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Your Marketing Message: From Conception to Delivery


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Your marketing message is your baby. These tips take you from conception to delivery.

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Your Marketing Message: From Conception to Delivery

  1. 1. from conception to delivery
  2. 2. Create a message that looks like you
  3. 3. One that supports your vision
  4. 4. One that supports your vision WE BUILD BETTER BLOCKS and your brand
  5. 5. Your vision is your business all grown up
  6. 6. Your brand is your signature stamp
  7. 7. Your brand is your signature stamp unique like your blue eyes
  8. 8. Your message reflects your vision
  9. 9. Your message is accurate
  10. 10. Your message is accurate and credible
  11. 11. And you stand behind it
  12. 12. Create a message with purpose
  13. 13. To persuade or motivate
  14. 14. Inform or educate
  15. 15. Engage or entertain
  16. 16. Create a reader-focused message
  17. 17. Know your reader
  18. 18. Apply the marketing litmus test
  19. 19. Address your reader’s concerns Who are you? Why should I care? What problems will you fix? What makes you any different? Prove it.
  20. 20. Your message is your baby
  21. 21. Planning ensures an easy delivery Create your unique message Have a purpose Be readerfocused
  22. 22. This is Part 7 Check out the entire series Follow the 10-Part Marketing Plan at Photo Credits:
  23. 23. Cathy Miller, Business Writer Business site: www.simplystatedbusiness