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Mobile technology synthesis


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Mobile technology synthesis

  1. 1. Mobile Technology SynthesisBy Christopher Heins
  2. 2. Learning Preference At the beginning of the semester I learned that my learning preference and I learned that I am fairly balanced in active (1), visual (1), global (1), and then for intuitive I had a more favorable learning preference with a score of 5. When I started college i think that i might have been more of a sequential learner but as time went on I think that I might have adapted into a more intuitive learner. I like to think of things in theories and try to think of different ways of doing things. Since it is the end of class I have looked back at how differently I see these learning preferences and I have come to see that it really works better if you have a moderate balance of these because it helps you gain a better grasp on everything and gives you a different look into everything else and how things can be done. I do think that learning about your learning preferences can help you because for me I never really thought about how I learned easier and what things I had an easier time learning. Christopher Heins
  3. 3. Learning Pathway Since I feel like technology is very relevant in our everyday society now I chose to be a learning sage since I don’t think that I am the most technologically savvy person I wanted to learn more about how technology can help us learn in school. After taking this course I did learn more about technology and how it can help us learn, for instance i never knew that our ipods could be used for flash cards, and quiz applications. I have an iphone and I had only mainly used it for talking, games, and email. I just wish that I would have know about these kind of things earlier because it could have helped me in my earlier years in college and made things easier instead of always having to buy flash cards and make them. I did not change my pathway during the course of the semester because I feel like you can never know too much about one thing because there is always room for improvement and learning. Christopher Heins
  4. 4. Activities Using social technology with mobile technology is what I think helped me the most during this class. I had never thought about using twitter, facebook, or other social sites for learning, but after taking this class I found out how useful how these could be. With most people having ipods, ipads, tablets, and other mobile technology devices you can keep in constant contact with classmates and teachers if they are all using these social sites, and it allows you to ask questions and help answer other questions of other students. With the social sites this had helped me gain a deeper knowledge of how these could be used to benefit learning instead of just using them to say what you are doing for the day or what you are feeling at the moment. Christopher Heins
  5. 5. Exploration With the learning quest for Ipods and mp3’s it was really helpful to learn about being able to put flash cards on them so that it would be convenient to use to whenever i was able to. For me personally at this point in my college career and because of my major i don’t think that it really helps my personal learning style at this time. With using flash cards on ipods, and mp3’s it would’ve helped me in my language class for memorization, but with me being an Asian American Studies major I mainly deal with theories, opinions and ideas, so I try to think critically about things that don’t specifically have a right or wrong answer. Christopher Heins
  6. 6. Exploration Cont. With the learning quest for ipad’s and tablets, it once again doesn’t help me with my particular learning style of being intuitive. The only thing that I really found useful with this technology was that it could be used for sharing and viewing pdf’s with group members. Since I am mainly an intuitive learner it doesn’t really help me with my learning preference, but I can see how it helps the other learning preferences. It helps groups communicate with the projects they have easier since they are able to take them on the go with them. Christopher Heins
  7. 7. Exploration Cont. With the microblogs quests I found these to be more useful to my learning preference. I found these useful because since I mainly think about things critically and I learn better by hearing other peoples ideas and trying to expand on them this was the best thing for me. With the microblogs I can communicate with other people from the class through twitter, or facebook. With these things we are able to communicate outside the class and hold discussions and even be able to answer other classmates questions. Christopher Heins
  8. 8. Synthesize The ipad and tablets quest interested me the most as a learning tool, because I never really thought about using them for easier access and help for downloading and viewing pdf’s. I had originally used my laptop for things like that, using the ipad’s and tablets for that is easier because it allows you to carry them and they are portable. The ipod and mp3 player quest surprised me the most because before I had only thought about using those things for music only, but after learning that they could be used for stuff like flash cards I was surprised that they were able to do things like that. I think that all these learning quests are helpful to all learning preferences, its just that not all quests will be all that relevant to certain people because of the learning style they favor. In the future I hope to further explore the ipod and mp3’s to improve my learning because I plan on learning another language again soon so it would be helpful to use them as flashcards and find out what more they could help me with since they are so portable. Christopher Heins
  9. 9. Synthesize Cont. The technology that helped me the most was the ipad and tablet ones was because of my major we do a lot of group work together and it was useful to use my ipad for viewing files and pdf’s or our work. I also found that in combination with microblogs this was helpful because it allowed our group to be in contact and be able to ask and answer questions without us seeing each other in person since we all can not meet up at the same time. This was also very useful because mostly everybody now has some sort of social microblog so it is easy to keep up with friends and group mates. Christopher Heins
  10. 10. Future Uses Some of the learning strategies I will continue to use in the future are microblogs, because they are becoming so popular and everybody will be using them soon, so its just another way for classmates and groups to communicate with each other. With microblogs it would also be useful when learning at a job because you can see things about the job from things like twitter and you can also ask questions and get tips on how to improve the job or the company itself from the general public. Christopher Heins
  11. 11. Future Uses Cont. After this class I will continue to use ipod’s and ipads because they are easily mobile and can be helpful with viewing things or learning. For work these could be useful because on them you can view pdf files and you can also use them for email so it would be very accessible for these things. I will most likely end up using my ipad for non educational purposes because most of what the ipad can use for learning purposes can be done on ipod’s so I don’t have the need to use my ipad for out of home purposes, and it will mainly be for me to check email and play apps while I am at home. There really aren’t any mobile technologies that I won’t use outside of this class because I am open to trying new technologies and I feel that everything is helpful in one way or another. Christopher Heins