that are educational help me learn because I learn better when I am doing something at the same time learning like playing a game. I also believe that this quest accommodated for my verbal learning preference because you have to pay attention to what is being said on a multimedia like a video, otherwise you might miss something important. My other classes from this semester have videos as well which I watch during the week to help me with my learning. My other teachers gave me links to certain YouTube videos that helped me learn more about what we are studying about.• Cedric Rodriguez
  8. 8. SYNTHESIS• The multimedia technology interested me the most as learning tools because multimedia can be found almost anywhere. As a gamer, playing games to help assist me in my learning was really fun and educational. The most surprising multimedia technology was podcasts. I generally get bored of learning without visual aids, but there are certain podcasts that are entertaining depending on who created it. Although podcasts helped me learn, I don’t think it’s a very useful learning tool for me because I often get bored quickly listening to something that doesn’t interest me. I would still like to explore multimedia technologies to improve my learning because there are many tools I can use like videos or audios to help me in my learning.• The multimedia technologies that worked best for my learning preferences were the multimedia and screencast technologies. These both helped my visual and verbal preferences. They helped my visual preferences because I was able to follow along quite easily with the simple videos provided by screencasts or interactive games. I was also able to follow along quite easily verbally because the visuals helped me stay focus on what was being taught or said in the videos. These technologies also helped my active learning preference because playing an interactive game about educational things allowed me to stay entertained and focused enough to learn about what the game was about.• Cedric Rodriguez
  9. 9. FUTURE LEARNING• The multimedia learning strategies I will continue to use are using screencasts, videos, and other multimedia technologies like interactive games. Screencasts are usually always given to me through my online classes and I will always use screencasts because they help me learn visually and verbally. Screencasts can help me learn about almost anything; people are always creating informational screencasts to help other people who want to learn something new. YouTube is probably my number one source for screencasts, so I will refer to YouTube when I need help. I will also be using interactive games to learn about certain subjects, for example a game that simulates real life scenarios can help me learn.• I will most definitely continue to use the multimedia and screencast technologies because they help me a lot for studying and learning. If I ever have a hard time remembering basic accounting principles, then I can simply find a screencast about it. Multimedia can be found in a lot of places today, so I think I will continue to use multimedia like text, videos, and audios for non-learning purposes. The only multimedia technology I will avoid is podcasting because I find podcasts to be the least attractive out of the other multimedia technologies. They are also quite boring for me to bear.• Cedric Rodriguez