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Step by Step Guide to Propose Course on MLP


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Step by Step Guide to Propose Course on MLP

  1. 1. Proposing a Course/Activity on MLP A Step-by-Step Guide
  2. 2. Logging In • You must log into your employee portal before accessing MyLearningPlan.
  3. 3. My Requests Dashboard • Save to Draft: if you started to complete a form and saved it as a draft. • Wait List: If you had enrolled and were on a wait list, the activity would be here. • Pending Prior Approval: You have requested an activity and its awaiting the Data Center’s approval. • Approved and/or in Progress: You are able to attend after ALL PRIOR APROVERS approve you can go to a course/activity – click on the blue link to check this status frequently. • Instructor has Confirmed Attendance: If you attended an activity and the Instructor confirmed your attendance. • Awaiting Final Credit: You have attended, completed Part 1 – Knowledge, Part 2 – Application, and Part 3 – Impact of the Evaluation and returned to the activity to Mark Complete. Once a course/activity, follow-up, and evaluation have been completed, instructors must confirm attendance and submit sign-in rosters to the PD Data Center for review. Processing time varies depending on individual course requirements. • Denied: If an activity was denied • Recently Completed: This is where completed activities reside.
  4. 4. MyLearningPlan LearningPlan Tab Instructor Tab User Profile Update Closing Activity My Portfolio Managing Activity Rosters My Proposals
  5. 5. Flow Chart-Session Proposal PD Liaison: Login PD Liaison: Select Proposal Form PD Liaison: Fill in activity information PD Liaison: Submit activity proposal DC: Review activity. DC: Post activity to District Catalogue PD Liaison: YOU! DC: Data Center Office of Professional Development and Evaluation (OPD&E): Monitors all district-sponsored and school-based professional development to ensure compliance with state and national standards for high-quality professional development.
  6. 6. How to propose a PD Activity 1. Login to 2. Click on the Learning Plan tab 3. Select an Activity Proposal Username: Email Password: employee #
  7. 7. Annotations Annotations are the little “information bubbles” that you will see in an activity when listed in a catalog Notice the yellow + sign, click on this and a new dialog box opens Name is what you want in the bubble - space is limited Position: what position, if you have multiple bubbles Color: Choose one per annotation If you make a mistake, hover over the bubble to edit or delete Green: Leadership Blue: Non-Instructional Yellow: Instructional Purple: Technical
  8. 8. Component Templates Choose one of these options
  9. 9. Contact Information, Proposer & Facilitator Click on Select User and a new dialog box opens Information needs to be manually entered Region or Department Search by name or employee number Anything red is required Proposer and Facilitator can register for course
  10. 10. M-DCPS Master Inservice Plan Components School Based Components – click to access MIP Technology 2-003-395 Curriculum Content 2-408-368 Instructional Support Strategies 2-409-410 School Improvement Initiatives 2-512-355 Action Research 7-506-028 Book Study 7-507-308 PLC 7-507-309 Lesson Study 7-507-320
  11. 11. Can only choose one catalog per activity Prepopulated DO NOT CHANGE Provide a brief description of the course. NOTE: Spell check link to the right. Must be specific to course/activity Activity Information
  12. 12. DOE Collection and Reporting Requirements Choose one option for each selection
  13. 13. Target Audience and Focus May choose more than one Target Audience & more than one Focus Area
  14. 14. Follow-Up Hours New dialog box opens Download & save for future use
  15. 15. Dates, Times & Location •If you select more than one meeting, the page will refresh and list Meeting Date 1-X number of dates. •Only select more than one meeting if you want the same attendees to attend several sessions of the same activity. • Be specific about the location (ex. Do not use acronyms such as HGHS for Hialeah Gardens High School) 24 hour cycle If session starts & ends on same day, specify time. Dropdown menu Linked to MapQuest Participants need a minimum of 14 days to complete evaluation
  16. 16. Catalog Viewing Options Start Showing should be date course/activity is proposed Stop Showing should be date before course/activity starts Will stop showing @ midnight Participants must register before midnight **If more time is needed to manage the roster, the Stop Showing Date can be set for several days before the course begins. If you want it to start right away and end directly AFTER the activity, leave it blank
  17. 17. Provider Information and Registration Settings Select “Miami-Dade Public Schools” unless there is an outside provider. 0 will place all participants in Wait List As participants are cancelled or approved, new spots become available To prevent participants from registering again, registration needs to be Denied If a course is full and a participant decides to drop the course, the first person on the waitlist will be automatically added to the course.
