Mobile learning synthesis


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Mobile learning synthesis

  1. 1. Alexander Stevenson dai-210Learning Preference:! In the beginning of this class I found out my personal learning preferences. I ammainly moderate in the aspects of active(1), intuitive(3) and global(1) learning, but leanall the way to one side when it comes to visual(11) learning. I am and for as long as Ican remember, a very visually influenced person. Now that It is the end of the semester,I’ve gotten some time to see these findings in action and for the most part I can say thatI agree. I have the most ease learning with Visual cues, but I have found myself to bemore of a sequential learner as time goes on. I think it might be that understanding theparts of a situation really helps me to get the big global picture. I had never really givenmuch thought to learning preferences before this class, but I think that finding mine outwas worthwhile because it let me play to my strengths and really contributed to mypersonal success.Learning Pathway:! Because I like to get the most out of every bit of technology that I purchase, Idecided to be a learning warrior. I find it difficult to use many pieces of technology fordifferent tasks so trying to use each piece for many tasks is right up my alley. My Iphoneis now being used as my flash cards, online search resource and quiz application;where before this class it was just what I played words with friends on. Being a learningwarrior to me means learning how to use each technology and resource with the skilland tactics of a master, and though I am still learning I hope I will one day attain such alevel of understanding. Through getting deep understanding into the technologies thatwe covered in class I was able to get a bevy of useful information and tips utilize in myeducational career.Activity Contribution:! Through this course I learned mainly through exposure to different techniquesand technologies. Looking back, I found the activities in the Microblogs unit helped tobroaden my understanding of what can be done with a mobile resource such as twitter.This unit allowed me to ask questions about twitter, and do hands on experiments tohelp satisfy my learning goals. I saw this activity to also be most effective in learningwith others, by allowing me to get many perspectives on a given issue throughsearching tags on twitter. Specifically I found the activities on tablets helpful to gain adeeper understanding of how to use mobile technology for my learning. The applicationon the Ipad that showed the different parts of the brain is a perfect example of just howin depth and intuitive these technologies can get. Having this sort of resource availablein a mobile format is proving to be a great advantage in my education. I hadn’t reallythought of using Ipads and tablets to benefit my learning in such a specific way until thisdoing this activity, but after a trial run, it seems only logical to do so.Mobile Technologies Exploration:! In the learning quest for microblogs, I was able to get a grasp on the educationalbenefits of twitter. What I learned in this class was easily applicable to my studies andindividual learning. This was most apparent when searching tags and trending topics to
  2. 2. help me narrow down search results relevant to my educational interests. Microblogsaccessed my learning preferences most effectively in a visual way. The chronologicallayout and plain framework of the website is easily navigated on a computer and aphone, making the visual landscape both convenient and intuitive. Microblogs aided myactive learning style by showing me new information to take note of and my sequentiallearning because it showed me each person’s opinion to help me get a sense of the bigpicture. Twitter has a format that caters to visual and intuitive learners as well because ithas a clear and simple presentation that allows users to get a lot done with minimaleffort.! In the learning quest for Ipods/Mp3 players I learned more than I thought I everwould about the educational applications of these technologies. After learning that it ispossible to put flash card type applications on an Ipod touch I discovered a whole newway to study for my classes. I found Ipods and mp3 players to help with my visual andreflective learning. These technologies are suited for visual learners because they allowusers to interact with a display to access information, a critical tool in absorbinginformation via a visual interface. Flashcards are helpful in reflective learning and aremade more convenient when put on the ipod format. Using flashcard apps on Ipods andmp3 players is a great way for visual learners, such as myself, to study on the go.. “Onthe go learning” is made easier with these technologies as they are portable and simpleenough to format and use with a laptop.! The learning quest about tablets and ipads brought new techniques andinformation to the surface when it comes to using these devices for learning. I havelearned to use tablets to access and share pdf presentations with my fellow classmates,which has proven to be a valuable tool for visual learners like myself. These devicescater to almost all learning preferences but I see them helping me the most in activeand visual learning. Active learning can be aided by tablets with web capabilities,allowing users to access almost any information and take notes in real time. Like Ipreviously stated, tablets with applications can serve visual learners perfectly, the touchscreen interface and visual display puts everything at the fingertips of the user, andcome together in a simple to use way that is perfect for learning. When I study or doresearch, I like to have as little work to do as possible, tablets and ipads take a lot of theworkload off students and make learning much more effective, once you know how touse them that is.Synthesis:! In my time in this class I found microblogs to be the most interesting technologyto help my learning. The fact that all information is provided by users like me isintriguing and can be useful to figure out what a the broad view of any particular subjectis. I was surprised by the differences in capabilities between ipods and ipads. Wherebefore I thought that the ipad was just a bigger and more expensive version of the ipod,now I know that they are two different tools used for different applications. What waseven more surprising about these technologies was how much academic/ learningapplications exist already to help with education. I must make the distinction that I thinkmp3 players and tablets that aren’t made by macintosh are a bit harder to work with,and for that reason are less successful learning tools. I will continue to work withmicroblogs after this class to improve my learning because they do a good job of
  3. 3. streamlining the research process. With microblogs I know that I will be able to findhelpful links and information with a single search, and I think that will always be useful inmy career as a student.! After figuring out my learning preferences in the beginning of the semester, I waseager to see how they would influence how I decided to try specific technologies andstrategies. What I found was that my learning preferences really do dictate whattechnologies I prefer, with visual devices being most preferable after all. This is to saythat most any visual interface will help with my learning because that is most easily howI am able to understand concepts. With this being said, ipads, ipods and microblogs arethree great examples of technologies that cater to my learning preferences. All three ofthese technologies act equally to take some of the work load off of my back meaningthat I am free to focus on what is really important. This is made most apparent whenlooking at ipads and microblogs, their visual format allows me to have everything I needon the screen or at my fingertips at anytime making for more effective learning overall.Looking Ahead:! I have learned some strategies to turn mobile technologies into mobile learningtools which is something that I will be able to use for a lifetime. In particular, microblogsallow for great results when using search strategies and aggregating information. I cansee myself using microblogs in the future to slim down topics and get a good sense ofwhat real life people think about certain topics. This will be especially useful in the futurein a market research setting in my career and a product designer. This strategy willmake my job a lot easier when it comes to learning consumer reactions to differentdesigns and trending technologies that a company has on the market.! After this semester I know I will continue to use microblogs and ipads becausethey are clearly visual and easy to access. These are two technologies that will only geteasier to use and more expansive in the future. I can use microblogs to figure out whatpeople think about a topic or product which could be useful in my future career inproduct design. In my use of ipads in this class, I have realized that they have as muchpotential in education as they do entertainment. Ipads will also be useful in my careerfor they will allow me to show presentations and use applications to help me reviewmaterials and models to be used in future products. Because of their entertainmentvalue, I will continue to use my ipad and ipod for non-learning purposes, although I thinkI might shy away from using my ipod for learning as the ipad can do the same things butbetter.