  18. 18. Evaluation Evaluation Knowledge Available automatically on the day the activity ends Application Should be completed 7 days after activity ends Impact Should be completed 14 days after activity ends Activity specific evaluations will be required in addition to any form specific evaluation Credit will not be awarded unless evaluation has been completed!
  19. 19. Activity Specific Evaluation •Team Room must be managed •Every time a document is uploaded to team room, an automatic email is sent to participants •Documents always remain available Team Room enables participants to participate in a threaded online discussion and share files
  20. 20. Instructors Search by name or employee number Outside instructors do not show in catalog
  21. 21. Goals and Objectives Page 1 Must identify the Protocol Standards this activity supports for activity to be approved
  22. 22. Goals and Objectives Page 2 Must identify the New FL Standards and/or Sunshine State Standards this activity supports for activity to be approved.
  23. 23. Standards/Focus Areas Addressed by Component Pre-populated from component DO NOT CHANGE
  24. 24. Planning Bibliography or reference list supporting activity Prepopulated Copy & paste from component **Number of learner outcomes should be reflective of the total master plan points participants will earn as a result of completing this course/activity. Example: A component that is worth 120 MPPs could have 30 learning outcomes. A course/activity created under the same component, that is only worth 8 MPPs, could only have 8-10 learning outcomes. Click on Master Inservice Plan to access document Master Inservice Plan can also be accessed @
  25. 25. Learning Copy & paste from component **Number of learning procedures should be reflective of the total master plan points participants will earn as a result of completing this course/activity. Example: A component that is worth 120 MPPs could have 30 learning procedures. A course/activity created under the same component, that is only worth 8 MPPs, could only have 8-10 learning procedures.
  26. 26. Implementing Prepopulated
  27. 27. Evaluating Prepopulated Copy & paste ALL information from component Provides clarification of expectations – Samples will be provided @ PLST training
  28. 28. Grade(s), Group(s), and Building Restrictions If Building and Department are left blank, anyone can register. If one or more are checked off, only those checked off can see the link to the activity in the District Catalog
  29. 29. Submit Proposal for Review by Data Center Proposal can be submitted as a draft Draft will live in the top of the LearningPlan tab under Click on Manage to "edit/submit form" BE CAUTIOUS WHEN ADDING A NEW ACTIVITY, VIEW IT CAREFULLY FOR ACCURACY If you enter an activity and staff begin to register, any edits you make will not appear to the staff that registered before the edit was made. If activity is edited and participants need to be alerted, an email must be manually sent out from the activity in the Activity Functions section in the “edit activity
  30. 30. Managing the Course/Activity Dashboard This is your activity dashboard. All functions for managing the activity would be completed here. Team Room Activated Required Evaluation
  31. 31. MLP Activity Roster Download Roster
  32. 32. MLP Activity Roster Save as Excel
  33. 33. How to attach documentation using My File Library • Return to MyLearningPlan home page by clicking on the Learning Plan tab. • Click on My File Library under the My Info dropdown. • Click on Add File to upload required documentation. • When marking activities complete, the uploaded files will show in a list for you to select.
  34. 34. Participant – I have attended the course/activity, now what? • Complete follow-up assignment (the evaluation may be the only required follow-up – if follow-up equals 1 hour). • Complete Evaluation – Part 1: Knowledge – Part 2: Application – Part 3: Impact • Click on the activity that you have completed and want to confirm. • After the course/activity has ended, Mark Complete tab becomes available. • Instructor confirms attendance after follow-up and evaluations have been completed. • Data Center awards Master Plan Points.
  35. 35. Closing Course/Activity Confirm attendance after follow up and evaluation have been submitted
  36. 36. Closing Course/Activity 1. Select participants 2. Set status after evaluation has been confirmed by participant • Attendance Confirmed • Denied • No Show 3. Save Hours and Credit cannot be adjusted
  37. 37. Searching for a Course Username: M-DCPS Email Password: Employee Number 1. Click on the Catalog link to view the District’s PD offerings
  38. 38. MLP Calendar Select the catalog you would like to view All PD postings from that catalog will be listed on the date they are occurring. Search for courses using the Calendar’s Search function
  39. 39. Conflict with Another Activity/Course System will alert participant if there is a conflict, but will not block participant from registering for another course
  40. 40. For questions, please contact your Professional Development & Evaluation Support Liaison